Bradley Manning Support Network accepts responsibility for all expenses to defend accused Wikileaks whistle-blowerLe Réseau de Support de Bradley Manning accepte de prendre en charge toutes les dépenses pour défendre l’auteur présumé des fuites de Wikileaks.

Bradley Manning Support Network accepts responsibility for all expenses to defend accused Wikileaks whistle-blower

Oakland, CA, December 8, 2010 – Since July 2010, the Bradley Manning Support Network, in collaboration with Oakland, CA based Courage to Resist, has solicited and distributed funds in support of accused Wikileaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning. Over 1,200 individuals and organizations have responded with contributions totaling over $90,000, either to the defense fund or to Bradley’s legal trust account. Thus far $50,000 has been transferred to Bradley’s lead civilian attorney, David Coombs, half of the total expected legal expense of $100,000.

The Support Network has also made expenditures for printing and international distribution of leaflets, posters and information cards; staging public forums, events and demonstrations; production of banners, t-shirts, stickers and whistles for organizers; travel expenses for Bradley’s visitors at the Quantico brig; communication expenses, including phone and Internet hosting; processing the “Stand with Brad” public declaration and petition (; accounting; fiscal fees and credit card company fees.

Immediately following Bradley’s arrest in late June 2010, the whistle-blower website Wikileaks publicly solicited donations specifically for Bradley’s legal defense expenses. In July 2010, Wikileaks pledged to contribute a “substantial amount” towards Bradley’s legal defense costs. Since Bradley’s selection of David Coombs as his civilian defense attorney in August 2010, the Bradley Manning Support Network has unsuccessfully attempted to facilitate the pledged Wikileaks contribution.

“We understand the difficult situation Wikileaks currently faces as the world’s governments conspire to extinguish the whistle-blower website,” explained Jeff Paterson, Bradley Manning Support Network steering committee member and project director of Courage to Resist ( “However, in order to meet Bradley Manning’s legal defense needs, we’re forced to clarify that Wikileaks has not yet made a contribution towards this effort. We certainly welcome any contribution from Wikileaks, but we need to inform our supporters that it may not be forthcoming and that their continued contributions and support are crucial.”

Donations towards Bradley’s defense can be made at — to either the Support Network for both public education efforts and legal defense, or directly to Bradley’s legal trust account.

Oakland, Califonie, le 8 décembre 2010. Depuis Juillet 2010, le Réseau de Support de Bradley Manning, en collaboration avec « Courage to resist », une organisaton basée à Oakland en Californie, a levé et distribué des fonds dans le but de venir en aide à l’auteur présumé des fuites de Wikileaks, Bradley Manning. Plus de 1.200 personnes et organisations ont répondu avec des contributions de plus de 90.000 $, soit pour le fonds de défense, soit pour le compte direct de Bradley Manning. Jusqu’à présent, 50.000$ ont été versés à l’avocat principal de Bradley, David Coombs, ce qui représente la moitié de la dépense totale prévue de 100.000 $.

Le Réseau de Soutien a également dépensé une partie de cette somme pour imprimer des livrets d’information, des posters et des tracts  et les distribuer au niveau international ; pour organiser des forums publics, des événements et des manifestations : pour produire des bannières, des t-shirts, des stickers et des sifflets ; pour couvrir les dépenses avancées par les visiteurs se rendant à la prison de Quantico ; pour les dépenses de communication, notamment le téléphone et l’hébergement internet ; pour les frais de mise en place de la déclaration publique et de la pétition « Stand with Brad » (; pour les frais de comptabilité; pour les frais fiscaux et les frais occasionnés par  la compagnie de carte de crédit.

Tout de suite après l’arrestation de Bradley en juin 2010, le site web spécialisé dans les fuites Wikileaks appella publiquement aux dons pour couvrir spécifiquement les frais pour la défense légale de Bradley. En Juillet 2010, Wikileaks a déclaré avoir récolté une “somme importante” pour le fonds de défense légale. Mais depuis que Bradley a choisi Davids Coombs comme avocat en aout 2010, le Réseau de Soutien en Faveur de Bradley Manning a essayé, sans succès, de faciliter le transfer des fonds que Wikileaks prétend avoir amassés.

