Collateral Murder

The “Collateral Murder” videos as released by WikiLeaks and allegedly leaked by Bradley Manning:

Short version

Full version

25 thoughts on “Collateral Murder

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  2. Pingback: Help Bradley Manning website launches

  3. What this is called is public involvement. The press is nothing more then Pravda state run and official news – no better then communist tyranny. The US military knows full well that if people new what they were doing and why they would lose support like they did in Vietnam. The actions – national security – state security. These are the words of tyrants always have been.

    The supposed do gooder was worried about his own ass and maybe he could gain some leverage over his other activities. Snitch, Cooley. The reality is that there is an information black out in the states and the world on the events of the wars. The history is being written by talking heads and actual CIA guys …the men on the ground well only have lies to turn to in history. If they speak up they well be called Un- American that is tyrants words to – only dictatorships use this language – so welcome to the Third Reich. Manning left us real history – real truth so glimpse at reality like those knowing the butcher at the battle of Wounded Knee when the Indian unarmed, mostly women and children were gunned down – and the military gave out medals for bravery.

  4. What a hero! Spread the word about AMERICAN HERO Bradley Manning!

    I hope he knows that he is SERVING HIS NATION by the actions he took.

  5. Sorry bleeding hearts, its called war for a reason. If Manning disobeyed orders he needs to be court martialed and booted out of the armed services. I saw armed thugs with AK 47′s and an RPG rocket launcher. The reporters were in a war zone and know the risks. Terrorist scum use innocenst as shields all the time. Wake the fuck up.

    • Man o man, Sharpshooter… I’ve met dickheads in the past. However you top them all … FYI, it is an ILLEGAL war… We invaded a sovereign country. The only reason we’re there is to serve the Ruling Elite and secure natural resources (it automatically becomes U.S. interests… oink, oink!) for future obscene profits while we, the taxpayers are footing the bill. Time for you to get out of your disgusting bubble!

      • Pierre is absolutely correct – it’s always been about Imperialism and controlling the resources in the world. However, I am bewildered as to why technology gives us the ability to see a license plate number from great distances yet the helicopter crew could not decipher an RPG from a camera!?! Clearly, there was an RPG pointed at the craft, clearly there were a couple of AK-47s or whatever and clearly there were men that were not armed. If I was in that situation, the RPG and the men with AKs would been ‘legitimate’ targets (kill or be killed) I was in the service (big mistake) and that is what soldiers are taught. When the crew got “trigger happy” ,I believe they crossed the line.

  6. @sharpshooter: Well, if that’s what helps you get through your daily murders, so be it. Meanwhile, your commentary isn’t welcome here.

  7. America has very few heroes-Bradley Manningis is one of the very few.How about we name a large cargo ship after him along with USS Liberty logo and sail it to GAZA. You can count me as a sharp shooter. One shot all it takes }}}sreal
    Know the term Ashkenazism. Our government is infested with this cult.
    Cheers and hopefully see you on the “USS Liberty Bradley Manning Aid Ship” Fact,Israel did Sept 11 2001 attacks.

  8. Sorry for the last partial message…fat fingers. Bradley you are a hero and I will try in any way I can to support you. Stay strong and believe what you is so so correct and courageous. The world needs to know what we do…especially the american people…who pay for these wars. Stay strong.

  9. Bradley you are a hero. The helicopter gunship clips showed what our leaders are really like. I hope all info you may have releasee is published,and let the chips fall as they may.

  10. Bradley,

    Stand strong. It took real intelligence, courage, and caring to provide copies of the 2007 video tapes and the same is also true about the diplomatic State Department cables, if you really did provide these things to Wikileaks.

    If you did those things, then you clearly are a person of true [honor] and courage, and I think that these qualities will definitely help you get through the difficulties you’re presently going through and, I suppose, will be going through for some time.

    I salute you, Sir!

  11. Quote: “mlb says:
    14 June 2010 at 12:09 am

    “The highest law is conscience” – Victor Hugo, “Les Miserables””

    Amen to that!

  12. I’m saluting to this humanism and brave man. Mr. Manning served his country. He told everyone the truth.

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    • I’d like to be able to help with funding Wikileaks, but am third-world North American; being fortunate to be able to eat three weeks each month. So means of helping others financially are lacking.

      Bradley Manning followed his [conscience] and took a courageous step, one the whole world needs to be thankful for; truly thankful.

  13. Bradley is an old friend of myne from the days he lived in wales (uk). I just want to show my support the lad. He was always someone who looked at the big picture and never put himself before anyone. GO BRADDERS! Power to the People!

  14. Hang in there Brad. You’re only 22 and one day this will all be over, then you got the rest of your life to figure out. Think about that while the lawyers do their job and help you. Hang in there.

    Ring Ring!

    ccwfilms dot com

  15. What I saw was a tragic thing, not a war crime though. I saw an AK 47 and an RPG. I am saddened innocents were killed, but this was not a war crime.

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