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Holiday Cards for Bradley Manning’s Freedom!

2010-11-30 72 comments

This winter, millions of people will be sending cards to friends and loved ones filled with holiday cheer and warm wishes for the coming year. This is the perfect opportunity to stand up for Bradley Manning, imprisoned for almost a year for allegedly blowing the whistle on war crimes committed by US forces overseas. So add a few people to the list of holiday card recipients this winter. And if you’re planning a holiday party, get some colored paper and let your guests make cards, too! What better way to celebrate the season?

Send holiday cards to:

1) Your elected officials! Visit http://www.congress.org/ and enter your zip code in the “Get involved” box in the right hand corner. You’ll get the information for:

  • President of the United States
  • Your elected Senators and Representatives

You can also find the contact information for your Congressional representatives by visiting bradleymanning.org and entering your address information into the box in the right-hand column.

Send all your elected representatives cards to let them know that you and millions of others want Bradley Manning freed and the charges against him dropped

2) Bradley Manning! He’s been stuck in prison for months – let’s send him some holiday cheer!

Bradley Manning
c/o Courage to Resist
484 Lake Park Ave #41
Oakland CA 94610

Tips for sending cards to Bradley: Remember, Bradley will only get to see the outside of the envelope the first time you send him a letter. We recommend you consider sending a postcard so he gets to see the picture. You may have to send several letters before one gets through. To facilitate this, consider making three copies of your first letter- then send it 3 times, one time per week for 3 weeks. With luck, the third letter will get through! Above all, don’t get discouraged if the letters are returned to you. Bradley Manning needs your unwavering support.

Want to do more?

If you want to do more for Bradley Manning, then please consider making a donation to our defense fund, hosted by Courage to Resist: https://co.clickandpledge.com/sp/d1/default.aspx?wid=38591 Even small donations can help!

And as always, there are other ways you can work for Bradley Manning’s freedom. Click here for 10 things you can do today!



  • Dennis Spence

    I am in the UK…. how can I help Bradley Manning?

    2010-11-30 14:10
  • lisa

    I’m from the netherlands, how can I help?

    2010-11-30 18:24
  • nikomo

    bradley is proving that don’t aask don’t telll don’t mean a thang to a person with real courage and conviction he’s a stonewaller for sure.
    to stand for something and take whatever punitive action that will certainly occur will be an example of why a persons orientation has nuthin to do with courage and loyalty.hooah pfc you go!

    2010-11-30 18:57
  • Libby

    I would also like to help in any way I can from Australia. Criminals are criminals no matter how much power or money they have acquired. We all need to stand together and say enough is enough!! This is not the world I want to live in and I and many others want the truth and to have a voice and a choice!!!!!

    2010-12-01 01:28
  • Jesse

    Can someone please explain this to me:

    “Remember, Bradley will only get to see the outside of the envelope the first time you send him a letter.”

    2010-12-01 03:59
  • Mike Gogulski

    His mail is controlled. When someone sends him a piece of mail any they are not on his approved senders list, he has the opportunity to inspect the envelope and decide whether or not to add that sender to his allowed list.

    2010-12-01 04:01
  • Hernán Javier Lo iacono

    My english is very poor, i want to help this boy. How can I do it? Greetings from Argentina and Free Bradley!!!

    2010-12-01 18:51
  • pato


    2010-12-01 19:11
  • Jesse

    Okay, so I have a holiday postcard. On the back I have written (in black ink) the address listed for him in Oakland, as well as my return address, and the message “Bradley, Thank you for being courageous. Happy Holidays. Sincerely [my name]” Does this sound okay? Is there anything else I need to put? I made 2 copies to send out over the next couple weeks.

    2010-12-01 19:39
  • Angel Final

    Bradley Manning, AL FIN CONOZCO AL HEROE QUE LUCHA POR LA VERDAD EN ESTE MUNDO… Lo que pueda hacer por ti viejo, Te debo este favor…

    2010-12-01 20:47
  • Delicious Anon

    I want to donate, but i have no credit card and no echeck.
    Is there also a paypal account for Bradley Manning’s defense fund?

    2010-12-01 23:34
  • Julie Larson

    Thank you Bradley for your heart! My family supports you!Now is a time for us all to stand united! Peace and Love.

    2010-12-02 00:14
  • Mike Gogulski

    There’s no Paypal account unfortunately. You could send a money order, however, to the same address as for checks.

