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Stay in touch/Volunteer

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  • Unsubscribe: supporters-leave [at] bradleymanning [dot] org


We need many people to run this campaign.  To get involved, please send an email explaining how you would like to contribute to: rainey (at) bradleymanning (dot) org.

Some of our needs:

  • Videographers – to bring our message to YouTube
  • Writers – to post to the blog and write our public-facing material for websites and social networking campaigns
  • Online campaign coordinators – to help spread the word about our campaign
  • Website administrators
  • Graphic designers – to help us improve the site
  • National organizers – to grow our supporting organizations list
  • Local organizers – to harness the energy within your communities
  • International organizers – to reach out to groups outside of the United States
  • Translators – all languages
  • San Francisco Bay Area volunteers can volunteer in-person for mail handling and donation processing by contacting Courage to Resist

Discussion forum:


Wiki (an information repository where YOU can contribute):


Other online petitions:





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