“Nous comprenons la situation difficile dans laquelle Wikileaks se trouve actuellement, alors que tous les gouvernements du monde conspirent afin de faire fermer ce site spécialisé dans les fuites d’informations confidentielles”, explique Jeff Paterson, membre principal du Comité du Réseau de Soutien en faveur de Bradley Manning, et directeur de projet auprès de “Courage to Resist” ( “Cependant, et ceci afin de couvrir les frais de défense de Bradley Manning, nous sommes forcés de dire que Wikileaks n’a pas encore fait de contribution pour cette cause. Bien sûr, nous serions heureux d’accepter n’importe quelle contribution venant de Wikileaks, mais nous avons besoin d’informer nos partisans que celle-ci ne viendra peut-être pas, et que la continuation de leurs dons et de leur soutien est cruciale. »

Les dons en faveur du fonds de défense peuvent être faits à – soit au Réseau de Soutien qui l’utilisera pour l’information du public et pour le fonds de défense, soit directement sur le compte bancaire de Bradley.

52 thoughts on “Bradley Manning Support Network accepts responsibility for all expenses to defend accused Wikileaks whistle-blowerLe Réseau de Support de Bradley Manning accepte de prendre en charge toutes les dépenses pour défendre l’auteur présumé des fuites de Wikileaks.

  1. Hello: I just wanted to say that I hope everything works out well for this young man. He is a Hero and should not have to pay with his life for having brought crimes by the government to light.

    It saddens me to know that rather than our government just owning what they have done and addressing what ought to change they have decided to run, blame and perpetuate their puerile means of coping with the reality of having been caught.

    Maybe when the broken capillaries upon the collective face of the government officials subside we will hear apologies and a clear plan regarding how matters that have come to light will be rectified.

    I would like to see the collective government body learn from the present situation rather than create more embarrassments for the American people – those who do not actually have voices that are heard. I hope people around the world know and understand that the government does not represent how everyone feels and/or thinks in America.

    I am praying for you Bradley! Thank you!!

  2. I have sent a couple of donations when I could and hold Bradley Manning in great great esteem but I think sending this out when Julian Assange is sitting in jail and WikiLeaks is still trying to operate is unfortunate timing since they are having trouble accessing their funds. Also,many are waiting to donating until they know the donation will safely get to them. We have a common enemy and we all need to be working together, not causing divisions.

  3. Well said Kara! Thanks! You rock! AGREE 100%! Think yours words said it all! The world owes Bradley thanks and recognition for courage beyond most of our own capabilities!

  4. Sadly history is not writen by the hero’s but by the vilian. My thoughts are with you brad, your are a rare human in these dark times.


  5. I feel the American military are way to trigger happy when is comes to wars. This isnt call of duty the PS3 game. Its real fucking life! If your not causing death by friendly fire then your blowing the shit out of innocent civilians. Every country has a curupt goverment so quit coming down hard on the little people and get your top flying/lying goverment agenda sorted out first! Yer the kid should not have really spoken to the reporter but what does that say about the military if he felt like he couldnt voice his concerns with his leaders. Let the boy go home and enjoy life instead of wasting money keeping him locked up for leaking something you was trying to cover up because the act in question was wrong and against the law of armed conflict.

  6. Please clarify if Bradley Manning’s defense has received the funds promised from Wikileaks, or not. I realize that this articles states a negative, but I read an article a couple of days ago (somewhere) that Assange came through just before meeting with police.

    Wikileaks solicited donations for Manning’s defense – if they haven’t come through please be clear and widely publicize the problem. (I’ll help if that’s the case).

    Anyone have an answer? Thank you.