    2010-12-02 00:14
  • Bruno

    “It is a time that now is done a little bit. That, however, which dares to do something must be aware that he will probably come as a betrayer into the German history. If he omits, nevertheless, from the action, he would be a betrayer before his own conscience”

    Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg

    Stauffenberg was executet as betrayer in 1944. Today he is a hero.

    The Time will show

    2010-12-02 05:21
  • Leslie Bary

    Stay strong, Bradley!

    2010-12-02 06:03
  • bisot

    maybe the truth is they real enemy…

    stay strong Bradley, GBU

    2010-12-02 08:53
  • John

    To Bradly…. Hero’s aren’t the one’s who fire weapons. A hero can be someone who stands up for what is right in away way shape or form. As far as i am concerned YOU are one of the most fearless of all HEROS and most worthy of praise and the FREEDOM that most of us take for granted.
    CANADA stands behind you….. I wish more of your people did too.

    2010-12-02 17:13
  • Phillip

    It is absolutely horrible how the American government is treating this patriot but we have seen this before. Imprisoning patriots for exposing the horrors of the American Government has been present since our inception as a country. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were trying to stop the bastards in Washington by exposing the horrors of the nuclear bomb to the former Soviet Union. Aldrich Ames did his best to equalize the Soviets and the Americans with his patriotic actions as well. Bradly like Alger Hiss was only trying to stop the oppressive and corrupt and arrogant imperialist government. In fact I believe that Bradley Manning is a hero unequaled in bravery and should be allowed the same historic reverence as Benedict Arnold.

    2010-12-02 19:57
  • Pierluigi

    this is an absolute shame, this guy’s a hero.

    i’m gonna send him a greetings card, hope it gets through

    Wish i could do something else!

    i’m a lawyer but unfortunately not in the US, i would defend him for free i swear

    2010-12-03 05:08
  • Jennie

    Is he allowed to answer any of the mail he receives?

    2010-12-03 11:16
  • QuantumEntangled

    Bradley Manning, you are a true hero. You stand for truth, you stand for right, and at the cost of your freedom. Your sacrifice makes a difference.

    2010-12-03 13:26
  • Torben

    Bradley Manning: You are a true hero in my mind and you have my full support. I watched the video at work with my fellow coworkers and we were all horrified by what we saw. I’m glad there are people like you to reveal the true story – and I’m sure it will be difficult to find any person in Denmark who disagrees. Stay strong!

    2010-12-03 13:32
  • stefan.

    Hey people,do not be angry with me,but i think,when we say Brad is a hero it is not what he needs.,because it is better being not a hero and living in freedom.I have tears in my eyes,when i think,that he will be in prison,perhaps for the rest of his life,I feel so powerless,I do not know what to do.Damn,he must be free,but he will not.He is a good man,someone that knows right from wrong,but has to pay such a high price,i am really shocked,we have to do something,damn.I know i can not sleep tonight.And Bradley,although it sound stupid:Stay Strong,I love you Man for your brave character and my thoughts are by you.And people:Do what you can to help Brad,hr must get out of prison and I wish we can communicate with each other about BRAD;i Would like you to write mto me what i CAN DO THAT bRAD KNOWS THAT THERE IS SOMEONE IN GERMANY THAT THINKS OF HIM AND LOVE HIM

    2010-12-03 14:46
  • JD

    I always wished this day would come, when people started standing against the lies we´ve been told, all the crimes committed and the way the truth as we know it is being payed for. I know you´ll receive support from all around the world.

    2010-12-03 15:24
  • dana

    stay strong! Our prayers r with you! Finland supports bradley!

    2010-12-03 17:58
  • James Sunbird Carrington

    A card will most definitely be on it’s way, well done sir!

    2010-12-03 20:00
  • Richard

    It’s about time the American people saw the US Government and State Dept for what they really are and stood up to them to stop this carnage. For soo many years now they have stomped all over the world creating chaos and destruction, it is no wonder that nations like Afghanistan and Iraq have stood their ground. The real terrosists in all of this are the US Forces (Government not soldiers) and more people like Bradley will eventualy bring them down. Our thoughts are with you and your family, you have sacrificed so much to do what you believe, in your heart of hearts is right. We hope that you will return home soon. GBU.

    2010-12-03 22:17
  • Cordelia

    Considero que juzgar a Bradley Manning es desviar la atención de los verdaderos responsables que deben ser juzgados.

