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Public Rally Outside Quantico Base to Support Alleged Whistleblower Bradley Manning

2010-08-04 52 comments

Peace Out by Sweet Lil Bunny

Peace Out by Sweet Lil Bunny - CC License, Some Rights Reserved

Manning held in Quantico Brig, facing 52 years in prison, for exposing war crimes

What: Rally in Support of Whistleblower Bradley Manning
When: Sunday, August 8, noon
Where: Quantico Marine Corps Base where Manning is being held in pre-trial confinement; we will meet at the Amtrak station in Quantico

Private First Class Bradley Manning, a 22-year-old intelligence analyst stationed in Iraq, stands accused of disclosing a classified video depicting American troops in Iraq shooting civilians from an Apache helicopter in 2007. Eleven people were killed, including two Reuters employees, and two children were critically injured. No charges have been filed against the soldiers who did the killing.

News sources have also speculated about Manning’s involvement in the leak of over 90,000 secret documents (collectively known as the Afghanistan “war logs”) made public by WikiLeaks on July 25.

“No top-level officials in the Bush and Obama administrations have been held accountable for their roles in dragging us into the Iraq war on the basis of lies or for potential war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. But whistleblower Bradley Manning sits in jail in Quantico, facing up to 52 years in prison,” says Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK: Women for Peace. “It’s totally unjust and that’s why we’re going to Quantico to call for Bradley’s release.”

The whistleblower behind the Vietnam era’s Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, has called Mr. Manning a hero.  ”I admire the courage of Bradley Manning for sacrificing himself to make the public aware of the futility of the war in Afghanistan,” says Ellsberg.

“Blowing the whistle on war crimes is not a crime,” says former Marine Corporal Jeff Paterson of Courage to Resist, a group teaming up with the Bradley Manning Support Network to raise funds for Manning’s defense.

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  • Stephen King

    You’ve demonstrated not the qualities of a solider but that of a true inspirational person ,-with a strong moral backbone and the courage to stand up to the web of American terrorism, oppression and lies. Unfortunately this is how the “free world” responds to those who are brave enough to stand up against war crimes a…nd indeed, mass murdering war criminals. Further helping to expose the true extent to which the American government will go to keep it’s strange hold on the world and ultimately participate in war in order to create a common enemy to suppress the global population and create huge amounts of money for the global elite,- as we all know, war generations billions in profit. You’ve smashed down the American military industrial complex and rightly shown the world the true colours of what is happening in the world. Unfortunately the masses of ignorant fat idiots and mainstream media won’t be forgiving, but know what you did was the right thing to do.

    2010-08-04 14:00
  • Cheryl Liniman

    To Bradley Manning:
    You may be considered to be a traitor to the U.S. Government, but you are not a traitor to our Constitution, in exposing the crimes and wrongdoings that are being done “in the name of Americans”. It took great courage at your own personal risk to expose to the world all the wrong that is being perpetrated and being kept in secrecy from us. It is one thing to defend our country from those who do, or plan to do us harm, but it is quite another to perpetrate crimes and killings in order to control the oil and riches of the world on behalf of the very rich. It is wrong to lie to start wars and to manipulate the American people via the media.

    I hope and pray that no harm will come to you and that Americans who know the difference between right and wrong will continue to rally behind you and help you to regain your freedom. We deserve and want to know the truth, and you, sir, did just that. Something that our corporate media and apparently our own government will NOT do. I hope that out of all this, we will somehow be able to get our government to the right thing. You are a true hero and a great humanitarian.

    2010-08-04 23:40

    “Recuerden que el eslabón más alto que pude alcanzar la especie humana es ser revolucionario.” EL CHE


    2010-08-05 03:26
  • drewC777

    Stephen King for truth! Educate Americans!

    2010-08-05 10:56
  • truthisTRUTH


    2010-08-05 12:28
  • jennak

    You are a true hero for EXPOSING the truth. I don’t know if many of us can fulfill what you have done. May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe. I am praying for your release.

    2010-08-05 13:16
  • jennak

    Thank you for exposing the truth. We as Americans need to know the truth. May God Bless you. I am praying for your release.

    2010-08-05 13:17
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    2010-08-05 23:41
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    2010-08-06 00:46
  • Pentagon Demands WikiLeaks ‘Return’ All Classified Documents | MostTalkedNews.com

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    2010-08-06 02:06
  • Sanjeev Kumar

    You are really a hero. Salute you!

    2010-08-06 04:35
  • Cynthia Morse

    Bradley, you are courageous, principled, and right in what you did. You exposed not only what Americans have done in war, but what war is. You’ve showed that very few spend their time in war and finish with their morals intact–how did you manage to do it? For you have listened to your conscience and already sacrificed your freedom to save lives and our Constitution.

