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10 Ways You Can Help Save Bradley Manning

2010-08-18 8 comments

I’m just one person, what can I do to help save Bradley Manning?

Our network is made up of people as well as organizations. Even if you are all on your own, there are many ways you can reach out in your community and beyond. Here are 10 ways people can get involved. Have other ideas? Leave them in the comments!

  1. Write a letter to your representatives. Send a letter to your representatives in Congress and the President expressing your support for Bradley Manning and calling for his release.
  2. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Explain that you and thousands of others believe that the Collateral Murder video belongs in the public domain and should never have been classified. If Bradley Manning did release that video, he was exposing war crimes and the charges against him should be dropped. You may be able to find your local newspapers’ contact information here.
  3. Reach out to activist, government transparency, media reform and peace organizations in your community. Many of these organizations are already concerned about Bradley Manning. Ask them to pass resolutions in support for Bradley Manning and calling for his immediate release, and to let us know by emailing press at bradleymanning dot org.
  4. Link to bradleymanning.org. Put links on websites, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, blogs or anywhere else. In your own words, explain what we’re trying to do and why you think it’s important for everyone to stand up for Bradley Manning.
  5. Organize a rally. The Bradley Manning Support Network is calling for individuals and activists internationally to organize rallies in defense of Bradley Manning on the weekend of September 18th. An effective rally needs just a few things: 1) A camera. Send the photos to press at bradleymanning dot org and we’ll get them on our website. 2) A few posters. Specifically state that you support Bradley Manning and call for his release.  3) Some people. Whether you are 3 people or 30,000, all that matters is that people know and care. If you rally on the weekend of September 18th, you’ll be joining thousands of other groups internationally showing their support for Bradley Manning. Let us know about your rally before it happens and we’ll promote it on our website. Email your announcement to press at bradleymanning dot org.
  6. Volunteer. Your skills can make a difference. We need people writing articles, soliciting organizations for support, making YouTube videos, creating posters and working on our campaign. Visit bradleymanning.org/stay-in-touch/ to learn more.
  7. Donate. The Bradley Manning defense fund, hosted by Courage to Resist, will be instrumental in this case. Every donation – even just $10 – can make a difference. Please visit www.couragetoresist.org/bradley or write a check to “Courage to Resist” and mail it to Courage to Resist, 484 Lake Park Ave #41, Oakland CA 94610. Make sure to note “Bradley Manning Defense” on the memo line.
  8. Hold a whistleblower houseparty. Everyone likes to party, but why not use a gathering of friends as a way to spread awareness about Bradley Manning?  Hand out whistles as party favors and collect donations for the Bradley Manning defense fund.
  9. Organize a public viewing of the Collateral Murder video. You can find local theaters, coffee shops, art spaces or even private homes that might let you screen the video. Announce it on the Internet and in community calendars.
  10. Talk to your friends and family. Many people still don’t know about Bradley Manning’s imprisonment. Others haven’t seen the Collateral Murder video. Show them the video, tell them about Bradley Manning and tell them why you believe in the campaign. Then ask them to join us.

Together, we can make a difference.



  • wage andersson

    As miljons of people I am dismayed that when the truth is said it is a a disrarrenment to the US gov.

    2010-08-19 17:48
  • Wer will den Showdown? – USA sollen einzelne Länder in Europa um Mithilfe bei der Ergreifung von Assange gebeten haben. Assange half, Kriegsverbrechen der USA ans Tageslicht zu holen. (mit UPDATE zum Gerücht vom 12.8.2010) « wikinews030.

    [...] (im Link w.u. nur ein kleines Beispiel einer sehr frühen Protestveranstaltung von vielen) – Support-Seitendirektlinks – undundund. Der Konkressclown hat unversehends zum Anstoß einer Bewegung beigetragen. [...]

    2010-08-19 18:59
  • William Swenson

    How about petitioning the government to create a special medal to be awarded to persons displaying acts of conscience such as Bradley Manning has. May be it could be called the “soft-heart” as opposed to the “purple-heart.”

    2010-08-20 20:37
  • William Swenson

    I would like to add to my comment above as opposed to the “hard-heart” in the biblical sense.