    Wikipedia: “Un crimen de guerra es una violación de las protecciones establecidas por las leyes y las costumbres de la guerra, integradas por las infracciones graves del Derecho Internacional Humanitario cometidas en un conflicto armado y por las violaciones al Derecho Internacional. El término se define en gran medida en el Derecho internacional, incluyendo la convención de Ginebra. Los malos tratos a prisioneros de guerra y civiles y los genocidios son considerados crímenes de guerra.”

    2010-12-04 00:55
  • Dilip

    I know the American soldiers have been fighting a ruthless enemy that shows no mercy and uses every tactic at their disposal including human shields and innocent hostages, but what I saw in the videos on Collateral Murder was shocking and completely unnecessary. Had the American helicopter been under fire I could understand their actions better, but they were not. It was outright murder. Bravo to Bradley Manning for standing up for what is just. It is people like him that give hope to humanity.

    2010-12-04 05:23
  • rishi

    Our prayers with you from India

    2010-12-04 05:50
  • Phil Of Persia

    Sois fort, Bradley!
    Ce que tu as fait est juste!

    2010-12-04 06:32
  • Alba

    Stay strong, Bradley! Prayers from Brasil to you and your family.
    We’re with you.

    2010-12-04 13:13
  • KL-lite

    I am in KL / SG! How can I help?

    2010-12-05 06:20
  • Laila Andrade

    Pelo que eu entendi, o site nos recomenda enviar 3 postcards (cartão-postal, aqueles com foto)para Bradley. Recomenda tirar 3 cópias do cartão e enviar 1 a cada semana, por 3 semanas.
    Eu vou fazer isso, é o mínimo. Ele é 10 anos mais novo do que eu.Quanta coragem!
    Também vamos doar, gente, 20, 30 dólares que seja, melhor que nada.

    2010-12-05 09:52
  • Jojo

    Hey Brad, you are the real war hero.

    2010-12-05 10:43
  • Gabriel

    Hola noi em sap greu que estiguis en aquest tràngol per dir i desenmascara a gent que es creu que aquest planeta es el seu ranxo, he Politics corruptos de la veritat, sols et puc dir que a Catalunya tens gent que creu en tu que et conservis lo millor posible, una abraçada, Gabriel

    2010-12-05 10:55
  • Susan

    All you friends from around the world: you can still write him in the USA: imagine the impact of hundreds of letters and cards pouring in from Australia, Argentina, Germany, the UK, Canada, Netherlands….go for it! And of course, send $$ if you can.

    2010-12-05 12:06
  • cassie

    Words cannot describe the way I am feeling after watching Collateral Murder. In Australia we have a saying Keep the B*****ds Honest. That is what you have done at a very high price. The world needs people like you. What really austonded me not only the fact they shoot on unarmed people, I thought rules of engagement where that they were to be fired upon, could not see that anywhere. Also the way the congratulated each other on a good shoot. Saying that they were at fault for bringing children into a battle. the helicopter crew caused the battle. The people in the combi where the children were, was just being humane and helping a fellow human. Not like the murders in the helicopter. Thank you Mr Manning you are a man that will go down in history for your heroic efforts. Will be sending postcards from Australia today….

    2010-12-05 20:36
  • Lily

    Stay strong, Bradley! America supports you, even as the government would lock you away. You are a true American hero!

    2010-12-05 22:06
  • Daniel Yucra

    Soy del PERÚ queremos ayudar con la campaña en español, el soldado bradley es un HEROE no solo para Estados Unidos, sino para todo el mundo

    Libertad para el gran soldado que cumplio con su deber con el Mundo

    2010-12-06 11:12
  • Mike Gogulski

    Saludos, Daniel. Pues, por favor, puedes traducir algunos de los articulos al espanol aqui y publicar las traducciones? Puedes dar ayuda y inspiracion al mundo que quiere entender esta situacion en su idioma nativa.

    2010-12-06 11:21
  • Cameron Rogers

    They say the truth will set you free; Bradley you have set us on the road to freedom.

    Thank you Bradley, you have my support coming in from Canada.

    2010-12-06 12:27
  • Sarah J

    Hello and greetings!

    I am hoping the address c/o your organization is the address that we are supposed to send correspondence for Bradley to. I have tried to look him up in the federal BOP site, but have never been able to locate a number for him. Thank you for the work you do. May he be free very soon. We have needed the truth for far too long, now if we can just get the people to pay attention to what the implications of our foriegn policy is maybe we can have some good positive change. Keep up the fight. Sending love your way always.

    Sarah J.

    2010-12-07 00:56
  • Theresa

    The world needs more people like Bradley!