    I think of you often during my days and pray for your release and exoneration. Many, many others are doing the same. We love and appreciate you.

    God bless you,

    Cynthia Morse

    2010-08-06 13:53
  • From Sweden

    This guy is a REAL HERO! He stands up for the weak against the strong and shows the world the truth!
    You got support from sweden!

    2010-08-06 18:06
  • Chris Ramsay

    God Bless you for exposing the truth! Most would not have the courage to expose our military for this! Good luck, you are in my families prayers.

    2010-08-06 18:26
  • Luda

    I am very proud of you and god bless you and keep you save!!!

    2010-08-06 19:21
  • Michael MacDonald

    punished for doing the right thing.
    and we call this civilized democracy.
    this is just a dictatorship disguised as one.
    this is so wrong.

    Make an online petition,
    post it all over facebook..
    to all the activist groups.
    everything from women’s rights to marijuana legalization
    they’ll all support you

    2010-08-06 19:24
  • EdPatel

    This guy is 22 years old and faces serious jail time.

    What will it accomplish…he should claim he is a conscientious

    dissenter…maybe renounce his citizenship and ask another country

    to take him. War is mass murder. What he did is not that bad because

    it wasnt sensitive material. What is sad is how lazy and apathetic our

    citizens around the world have become. Afganistan was lost when the CIA decided to use islamic fundamentalist ideology as a tool to galvanize
    support from afghan resistance fighters against the Soviets. Bradley
    was lending his voice to the real victims of this war..the civillians.
    He helps Afghan civillians. Certainly this is not something the American military should be ashamed of. Let the poor kid go.
    The world is evil and the us army belongs to the american people.
    We dont like the ideology being instillled in our young soldiers.
    they are already coming home and acting like savages. just like vietnam

    2010-08-06 19:25
  • Michael MacDonald

    trust me,
    these are the kind of people that sign petitions and spread info
    target us
    the hippies
    (this kind of stuff is what we do)

    2010-08-06 19:39
  • Michael MacDonald

    found the petition
    I’m sharing it myself

    2010-08-06 19:51
  • Sean

    A true hero.

    2010-08-06 20:00
  • Eliza

    I will do all that I can to protect you from the damage of these lies and cover-ups. You have my support! Thank you, noble soldier, for letting the rest of us know what horrors are going on. I applaud you!

    2010-08-06 21:09
  • Becca

    You did good, kid!
    This act is heroic. For anyone who hasn’t seen “Zeitgeist”, here is the link. It will show you how how an act like Bradley’s will help tear down the secrets and the lies.
    Bless you Bradley!

    2010-08-06 21:13
  • Mary

    This is a brave man and patriot. The Generals should be the ones arrested and sentenced to 52 years in prison. This Government is out of control and needs to be reigned in by the people. Rise up and speak against your Government before it is too late.

    2010-08-06 22:31
  • Moises Leon

    Dear PFC Manning,
    I am an active duty medic, I would like to extend to you warm wishes and to tell you I am proud of what you have done. I only hope if I had been in your position, I would have had the same strength to do what you did. You had done an honorable act for which can never be measured. Thank You…

    2010-08-06 22:49
  • ANNA


    2010-08-06 23:00
  • ChelseaC

    Bradley Manning,
    If you are the leak–THANK YOU!
    God bless!


    2010-08-07 01:02
  • Molly Gibbs

    PFC Manning,

    You have done more healing than any one individual in many years. I (we) are deeply grateful, and I hope you realize how much hope you have given us. The daily toll of death and destruction brought about by the US government–which ever makes us less secure, less able to face limited resources without fear. It’s an amazing gift you’ve given both to people in the Middle East and to those hear at home, whose voices are never heard. Many blessings to you, and please keep the faith.

    With deepest thanks,

    Molly Gibbs

    2010-08-07 02:04
  • John Waterman

    Bradley Manning,

    No matter how small you may feel in your darkest nights, you are a giant among men for daring to expose the hypocrisy, duplicity and cowardice of the racketeers who run the military, the arms-sales cults and the wealthy corporations and their government cronies.

    From far away New Zealand,

    John Waterman

    2010-08-07 03:57

    (I’m spanish and my english is very basic, sorry if i write very bad)

    I think that this guy not a hero, only a person that know the
    true facts and so he wanted that the people know it.

    I would like that in the near future, persons like AZNAR, BUSH, BLAIR,RUMSFELD and others, we’ll be tried for crimes
    war, prevaricate and others abuse of power.

    I would also like that we (who feel cheated) will promote the application of the trial of these people.

    In Spain, some people think that Aznar is a murderer and at a University (Universidad de Oviedo) he was called murderer, terrorist, fascist by students.