  7. Errr… wouldn’t WikiLeaks involment in court case in plaintiffs benefit mean, that WikiLeaks/plaintiff would “confess” that the plaintiff leaked the information to WikiLeaks? Thus Asange’s promise to support “with any means” the sources in legal battle is a real Horse of Troy to these same sources. Thus you will never see WikiLeaks to give monetary/legal support to it’s sources in case of court case has been risen against them.

  8. Anyone who is upset that Visa et al. are preventing them from donating to Wikileaks should simply send their money here instead, then. Shortcircuit the money-go-round.

  9. Wikileaks indeed solicited money for Bradley Manning’s defense fund, and it’s unclear how much they took in, but it was no doubt significant: Wikileaks merchant account provider (who was cut off by Visa and Mastercard and is now suing them) estimates that Wikileaks is losing “seven figures a week” (i.e. millions) as a result.

    John Young of, who was asked to be the “front man” for the original registration of the domain in 2006, cut all ties with the group only a few months later after learning that their goal, pre-launch, was to raise $5 million in seven months, to cover an effort that could be managed on $50,000 a year or less. He accused them of being in it solely for the money.

    When Amnesty International took issue with Wikileaks’ lack of care in releasing the names of Afghan sympathizers, Wikileaks demanded $700,000 to fund a “harm minimization process”, and threatened to issue a press release laying all responsibility on Amnesty International if the documents weren’t redacted because the money hadn’t been paid.

  10. He should be given a fair trial as what he did was illegal (data act theft is illegal in most countries). Wikileaks abandoned him in his time of need – does show their treu character doesn’t it?

  11. i think that bradley should be freed, because he was just showing how hypocritical america is. he is a good person and the innocent civillians were killed for no reason.. america is just a messsed up country and we are doing things WRONG!! make me the supreme court judge so I can tell the entire world that bradley manning is a hero and should be freed IMMEDIATELY!!! thank you bradley for showing what hypocrites american government are. PLEASE FREE BRADLEY MANNING!!!♥

  12. I think he shouldn’t be getting any trial.. what’s illegal about exposing some crime videos??? it’s just that he’s an army officer subjected to the rules of the army, that the army and the government involved in this thinks that he’s guilty by their RULES…

  13. Pursuant to its reported pledge, Wikileaks most likely would help the Bradley Manning legal defense, if it was not itself struggling to survive financially and legally. There appears to be a safe, efficient way to make financial contributions to help both of them.

    It was reported in three or more news articles recently that was processing donations to the “Wikileaks website”, but a check yesterday at found no Flattr button (hyperlink) yet available on either the main page or the support page.

    Can a Flattr button be placed on the Bradley Manning Support Network and on the Bradley Manning Legal Trust Fund?

    If so, could a news article be published that gives the URL addresses for the webpages that contain these Flattr buttons?

  14. Bradley Manning is what you would call a true hero. Any soldier that reveals the truth is what you would call a true hero among men.

  15. im a truther exposing the corrupt things the government does is a thing people like me do we need more people like bradley to help us restore democracy to our country in my book hes a true hero

  16. Bradley Manning has been arrested for more than half a year without a pre-hearing trial. It does not seems that Amnesty International has any interests to be concerned. They are neither interested in peace, nor human right, but only interested in blaming those who western elites want them to blame.

  17. i am trying to find out if the Bradley Manning Fund has received ANY of the promised money from Wikileaks as yet ?

    Does anyone here have any proof and know for sure if they have ?

  18. This footage is horrific, these aircrew must be punished for this war crime. Bradley Manning she be commended for exposing this barbaric act.

  19. Its a relief to know that Bradley’s legal fees will likely be covered without the need for him to literally pay for his courage, on top of what he’s already suffered, but its a shame that the government is not likely to express guilt or regret over their mistakes and over torturing this poor man.

  20. Bradley Manning is a hero if he is really the one who leaked the video material and uncovered those bastards war crimes!! However, he should get free in any case!

    I would love to spend for him, however I havent got any visa or mastercard (they would be abandoned anyways) or any other means of payment which are accepted by your organization. It would be great if there were some other payment methods available for spending money.