    2010-12-08 05:47
  • nikomo

    if bradley were a Privite F*****g Citizen like Mr.Aussie Player/Lady Slayer instead of a private first class in the us army he would atleast have some chance of seeing the outside of a prison wall before he is an elderly man, but now he won’t even be able to experiance D.A.D.T.even if it is passed: do to the fact that in us military prisons no interpersonal relationships are allowed to occur between prisoners,VERY UNFAIR.

    2010-12-08 17:34
  • Ezequiel

    I am from Puerto Rico I support Bradley Manning for his courage revealing the U.S. Military wrongdoings and crimes, God bless bradley manning!

    2010-12-09 23:20
  • nikomo

    before all these revelations comming to light about america, most americans kept thier opinions about the true lathal nature of americas not so low profile warrior culture to themselves as we can see the majority of americans are just aching for a war instead of just regional conflicts. it seems just by thier persona that regaining martial supremacy is always close to the surface….

    2010-12-11 18:20
  • Robert Cope

    Millions are with this man knowing right from wrong and doing right. Mr Obama pay attention. I love you too.

    2010-12-13 18:44
  • Marissa

    I am going to send Bradley a postcard for support, but I don’t understand how it is going to get to him. The address for him is “care of” courage to resist…OK so I guess courage to resist will forward the mail to him…So if that is the case, why send 3 copies of your mail over 3 weeks?. Why wouldn’t you just send 3 copies to courage to resist address all at once??

    2010-12-16 00:03
  • Joy Al-Sofi

    It is December 17 where I am, thirteen hours ahead of when it will be so in the USA. I want to thank Bradley Manning for standing up for the truth and to wish him a happy birthday.

    2010-12-16 11:12
  • nikomo

    we must all except the fact that pfc.manning has only the rest of decembre left before the new federal senate and congress convine, and as we have seen how those amerikaans are when they think someone in thier military has betrayed them they want the military to execute them. neither the republicans or democrats can prevent this,nor do these newly elected representatives seem any different from these militant amerikaans who’ve taken power away from the progressive federal government of the unita ustadada di norte amarika. but we must assist migel moore, prevent the angry new amerikaans from forcing assange to be arrested and brought to america to be inprisioned.
    the amerikaans are saying that any country who is not its friend or speaks bad about america they will stop all foriegn aide next year so we know that the eu will not help manley or assange if the new americans in power stop all money…..

    2010-12-16 22:38
  • patricia


    -R. KIPLING-

    I had written a very long message, but my pc shut doen when I clicked Submit Comment…strange?

    A MOTHER from Argentina.
    PD: I will try to send some cards to Manning!

    2010-12-17 20:31
  • John

    Plase everyone, get a copy of a paperback entiled “Who Stole The American Dream” by Burke Hedges ISBN 0-9632667=0=5 written about 20 ears back. If everyone does their bit and have at least parts of this book sent all over the world, these two Crusaders for thruth will be vindicted.PS the first +- 20 pages must no put you off. This book appears to have escaped the Gestapo?John

    2010-12-19 09:34
  • Winston Smith

    Thank you Bradley. I’m sorry that there wasn’t more uproar from the American public. I am ashamed of this country and it’s people. Stand for the truth!

    2010-12-19 11:29
  • abdulah belhaj

    PFC Manning
    You did the right thing – I’m with you.

    2010-12-19 22:25
  • Huda

    Thank you Bradley for what you did. The world needs more people like you.

    Happy Birthday :-)

    2010-12-19 23:48
  • paolo

    Lots of respect!
    You are a very brave man
    Thanks is not enough

    2010-12-20 00:21
  • Jacquelyne Taylor

    In the solitaryness of your position Bradley, countless may well owe you their lives..Out in the big wide world that news is speading and being shared as fas as the cables..We know what you suffer for us . Those that do it will not escape ‘real’justice .. Each & every one of them..Kia Kaha( Stay Strong)… those that matter care love and applaud you

    2010-12-20 14:07
  • Prashaant

    I dedicate my tears to you, Bradley!!!!

    2010-12-20 15:02
  • Fabe Kuhn

    Go Man Go!!
    Is there some other way to donate than PayPal?
    I would feel more comfortable with someone else?

    2010-12-20 17:02
  • Clay Dennis

    Hang in there Brad. You’re paying a very high price for whistleblowing. Stay strong.