    Money is important not so much to kill.

    Joe Strummer and Mick Jones sang it so:

    “I been very tempted
    to grab it from the till.
    I been very hungry
    but not enough to kill” Somebody got murdered

    2010-08-07 03:58
  • FreeThe Truth

    –> The US Aggression seems to believe that they can hold the truth like a prisoner in its prisons, & call the Truth in anyone elses hands : “criminals” …

    Or that they OWN the truth like its their own personal treasure locked in a safe, & call anyone else’s Truth a counterfeit, meritless “movement”.

    Truth is neither a criminal for them to force into silence and prisons… or some personal treasure for them alone to lock in a safe with all thier blood money.

    Support and protect all witnesses & hard evidence to ALL crimes.Freedom Of Speech. Transparency of governments.

    2010-08-07 08:10
  • Joe Hoey

    Where’s the “CHANGE” Mr Obama
    the buck stop’s with you

    or have we been “SHORT CHANGED” again

    set this man free today

    2010-08-07 10:03
  • Lisa N.

    Bradley Manning-

    You are a hero among us. Thank you for having the courage to do the right thing. “If you don’t stand for what you believe in you will fall for anything”. I hope there will be a lot of supporters for you. I cannot be there, but will be thinking about you.

    2010-08-07 12:34
  • Bill Willers

    If a demonstration for Manning at Quantico is to have any meaning at all, it is crucial to have journalists in attendance who can post on such sites as TruthDig, Common Dreams, OpEdNews and the like. Don’t expect coverage from the mainstream, and if by chance there happens to be some, it will certainly not be friendly to the Manning/Wikileaks effort.

    2010-08-07 14:39
  • Peter D

    Bradley Manning hat etwas sehr Couragiertes getan! Er ist seinem Gewissen gefolgt – er hat mehr Rückgrat als es Obama je haben wird!
    Sein Mut wird mir immer ein Vorbild sein und er verdient unser aller Unterstützung!!!!

    2010-08-07 16:07
  • George B.

    Manning has shown America what is behind the curtain…And we suspected it wasn’t pretty. But, good old, gutless, very worthless, and cowardly mainstream news knew about it, and many other stories related to incident. Actually, all of the supposedly news sources have long ago been brought off by the US government. Like this instance, they are mum about the whole Manning story. And regretfully, this Change thing Obama was platforming on, just wont happen. The military industrial complex wont let one good apple spoil all the rest of the rotten ones in the barrel… Im not a religious man, but if there is A God out there… he/she must and will protect this soul.

    2010-08-07 17:25
  • Weatherman

    Bradley Manning vowed an Oath to uphold the Constitution.

    I believe he fulfilled that Oath.

    2010-08-07 20:37
  • Jovial

    Manning is the real item. He is upholding the anti-fascist covenants. Here is an example. Judge Jackson who chaired the Nuremburg Trials 1945 wrote into national and international law that the planning and doing of aggressive war is the supreme crime on the planet earth, as it actuates all other crimes high, low, big, and small. He further says that it is supreme crime whether Germany does it or the U.S.A. does it. The U.S. Constitution says that international treaties signed on to by the U.S. are to be treated as the supreme law of the land. This shows that the present and previous administrations are breaking the anti-fascist laws and supporting the supreme worst crimes on the planet earth. Thanks to Manning that the world’s people and the American People will be able to see the real truth of their governments failure to serve the people as the U.S. Constitution requires of all elected officals.

    2010-08-08 00:52
  • Donna

    Finally, a soldier I can salute. Thanks for your bravery and patriotism. You are admired greatly in my home and we pray for your safety while in the hands of terrorists and criminals.

    2010-08-08 10:15
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    2010-08-08 11:22
  • Ann Fischer

    Bravo Bradley! We need more like you in every country in the world.

    2010-08-08 11:31
  • Real American

    Mr. Manning did what any healthy human being would do.

    He saw that injustices were being committed, systematically, and he exposed them in the hopes of bringing them to a halt.

    Given the context, that took extreme courage.

    Mr. Manning is a hero.

    2010-08-08 11:57
  • DaviD

    We truly live in a fascist state now. Think about it for a sec. They are controlling the message and altering it to fool the people who provide them with power into supporting their schemes.

    We always need to fight back against the rights usurping power of a corrupt governing and economic class.

    I support you Bradley and consider you among the heroes of all mankind for all time. You will spend your entire young adult life in prison and be released to the twilight of your lifetime. This was the price paid by you on behalf of everyone everywhere to ensure that the veil was lifted to expose the evil and manipulating ways that our government and their corporate overlords exert on our lives and our freedoms.

