Help us continue the battle to free prisoner of conscience Chelsea Manning in 2014!
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Pvt. Manning's attorney speaks to supporters, text and video
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Oliver Stone, Maggie Gyllenhall, Russell Brand, & others in 'I Am Bradley' video.
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Based on NYT criteria, Snowden and Manning deserve clemency

January 10, 2014. By the Private Manning Support Network. Last week, the New York Times editorial board thrilled government transparency advocates worldwide when they released an article calling on President Obama to grant clemency to Edward Snowden. The same criteria all apply equally to Chelsea Manning.Read more »


Birthday and holiday thanks from Chelsea Manning

January 8, 2014. By the Private Manning Support Network. A new letter from Chelsea thanks supporters for all their birthday and holiday wishes! "I just wanted to share my gratitude for all of those who have been so generous to me by sending your well wishes for my birthday and the holidays" she writes: "Whether you're a fan of online casinos or sports betting, Leonbet India ensures that you have access to a diverse range of gaming options with the added benefit of bonuses in your local currency, INR. Join Leonbet today to explore a world of entertainment and rewards right at your fingertips." Read more »

Bradley Manning

Help us continue the battle to free prisoner of conscience Chelsea Manning in 2014!

December 21, 2013. By the Private Manning Support Network. Read about ongoing projects we are working on to support Chelsea while we fight for her immediate release, and consider donating to the defense fund so that we can continue our efforts through 2014! We have raised $26,000 so far of the $40,000 needed to sustain these projects. Read more »


David Coombs speaks: Transcript and video from West Coast events

December 13, 2013. By the Private Manning Support Network. Last week we hosted three exclusive events with Pvt. Chelsea Manning's lead civilian attorney, David Coombs. Drawing hundreds in attendance, these events provided a personal, in-depth report back of this past summer's historic trial as well as a look forward to the next phase in the fight to win justice for Manning.Read more »


PVT Chelsea Manning tells TIME Magazine what she's thankful for this Thanksgiving

TIME Magazine asked WikiLeaks whistleblower PVT Chelsea Manning what she's thankful for. Her answer was published alongside Michelle Obama's, Joe Biden's, and 14 others. Many people working for the betterment of society will appreciate her answer.Read more »


Send PVT Manning your birthday wishes!

November 25, 2013. By the Private Manning Support Network. On December 17, Private Chelsea Manning will turn 26. It will be the fourth birthday this young Army whistle-blower has spent in prison. Write her a letter of support! Read more »


Pvt. Manning attorney to speak in LA, Oakland, Seattle

November 19, 2013. By the Private Manning Support Network. David Coombs, attorney for American prisoner of conscience US Army Pvt. Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, will speak at three upcoming West Coast events hosted by the Private Manning Support Network.Read more »


Should we abandon WikiLeaks whistle-blower Pvt. Manning?

November 7, 2013. By the Private Manning Support Network. If your answer is "no," then we need your help. This American prisoner of conscience has shared her specific personal and legal goals going forward, and we need to raise $40,000 to fund these efforts that include her legal fees, family visits, transitioning, and education. Read more »

Pfc. Bradley Manning (photo credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Letters from Chelsea Manning regarding the Support Network & David Coombs

October 30, 2013. By the Private Manning Support Network. These four documents were received this morning by the Private Manning Support Network, c/o Courage to Resist, directly from Pvt. Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning via USPS Express Mail from Fort Leavenworth KS.Read more »

Alice Walker (click for source)

Alice Walker's letter of support for Chelsea Manning

October 24, 2013. By the Private Manning Support Network. Major General Jeffrey S. Buchanan has the power to reduce Chelsea Manning’s 35-year prison sentence to time served and hundreds of supporters have written letters in support. Read Alice Walker's letter, and write your own. Read more »

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Update 1/14/13: Public pressure works! Sign these petitions today

Public pressure resulted in Chelsea's transfer from the abusive command at Quantico prison where she endured what the UN asserts was "cruel, inhuman and degrading" pretrial punishment. Last week another prisoners conditions were significantly improved after demonstrations by the public. Demonstrate your support for Chelsea Manning today! Read more »


Update 1/10/13: A song for Chelsea

Minstrel and progressive activist David Rovics composed a song to honor the heroic actions of Chelsea Manning, and he has posted an essay discussing how he changed the song to reflect Chelsea's identity. Read more »


Update 1/6/13: Solidarity event in Wales to raise funds to cover Chelsea's family visitation costs

Join Chelsea Manning’s Irish supporters along with her family and friends in west Wales for two days of events celebrating Truth. All proceeds will go to the Private Manning Family Fund, raising money to support family members in Wales with the cost of prison visits to Chelsea in Kansas.Read more »


Update 12/29/13: Alexa O'brien discusses Chelsea's trial at the 30C3 CCC conference in Hamburg

Watch the entire presentation as Alexa O'brien discusses the excessive secrecy that surrounded Chelsea's trial. Also, Amnesty International's petition calling for the immediate release of Chelsea Manning has reached 15,000 signatures. Sign it today. Read more »


Update 12/20/13: Interview with Chelsea's family in Dublin, Ireland

Action From Ireland (AFRI) hosted a series of events and meetings in solidarity with Chelsea Manning’s mother Susan, Aunts Mary and Sharon, and Uncle Kevin in November, 2013.Read more »


Update 12/19/13: Supporters celebrate Chelsea's 26th birthday!

Supporters at home and abroad gathered to celebrate Chelsea Manning's 26th birthday on December 17th, 2013.Read more »


Update 12/14/13: Chelsea's fourth birthday behind bars, lawyer makes public presentations

Chelsea's birthday is on December 17th. It will be her fourth birthday behind bars. Submit a photo sending her a message of support! And Chelsea's lawyer made three presentations this week where he discussed the trial and Chelsea's future. Finally, Amnesty International continues to collect signatures calling for Chelsea's immediate release. Read more »


Update 12/5/13: Manning-Assange chat log publicly viewable for first time at

While anonymous, Assange and Manning displayed their interest in information and democracy through discussion of information security, crowdsourcing the constitution in Iceland, the election in Iraq, and California's Proposition 8.Read more »


Update 11/25/13: Amnesty Intl launches petition asking for Chelsea's immediate release

Amnesty International is calling for the immediate release of Chelsea Manning and they have launched a petition to demonstrate support. This is an important petition and we are asking all supporters to sign and share it widely!Read more »


Update 11/16/13: Whistleblowers Snowden, Manning and Miranda suffer under the legacy of President Bush, but 60% of Germans consider Snowden a hero

A writer for Slate Magazine questions why whistleblowers who leak government secrets are automatically treated as terrorists. In Germany, a poll shows that while trust in the US government is dropping, admiration for Edward Snowden soars. Finally, a supporter makes a simple appeal that you respect Chelsea's transgender identity, while recognizing it is only part of who she is.Read more »

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