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  22. Do we need to remind Obama/Biden of their administration’s agenda? THEIR words -

    Protect Whistleblowers: Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should be encouraged rather than stifled. We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance. Barack Obama will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government.

  23. I bet that as military personnel, or ex-, you’d be able to stand up to the prison guards: do illegal things like gathering information on prison life and being able to publish them one day. I would advise you not to actually. They’d just wait till you’ve got a complete set of information, and then take it all away from you. In the meantime they’ll be making sure that the info you gather does not, erm, leak out of prison.

    It’s quite horrible. All public servants or ex- but you’ll find that the people ill-treating and being ill-treated are public servants. Perhaps you’ll find a nice woman inmate to get along with inside of prison one day– preferably an ex-public officer as well, and gossip all you two want about horrid inmates.

  24. Real democracy means telling the truth, if we punish these event we are running from our true beliefs… think about it and vote!

  25. I am very distressed by some of the allegations about Wikileaks, money and the Manning Defence Fund that are circulating on the net – particularly on the Wikileaks Facebook discussions board.

    Could we have a brief update on this before some (apparently bitter) individuals rip the guts out of the defence of both Bradley and Julian with unsubstantiated allegations please? The last I heard was that the WAU foundation was somewhat disorganised (understandably)and that Wikileaks, to say the least, has had its financial situation rendered somewhat fragmentary.

    I seriously hesitated to raise this but I don’t want to see some fixable misunderstanding end up being used as a tool by the State to injure either of these guys – or anyone else.

    Surely there could be legal reasons why it wouldn’t be too smart for either or anyone to publicise alleged ‘links’ given the Feds obvious strategy.

    Jeff McCarthy

  26. Bradley Manning is gay…and the world knows. Inevitably, gay crime suspects are treated more harshly than their hetero counterparts. This also implies that even if innocent, gays are more likely to be judged guilty; meaning that jurors would dismiss all evidence to the contrary (any proof of innocence ignored, no matter how persuasive) in order to exercise a ritual gay bashing. Simply because homophobia remains the most universal of all prejudices…in fact, it may even be a major contribution to all wars, everywhere. This would explain Manning’s arrest, imprisonment, isolation and torture, by the US goverment…all extreme reactions typical of a homophobic response. It may also explain Wikileak’s hesitation to support Mr. Manning, wrapped in some plausible excuse (such as the attack upon their finances in an attempt to fund Assange’s cause; who is, may I remind everyone, blatantly heterosexual, as so boldly advertised by rape charges).

    It is therefore a great credit and selfless sacrifice of /any/ organization or individual to explicitly support Mr. Manning (in money, words or deeds), against the horrid treatment by the military, government, right-wing media, and various other global influences.

    And: where are the churches in all this? Where is /their/ support? Any Jesus lovers listening? Oh, wait, I almost forgot: It’s the homophobia, stupid.

  27. Well, Jeff, I’ve been following this story—I have no association with either Bradley Manning’s defense effort or Wikileaks—and this is my understanding:

    Wikileaks raised some unspecified amount of money throughout June and July, at least, for the defense fund. As I understand it, a commitment was made to provide $50,000. The money failed to arrive, and around September, the Wau Holland Foundation was contacted to see what the status was. At that time, the Foundation said that the disbursement of the full amount had been approved.

    When the money still didn’t arrive, subsequent to Julian Assange’s arrest in the UK, the acting Wikileaks spokesperson, Kristinn Hrafnsson, was contacted, and he advised the defense effort that the amount was to be $20,000 rather than $50,000, and that—in effect—the check was in the mail.

    About two weeks ago, when the reduced amount had failed to materialize, the Wau Holland Foundation was again contacted. At that time, they advised the defense effort that they were anticipating being audited by the German authorities and that no money whatsoever would be forthcoming for the foreseeable future.

    Things may be disordered indeed, but this has been going on for some time. I note that, separately, the Wau Holland Foundation had committed to John Young of to produce a financial report for Wikileaks. That never happened. The Foundation subsequently committed to produce one by yearend, i.e. about ten days away. Whether that will happen is anyone’s guess.

