Take action for Bradley on July 27, 2013

Pride contingent at CapPride13, Washington DC

International call to action July 27, 2013!

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. June 27, 2013.

Please join us in what will likely be the last internationally coordinated show of support for Bradley before military judge Col. Denise Lind reads her final verdict–which we expect some time in August.

On July 26 there will be a rally for Bradley Manning in Washington, DC in front of Maj. General Buchanan’s office. Buchanan is the new convening authority in the trial and he has the power to reduce any possible sentence given to Bradley should he be found guilty. 

The July 27 ”International Day of Action” coincides with the anticipated sentencing phase of Bradley’s trial. The outcome of that phase of the trial will result in Bradley receiving any outcome from time served to life in prison.

View list of solidarity events around the world.

July 26th

Washington, DC. Protest in front of Maj. Gen. Buchanan’s office

July 27th

Berkeley, CA Join CODEPINK Women for Peace to say “Free Bradley”
Boston, MA. Solidarity with Bradley Manning Stand Out
Charlotesville, VA Bradley Manning Awareness Rally
Chicago, IL Free Bradley Manning
Dallas, TX Bradley Manning Dallas Solidarity Action
Detroit, MI Bradley Manning Solidarity Rally
Fort Leavenworth, KS Ft. Leavenworth July 27th Solidarity Rally 
Horsham, PA. Support gay whistle-blower Bradley Manning
Helena, MT. Justice for Bradley Manning
Lansing, MI. Solidarity Rally
Los Angeles, CA. Solidarity Rally
Minneapolis, MN  July 27th Solidarity Rally for Bradley Manning
New Orleans, LA Free Bradley Manning (French Market)
Oklahoma City, OK Rally and Vigil to Honor Truth-teller Bradley Manning
New York, NY #FreeBrad Support Event in Central Park
Phoenix, AZ Phoenix rally to stand with Bradley Manning
Portland, ME. Support Bradley Manning Rally
Salt Lake City Honk & Wave for Peace: Support Bradley Manning
San Francisco Many events in the Bay area! Connect on Facebook!
Seattle, WA  Take action for Bradley
San Francisco Free Bradley Manning Flash Mob
St. Louis, MO

Bradley Manning Support Rally

Tampa Bay, FL Flashmobs for Bradley!
Berlin, Germany. #PRISM #TEMPORA #INDECT Solidarität mit Edward #Snowden Bradley #Manning #freebrad #wikileaks
Brussels, Belgium. March for Bradley Manning
Paris, France Anti-War Vigil for Bradley Manning
The Hague, Netherlands March for Bradley Manning
Toronto, ON. Toronto Believes in Bradley Manning and Peace!
Vancouver, BC. Rally and banner drop. (pdf poster)
Haverfordwest, UK. Join us in Wales to stand in solidarity with Bradley! 
London, UK. Peaceful vigil in front of the Amnesty International Secretariat office
London, UK. International Day of Action for Bradley 
London, UK. Vigil at St Martin in the Fields, London
Peterborough, UK Standout in Solidarity
Rome, Italy Bradley Manning Solidarity Action
Seoul, South Korea 1 person protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Seoul
Perth, Australia. Education and Awareness-Whistleblowers 

Register your event here! 

The end of July also marks the third anniversary of the release of the Afghan War Diary which revealed the realities of pain and abuse suffered by many thousands in Afghanistan.

A thousand supporters marched on Fort Meade at the start of  Bradley Manning’s trial. Now we are asking supporters to organize events in communities across the globe. Don’t see your event listed?  Consider holding a small vigil, organizing a letter-writing campaign to Maj. Gen. Buchanan’s office, or handing out flyers and collecting petition signatures at a local community event.  You can register your action on our website.

Contact campaign organizer Emma Cape at [email protected] if you are interested in organizing a solidarity event or action in your community. Help us send a message to Judge Lind that millions stand with Bradley!


28 thoughts on “Take action for Bradley on July 27, 2013

  1. All Out On July 27th in a last effort to free Bradley. Keep getting signatures for the petition. Call, e-mail, snail mail the White House and demand a pardon for our heroic Wikileaks whistle-blower-Enough said.

  2. I’m an American expat living in the uk and consider Bradley Manning a national hero . He shouldn’t be on trial, the us government should be on trial for crimes against humanity.

  3. It is disgusting that Bradley Manning has been subjected to all this. He is required by international law to report war crimes. He is a hero for having a conscience. Bradley Manning is not the one who should be on trial. The U.S. government should be on trial for crimes against humanity. Good luck, Bradley.