    2010-12-20 17:26
  • Rob Morgan

    When I saw the postcard on Michael Moore’s website, I grabbed it and posted it with every email of mine, telling friends “Here is Manning’s address. Please send him a postcard. The address is the prison… and it’s most important that he get these”. It is:

    Bradley Manning
    3247 Elrod Avenue
    Quantico, VA 22134

    The prison should/must be flooded with postcards supporting this young man. He is MY HERO!

    2010-12-20 18:57
  • Gene Gray

    stay strong bud…you have my utmost respect…sorry that you had to involve yourself with that military rabble

    2010-12-20 22:48
  • Astra


    2010-12-21 01:06
  • Jonathan Hayward from Australia

    A very courageous thing to do – thank you.

    A post card will be on it’s way. I hope you spend next Christmas with your family.


    2010-12-22 00:24
  • Daniel Fitzgerald

    As one of the Conscientious Objectors to the VietNam War I enthusiastically support your defiance of the U.S. war psychosis. We said we must throw our bodies into the machinery to prevent the madness. I feel ashamed that you and others need to do the same thing nearly 40 years later. Remember that we are still here, still appalled at our government’s behavior and need only examples like you to rekindle ourselves from a defeated and shameful sloth. In 1970 I often heard “I wish I could do what you’re doing”. I always said you can, go ahead and do it. Now I hear you saying “Go ahead and do it; you can.
    Thank You.

    2010-12-22 21:37
  • nikomo

    PRIVATE FIRST CLASS BRADLEY MANNING,U.S.ARMY. is an inspiration to future generations on how a progessive progamme is to be implemented along with others around the world an example that a new generation of americans are here,so do not fear the agenda is clear………..

    2010-12-23 20:55
  • Penny D. Lightbourne

    …God Bless you richly, with all true justice in your release from prison, Bradley…@ this Christmastime, may the powerful angel’s of God come to rescue you from the victimization in injustice, that you are experiencing right now…the unseen angel’s of God & the ‘earth-angel’s of legal justice, may they convene in your release…it’s 6:45/Pacific Standard Time & now,may the grace of a wonderful God, sustain you in this holy instant & effect a miraculous release for you in the immediate future/New Year…please remember always, that the greatest in need of prayer are the socio-political agencies of the U.S., that are, by their aggression, displaying an ill conscience, that they are deeply aware that historically America has failed in achieving it’s founding Puritan ideals, thus the most in need at this time are for these agencies & individuals who are spear-heading this aggression against you & Julian Assange: WikiLeaks…that the purgation of an ill conscience must happen for this sad Nation/U.S.A., as it learns it must be brought into account for it’s terrible abuse of other Nations, individuals & also members of it’s own National Community…may the U.S. seek global forgiveness & work toward achieving restitution for it’s crimes against humanity…again, God Bless you, Bradley…may the Peace of God sustain you…may His joy fill you…& infinite Grace sustain you until your near release…

    2010-12-25 22:16
  • Suzuki

    They are afraid of you.
    Hang on, Bradley!

    2010-12-28 08:36
  • AmsterdamBeeeld


    Here a note from Holland (Europe)

    Since we red about the Bradley Manning case we support him on Twitter.
    Every day we request the Dutch people to have more attention for this case.

    A televisionreport (named Zembla, from Dutch broadcastingcompany Vara) about Wikileaks had just one sentence about our Bradley Manning.

    Its really a shame that Bradley is in an isolation cel in the US without trial. Without a blanket and a pillow.

    A lot of people in Holland and of course Europe think that Mr. Obama is a progressive president.

    We dont think so. We want to talk with him about human rights in the USA!

    Although we are just a photosite we can at least twitter for Bradley Manning! Every day as possible.

    All the best, Bradley.

    The photographers

    2010-12-28 12:32
  • nikomo

    pfc.manning to all that care is suffering far more than straight soldiers because straight soldiers are prepared for being denied interpersonal relationships, while incarcerated,compared to civil detention facilities which would be more humane to gay males;the amerikaan military detention is the most spartan and strict of any nations.
    even the most progressive amerikaan leader is more stern than the worlds most cruelist national leader………..
    send more opinions about this cruel treatment to the amerikaans and u.n.
    oh bradley this is so badley………

    2010-12-28 17:01
  • Fiona

    While my friends and I usually give unused Xmas cards to charities, this year I will send one a week to Bradley, until they are done, then I will buy him a birthday card and send that every week, and one week I will be right, and it will be his birthday, stay strong Bradley, we toasted you at 12 midnight, news years eve.

    2011-01-01 16:00

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