    Whether Wikileaks as a concept is good, bad or indifferent, I have to say that it’s approach to Manning’s defense fund, and to its own financial transparency in general, has been extremely disappointing, to say the least.

  28. Sorry: no edit capability here.

    Wau Holland Foundation previously committed to produce the financial report which John Young requested by the end of August of this year.

    If any aspect of the preceding account—which represents my understanding of the Big Picture, as gleaned from reading a variety of sources—is inaccurate, I would very much appreciate any and all corrections. Thanks.

  29. Thanks for that Lefty – I have done some more research; specifically on the the Alan Taylor character who is spamming the facebook site with accusations that imply the money has been ‘stolen’. He’s just a jerk with a hard-on for Assange for some personal reason; if nothing worse.

    Sounds to me like a major (but not unfortunately abnormal) stuff-up compounded by Wikileaks being unable to use anyone else but WAU for a period and WAU being somewhat a somewhat chaotic organisation.

    It could have been done better no doubt, and no doubt Wikileaks will be keen to avoid any grief for Bradley’s defence. There are no doubt also legal considerations at this point about any relationship between Wikileaks and Bradley which may be at work – on both sides.

    From what I’ve seen of Assange in the media he is not the sort of guy who would desert someone in Bradley’s position, and certainly not for money!

    Disappointing yes; but no reason to allow a wedge to be driven between defending Bradley and defending Assange I think – an injury to one is an injury to all when it comes down to it.

    I do know that many of us (both members and -like me- not, of Wikileaks)on the Wikileaks Facebook site have been highlighting the need to urgently donate to Bradley’s defence. I hope this has had some effect at your end.


  30. Lefty – I just went back and re-read this (below):

    1)do you have a source or a reference to a report (a link would be great)for this?

    2)when you say sympathisers do you mean wikileaks sympathisers or just collaborators with the more militarily well armed war criminals currently occupying the territory?

    “When Amnesty International took issue with Wikileaks’ lack of care in releasing the names of Afghan sympathizers, Wikileaks demanded $700,000 to fund a “harm minimization process”, and threatened to issue a press release laying all responsibility on Amnesty International if the documents weren’t redacted because the money hadn’t been paid.”

  31. (I’m not at all sure of the propriety of a foundation which is reporting handling sums in the millions on behalf of Wikileaks being “chaotic”. The people who made contributions—especially those who made a contribution to Wikileaks in the anticipation that it would be helping Bradley Manning—clearly deserve much better transparency into what’s happened to their donations. As noted, not a shred of information about what’s come in, and where it’s gone, has been forthcoming the the Wau Holland Foundation, in spite of repeated requests. At what point does it pass from “Gee, they’re disorganized!” to “What the heck are they trying to pull?”…? I’m personally past that point, myself. There’ve just been too many oddities around the money. An organization dedicated to truth and transparency need to be truthful and transparent itself. The history I related—to which no one has yet offered corrections—seems to throw that into pretty questionable territory…)

  32. Lefty,
    I agree that WAU is being anything but transparent – I have no idea who they are and what their relationship is to Wikileaks, who clearly stuffed up stuffed up by depending on them.

    The governments strategy is to coerce Bradley Manning into testifying aginst Assange. Don’t you think it might behoove us all to wait till we find out exactly what has happened before rushing to judgement that Wikileaks is responsible for all this.

    The article re the Amnesty International stuff is just more character assassination from an obvious right wing jerk. Unfortunately your twitter link doesn’t link anymore but I’ll take your word for it.

    As for what happens to anyone collborating with the occupation forces – why would anyone give a stuff what happens to them.

  33. Jeff, all I’ve really done is lay out the facts as I understand them. I’ve drawn my own conclusions, and you’re free to draw your own. FYI, the Wau Holland Foundation is based in Germany, and named after a now-deceased German hacker. They have a small endowment, and—up until becoming associated with Wikileaks—gave out funds for various projects amounting to a grand total of under $5000 annually.