    2010-08-08 12:39
  • Zarbha

    I support Bradley Manning and want him to be free as soon as possible.

    2010-08-08 12:43
  • Jordan B

    The walls of deception and fallacies constructed by the ones in power are slowly starting to crumble, we need more people in the world like Bradly Manning or we will forever be enslaved in a false reality. I hope the best for Bradly.

    2010-08-08 18:32
  • Pat Morrison

    You are a hero Bradley Manning. The government and mainstream media are the criminals and terrorists. Thanks for doing the right thing. I will pray for your freedom.

    2010-08-09 00:07
  • Bill

    While I do not agree with manning and most of the support for him here, my question and please do not take this as an attempt to slam, is to all supporters…where do you go now with this new insight and “truth” what will each of you do to bring about change in this war/country?

    While I do not support this particular cause, my larger fear is that we have become a complacent nation. I fear within a week or two all this will blow over and we will go back to our daily BS. What will you do in your power to bring about change?

    It’s a simple question…my feeling is that most are all worked up and can type long rants but NO action will be taken from this.

    What are you dong t change this country/government?

    2010-08-09 00:16
  • Clark Clydestone

    Since Mr. Manning was arrested, I’ve wondered and worried for him. I served in Vietnam. By UN count, we killed 640,000 Vietnamese soldiers, 2 million civilians in the North and 2 million civilians in the South. We wounded 1.1 million Vietnamese soldiers and killed 58,000+ US citizens under the age of 40 and wounded a little more then 300,000.
    To keep Vietnam from making Southeast Asia Communist, ostensibly was the reason. Vietnam has continued a Communist Country and South East Asia never has become Communist despite the US losing the war. Hence the reasoning was not only distorted, it had to be to support those enriching themselves thru that war.
    THose same companies have directors, VPs and CEOs who belong to CFR, Trilateral COmmission, High Degree Masonry, Skull & Bones and chairs of various sister companies that enrich them.
    But the saddest tale, is that they also own all of the major media within the Western World. New York TImes, Washington Post, Google, Yahoo, MSNBC etc would never have informed the public of these dastardly secret murders, instead they would have dutifully turned the documents over to the CIA and Pentagon in order to keep up thier murders in secret.
    May God allow the USA a few more Mr. Mannings. Otherwise, the 800+ FEMA camps are slated for use VERY SOON on the American people who are a threat to these bastards.

    2010-08-09 00:45
  • Josie Maracle

    Dear Bradley,

    Thank you for exposing this racist/evil war. Maybe with this we can stop this sick Military Congressional Industrial Complex that murders around the world in the name of divide, conquer and greed. You are a true warrior that looks out for his fellow man.

    I will continue to use my Courage to Resist shirt and cap in your honor. May the Great Spirit keep you safe. I will support you in any way I can and spread the word.

    In Spirit,
    Josie Tamez-Maracle

    2010-08-09 00:47
  • James

    Punitive Articles of the UCMJ
    Article 106a—Espionage

    (3) Espionage as a capital offense. Capital punishment is authorized if the government alleges and proves that the offense directly concerned (1) nuclear weaponry, military spacecraft or satellites, early warning systems, or other means of defense or retaliation against large scale attack, (2) war plans, (3) communications intelligence or cryptographic in-formation, or (4) any other major weapons system or major element of defense strategy. See R.C.M. 1004 concerning sentencing proceedings in capital cases.

    (c) A sentence of death may be adjudged by a court-martial for an offense under this section (article) only if the members unanimously find, beyond a reasonable doubt, one or more of the following aggravating factors:

    (1) The accused has been convicted of another offense involving espionage or treason for which either a sentence of death or imprisonment for life was authorized by statute.

    “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
    The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
    wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
    they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
    it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …
    And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
    warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
    resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
    to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
    in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
    time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    It is its natural manure.” -Thomas Jefferson

    2010-08-09 08:33
  • Cynthia

    I support Bradley Manning as a true Hero. I knew there were lies being told about the war, we all did. Remember? Weapons of Mass destruction? There were none. Bush and everyone involved knew that. And yet they lied to the American people and declared war.

    Now, we have this courageous, young soldier. Who had the guts to blow the whistle on what is REALLY going on over there. I pray for him. I’m afraid there is no length our “government” won’t go to silence him. We MUST stand up and fight for him. He is imprisoned for standing up and fighting for TRUTH.

    2010-08-09 08:56
  • kathleen

    Wonder if Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann etc will even touch this story and the support of Bradley Manning? I have come to believe that for the MSM to cover a rally that takes place in the states folks should hold the rally/protest in Iran. Because that is the only way Rachel and others will cover it. Unless it is a gay rights issue. On Human rights Rachel is rather narrowly focused

    2010-08-09 10:53
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