  4. Here in Los Angeles, vets and volunteers at the Santa Monica Beach operate the Veterans for Peace Los Angeles project called the Arlington West Memorial Santa Monica. We have been supporting Bradley the past three years by making literature available about his situation. These veterans and supporters are now operating a special booth dedicated to making the public aware of Bradley’s case and calling for his release. A banner donated by Out Against War and the LA LGBT Greens is on display all morning and afternoon every Sunday during Bradley’s trial. We freely hand out stickers, buttons, cards, and articles reprinted from the internet which describe Bradley’s situation and inform the public on the serious issues Bradley disclosed facing our nation. Out location faces the Santa Monica Pier which welcomes about 10,000 residents and tourists from all over the world each Sunday. We are about half a dozen blocks away from the Rand Corporation where Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers in the 60s/70s. Our volunteers are engaged in constant public discussion during this time in support of Bradley. More help is needed. Please go the the website http://www.arlingtonwestsantamonica.org for more details about the memorial, and come support VFP-LA efforts to help secure the release of PFC Bradley Manning. Manning was subjected to three years of detention and ten months of torture prior to commencement of his trial. Free Bradley Manning!

  5. I have heard nothing back from you. I am interested in coming down for at least a week to attend Bradley’s trial.

  6. How could this have happened, the U.S. government do a great injustice we have to go out and fight for the rights of Bradley and our rights.
    Thank you.

    • This tactic is not new. Individuals are prosecuted for doing the right thing every day {because it is illegal}. Case in point; a woman is now serving 15 years in jail for firing a warning shot inside of her home because her ex husband was violating a restraining order (a. he has a history of violence toward women and b. he was threatening her. He spent about 3 hours in jail.

      What most people seem to forget, because we have established such a (for now) free and easy nation is that freedom is not free – it comes with a very large pricetag. Manning paid some of that pricetag by exposing older documentation. Others will contribute by joining neighborhood causes or campaigns. Juries will, if they have the courage, stop listening to ‘judicial instructions’ and concentrate on what is actually fair and just rather than the letter of the law (that is why I *love* jury duty). What Freedom really takes is the troublemakers and the mavericks. And yes, the gun-toting bearded fat guys too.

      So, a mini-summary, I love my country but fear my government.

  7. I am proud of Bradley Manning. In no way I will ever say anything negative of a person like him. He is in trial for honoring the true values of a nation of brave and free.

  8. What Bradley Manning had done should be a normal act. It is very sad that this young man is in jail for doing the right thing. People should not have fear of the politicans – the politicans should have fear – standing to the things they do – mostley against the peoples wishes … (sry for my english – i am from austria long time ago learned english :) )
    in the next years it will be over with Demonstrations for our rights, or rights of other countries, only its in form with the states – why do the test the Microwave weapons? so thx God that you can go out on the street for Bradley. i wish that he will be free – not as young man in jail – why arent the killers from one of the videos in jail?

  9. Watching from Australia: Julian ASSANGE, Bradley MANNING, Edward SNOWDEN, Evo MORALES (President of Bolivia), the Government of Ecuador – all these people and institutions represent to us some of the finest people whose courage in the face of bare naked power is inspirational. Can we defeat the Forces of secretive Darkness – Yes we can! We are human beings – HOPE springs eternal in the Schumann Test – right? Right! Sincere best wishes to Bradley M. and his on-the-ground supporters.

  10. Capitalism should be on trial with their prime representatives the CEO’s Obama, Bush,etc. Shooting the messenger will recruit more whistle blowers. End imperialist wars!!!

  11. We are proud of your heroism Bradley Manning. You are an honorable man. The dishonor belongs to those who try to quiet you.
    As long as we have men like you I feel proud to be an American .
    The world is watching. We are on trial Mr. President .

  12. So much evil has been exposed by this courageous human. I hope the military court will drop the charges and let this “hero” back into mainstream life. His treatment has been disgraceful. Shame on you military folks for overstepping your bounds. My father, a retired Navy Commander would be indignant about the treatment Bradly Manning has received.

  13. I was in the air force many years ago and had a ‘confidential’ classification. If my oppertunities at that time had been equivalent to Bradly’s, I and all of my crew would have ‘spilled the beans’ gladly!
    Free Bradly Manning now! Will be there w/you!

  14. Dear Bradley Manning, from Poland we’ll support you. Not jut America, but The World should protect and stand up for people like Bradley.

  15. God is with you Bradley, He will save you from the Wickedness of American Government.
    U don’t deserve Serving our Country with this kind of Policy.

  16. All my thoughts are with you Bradley, from the United Kingdom. If it was possible to fly there, I would have. Hold your head up proud, we are all right behind you!

    The Government needs to take a really good look for what is now, their criminal and oppressive behavior to all.


  17. Today’s event for private first class manning was great.
    The people-few as they were-rain or shine it was happening.
    I believe that pfc manning deserves medals and a life.
    I also believe that the only way to get it is believe in it and
    Yell it off of the rooftops. Most people here in Australia have not even
    Heard of this brave young soldier because of the Murdoch group taking
    Over the media and the media blackouts. This young man deserved more than the
    Nobel peace price….he deserves a life and a chance to live free like each one of us that chooses to ignore these situations blatantly.

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