    Suddenly—at least for a while—they became a conduit for much larger amounts of money destined for Wikileaks. Datacell, one of the merchant account providers, said that at the time they were effectively cut off by Visa and MasterCard, they were handing “seven figures a week” on behalf of Wau Holland and Wikileaks.

    I simply want to know where all the money’s gone. A web site like Wikileaks can’t be costing them millions to keep up. That their apparently questionable money-handling is affecting Bradley Manning’s defense is a shame, no question. I’m trying to understand where the shame lies, and I’m not finding evidence of government conspiracies to keep Wikileaks’ money away from them. Both Post Finance, which closed Wikileaks’ account (for fraudulent information on the original application) and PayPal, which closed Wikileaks’ account on grounds of terms of service violations, have stated that they would forward the funds in question wherever Wikileaks wanted, as soon as someone contacted them. It seems reasonable to assume that Wikileaks took care of that…

    Anyway, this has gotten somewhat off-topic for here. It’s too bad that a promise got broken, repeatedly. And it’s too bad that a lot of people contributed money in the belief that it was going to be used for a specific purpose, and that their belief in that was apparently unfounded.

  34. Lefty – I can but agree with you that it is a shame. Thanks you for a civil conversation about it – getting harder to have as the pressure on all concerned ratchets up as the stakes get higher. I’ll try and keep across information as it comes out and will cross-post here.
    Jeff :-)

  35. It’s time to remember some wise words, “War is Hell.” Mr Manning knew this intellectually, before joining the service. Now it’s more than a quote . Manning should not be in prison, he should also not be surprised. None of us should be. All of us should be aware we are the one’s paying for and making possible War and the imprisonment of those who resist. We pay,making us the customers .You can’t have a wart without innocents becoming casualties. IfEvery discussion in every forum or news show and every sportscast using war metaphors would remember this, war may no longer be so acceptable. Could be your brother, sister son, daughter, father, mother.

  36. With the persecution and prosecution of Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, the Pentagon and the Department of State are starting the largest anti-American campaign in US history. If this goes on, the US will soon be the most hated country in the world.

  37. With the persecution and prosecution of Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, the Obama regime using the Pentagon and the Department of State are starting the largest anti-American campaign in US history. If this goes on, the US will soon be the most hated country in the world.

    The US was loved so much under Bush. Now the world will hate America thanks to Obama, Hillary and the American left. Thanks Democrats!

  38. Rivera spewed: “The US was loved so much under Bush.”

    Surely you jest, else you are very arrogant, and ignorant. You remind me of the “good” Germans who praised Hitler, or the “good” Russians who live today, yearning for the times of Stalin. It was under the evil watch of GW Bush, that this nation was ruined, and struck terror in the heart of all other nations. Obama’s wrong-doing doesn’t even come /close/ to Dubya’s unforgivable wickedness and destruction of our civil rights. You, Rivera, are like so many right-wing arseholes who scapegoat all your sins on progressives and other decent souls. You are foul, to put it politely.

  39. I have always been anti American interference, which has plagued our world from the beginning, who made the USA GOD, they certainly think they are the gods of this world. I love Obama he is the only good thing in the USA at the moment. ALL the evils are the BUSH and Republicans responsibility, that Mr Obama inherited. I dont know how he can fix such corrupted evil that is inbred into USA politics. I have been calling the USA, “the evil empire” for 20 yrs, its about time everyone else caught up and realised that they really are the only danger to us, everything else is carefully fed to us through the most evil MEDIA in the world, MURDOCH, the besty of BUSH and SARAH PALIN, and any other red-neck. The masters of lies and propaganda. My original opinion of Wikileaks has changed, I can now see that the release of these documents are vital for us to finally see the truth about how EVIL the USA is.