    2010-08-20 21:47
  • 10 Ways You Can Help Save Bradley Manning - suijurisclub.net

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    2010-08-21 11:51
  • Jonnikhan

    I wish I had had the same support when I blew the whistle on Northrop in 1986 on the fraud that is the MX ICBM “Peacekeeper” missile, and other military programs like the B-1B and B-2. Myself, along with another employee, filed suit under the False Claims Act against Northrop Corporation on behalf of the US Government and People of the United States of America. There is a clause in the False Claims Act that allows the Government to take over the case from the original plaintiffs. There is a supposed guarantee of a division of any moneys derived from litigation on a percentage basis – an incentive for the greedy.

    I did not blow the whistle on Northrop to make a mint, but my co-plaintiff did and that is what destroyed the entire case after three years of fluffy litigation. The US Government, that pillar of virtue, bought off my co-plaintiff and our lawyers; but not before trying every other trick in the book including surveillance, wire tapping, and the occasional raid – once caught on TV’s channel four and seven (the FBI, OSI, and the DCIS took part in the raid without a proper search warrant and tore the residence up for nothing and the press recorded the whole raid from the doorway as the “authorities” wouldn’t let them in the house). The “authorities” even brought along their own copying machine and photocopied every document they confiscated – including the Ship Status Data Form for a Star Trek based board game. They also confiscated a tray of electronic watch components that were part of a hobby – as possible electronic components of military hardware involved in our litigation. With brand names like Timex clearly imprinted on the watch sub-straights (commonly called a motherboard in computers), it makes one wonder exactly what the agents were looking for.

    I was still working at Northrop, although in a highly restricted fashion as everyone there knew who I was (ever work in an environment where the majority of your co-workers and past friends, drinking buddies, etc, want you dead?), when it became apparent that the US Government was actively assisting Northrop in a massive cover-up. So I documented it while I had the chance.

    I see the same behavior almost every day, actually more pronounced now than in my time, against truth-sayers (whistleblowers). I do not consider myself a hero at all. I am not. I did what I thought would be best for the country as a whole by telling the truth to Power, under the false assumption that Power actually served anything other than itself. Hey, I was younger then. Naive, so to speak.

    No good deed goes unpunished and I have suffered ever since, as I’m sure Mr. Bradley Manning will – God bless him. Chin up, old chap! I know how you feel, too, except I made sure they could and would never incarcerate me. I expected there would be outrage from the general citizenry when they learned that the MX missile system was a lemon and a smoke screen for a much more insidious weapon (space based), using the missile as nothing more than a launch platform during the eighteen so-called “test” flights. Ah, but everyone was asleep. I even went on a CNN morning show called “Sonya, Live in L.A.” in downtown L.A. and named names when I was expressly told not to by the producer. Sonya was a bitch, by the way, and tried her best to shut me up. The “live” transmission had a three second delay so they could edit whatever it was you said, but I managed to succeed in naming the Big Players in the Northrop fraud case, including good ol’ Ronnie Raygun. Mr. Manning should have listened to me when I warned the world on Sonya Live! that when you blow the whistle on behalf of the People (forget the government as they do not represent us), you are walking on a mine field.

    That so-called “journalist” who turned in Mr. Manning (hoping for some kind of reward from his masters, I’m sure) should be taken to account for betraying the People’s best interest; ie; the truth about the War. Mr. Manning is a true hero, albeit a bit naive like I was at his age. Welcome to reality, Mr. Manning.

    2010-08-22 09:43
  • Duane

    The US Government and Military want the freedom to do whatever they want to do at will, to kill at will , cover up at will, run the US population like sheep at will, and control, control, and control. This machine gun slaughter from the helicopter is merely one more act of countless acts of wrong doing ordered and approved by persons with the moral sense of goats. This Private should be honored for his courage in exposing sheer evil. Every day in every way the overall systems of the US get a little bit worse, a little bit worse.

    2010-08-28 03:36
  • Vic Anderson

    Bradley is The HERO for Manning the Barackades and ensuring Obummer’s PROMISE of transparency Was KEPT (and the Only ONE!). Barry’s The coward.

    2010-08-28 09:54

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