Bradley Manning verdict: Judge Lind’s special findings


Manning verdict special findings


4 thoughts on “Bradley Manning verdict: Judge Lind’s special findings

  1. The new USSA takes on its true role. The 21st Century Nazi party, complete with its own Stasi – The NSA, and death squads of the CIA! American Slaves, you will do as your Lords And Masters tell you, or you too will be Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden. You Suckers!

  2. Her definition on “intelligence” and “enemy” are pretty interesting. I think under her definition, US military should ban basically all the main newspapers. I cannot even finish the first page since I feel my intelligence was seriously insulted by reading it.

    Still cannot believe the system allow people like that to be a judge.

  3. Wading through this stuff, it’s hard (well, I found it impossible) to detect anything about the serious harm that Bradley is supposed to have committed. All I can find is that “the conduct of PFC Manning was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces,” that “disclosure of the material would be potentially damaging to the United States,” and that (this is the biggy!!!) he “seriously and substantially interfered with the United States government’s property rights.”

    Wow, what a master criminal! And for this he could be locked up for 90 years? Are they idiots or are they idiots?

    Actually, the people who really brought “discredit upon the armed forces” are the swine who conducted that helicopter gunship killing in Iraq. No sign that they will be brought before a military court, which just exposes the utter hypocrisy of this persecution of Bradley Manning!

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