  40. I was shocked to learn Wikileaks had only come up with $15,000 for Mr Manning’s defence. I am a lawyer in London and I can tell you that Julian Assange (unless he is getting a reduced rate or free services) would have spent much more than that already on getting a defence from his very capable but very expensive lawyer Mr Mark Stephens who could easily cost US $750 an hour. And Mr Assange is living in an English country estate while Mr Bradley is in prison. And Mr Assange is in trouble for very different offences. While I support Wikileaks and genuine whistle blowers the full credit for bravery and sacrifice must always go to the Whistle blower, not the publisher. I for one will not donate one cent to Wikileaks until I hear they have paid all Mr Manning’s defence. I will support Mr Manning though. Last thing – like Mr Assange I have an Australian passport so I am very surprised he is not standing fully by the young soldier who made him famous. He would be just a nothing with a penchant for playing around if it was not for Bradley and the men and women like him.

  41. Peter Taylor exclaimed: “I was shocked to learn Wikileaks had only come up with $15,000 for Mr Manning’s defence.”

    Mr. Taylor, if you had educated yourself as to the extreme mistreatment of gay people in Amerika and in many other nations, you would not be surprised in the least. I am so tired of all this ignorance–some of which I’m sure is feigned–by liberal heteros, as to how badly homosexuals are regarded, especially when it comes to criminal accusations.

    Now, roll up your sleeves and do something about it…for a change. And don’t tell me you didn’t realize Bradley is gay.

  42. It turns out now as well that some people who are claiming to be ex-Wikileakers(courtesy a certain Mr Alan Taylor in London who’s been trolling Wikileaks Facebook discussions)are now claiming responsibility for getting the German Government to force an audit of the WAU foundation which meant they have been unable to process funds to anybody.

    I know nothing about the WAU foundation and it may be awful as some claim – or not; I do know this was a ratbag thing to do in the middle of an international campaign to cripple Wikileaks financially.

    These people worked overtime as well to try and divide the defence of Manning and the defence of Assange. NEITHER of them should have spent a minute in prison: an injury to one is an injury to all ! Here’s AU$100 just to spite them.


  43. Just a little further to this attempt (above) to cause friction by pointing to Mr Assange’s conditions of house arrest and money.

    This amount of $15,100 is a very specific amount and is presumably the “solicited” funds. The international financial campaign against Wikileaks has been (unfortunately) very successful and they have stated openly that they are haemorraging money.

    So far Assange has been to court 3 times. Bradley’s legal defence has barely begun. This is a long haul fight for everyone concerned and the US government is openly trying to split Manning’s defence campaign to help their attempts to break him to use against Assange – it is further proof of his heroism (if that were necessary) that he hasn’t done so. Nobody else should be doing so either.

    Assange is reluctantly writing a book to fund his own defence. When Wikileaks has funds again and when it can be done **without jeopardising Bradley’s defence** !!! I have no doubt they’ll be there.

    As for the snide puritanical smear about ‘a nobody with a penchant for playing around’ that’s just buying into one more government dirty tricks campaign and is beneath contempt.

  44. Obama is a Republican in drag!

    Everything he stood for, he now bends over to. It’s ‘Business as Usual’(war!), just as if Bush was still in the WH. All this because the ultimate reality is THE MILITARY IS IN CHARGE (has been/always will be!)

    The war has been escalated once again (we are being told again and again that, as they are now so close to a final resolution, an additional 10,000 troops will suffice to finish ‘the job’) This charade will last until the invasion of Iran, which is next on the list of threats to their ‘US National Security’.

    Guantanamo is frozen. Manning (and so many others) still being detained without a trial (military law!). Bankers are pocketing multi-millions while the economy is tanking through their misdeeds. Not to forget the ever increasing military budget. And half of America is frothing at the mouth wanting to kill Assange – Manning will do in his absence.

    In America’s zeal for total control of the world, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as a national credo has been lost forever in favour of the pursuit of money under the guise of Vital National Interests, which is so much more rewarding for the ruling class and the multi-nationals.

    America is sicker than ever, and is contaminating the whole world with its godly two-faced pus.

    By investing in the future of Assange and Manning I’m hoping their courage and examples will bear the sweet fruits of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS for everyone all around the globe.

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