Write a letter supporting PVT Manning’s request for clemency!

Buchanan, Jeffrey S. - Commander, Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region and the Military District of Washington

Maj. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan

Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Convening Authorities are granted the power to reduce or eliminate a convicted soldier’s sentence.  They use this power when they feel the court martial failed to deliver justice.  As Commanding General of the Military District of Washington, Major General Jeffrey S. Buchanan is the only other individual besides President Obama with the power to ameliorate WikiLeaks whistle-blower PVT Manning’s sentence in the immediate future.

We are now requesting letters from professors, law experts, human rights advocates, politicians, artists, veterans, and concerned citizens urging Maj. Gen. Buchanan to reduce PVT Manning’s sentence.  These letters will be submitted as part of an application for clemency from PVT Manning’s legal defense.  These letters, once completed, should be sent to [email protected]

There are some important guidelines you should follow to ensure we’re able to use your letter:

Courage to Resist, the organization sponsoring the Private Manning Support Network, has successfully convinced Convening Authorities to reduce the sentences of conscientious objectors in the past (see the cases of Travis Bishop and Cliff Cornell).  PVT Manning is unjustly imprisoned because the things she witnessed in the Iraq War compelled her to follow her conscience.  Now, through creating compelling and personal letters, it is time to call upon Maj. Gen. Buchanan to honor his conscience in turn.


74 thoughts on “Write a letter supporting PVT Manning’s request for clemency!

    • Pretty pathetic comment on US “justice” when Chelsea/Bradley gets imprisoned
      for sharing the truth and an over privil
      eged,spoiled yuppie brat gets to go to spa/rehab for KILLING 4 people!!!

  1. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to you as a foreign national who has been generally disturbed by the growth towards government without consent exhibited in the USA since the second world war. Specifically, I am writing about the ‘show-trial’ of a young man who placed his country’s ethical standards before the interests of its government and military – Bradley Manning.

    Bradley Manning showed the American people and the rest of the world what is being done in the name of their countrymen and women by a government that does not dare to work in the light, who enacts policies and laws that are calculated to decrease the democratic process in your country; a country that once held the respect of much of the world as a land where anyone could make a fresh start and make for themselves and their families a decent life.

    President Eisenhower warned America of the extreme dangers of a Military/Industrial Complex growing unchecked and his prediction of such a cancer has come about linked to the other vested interests within your elite. Your treatment of Bradley Manning is a clear indication of the poverty of soul now prevalent in a certain strata of the nation. However, you have the power to redress at least one wrong by commuting Bradley Manning’s sentence.

    I am not hopeful of the reception this letter will receive, but a life without hope is a poor one and I will not live in such a way. It would be to your great credit if you would deal with this young man justly rather than make of him a whipping boy for a regime that most desperately needs reform and a return to the ways of your fathers who wrote the Constitution.

    Yours faithfuly

    • Pvt. Manning is a hero for putting her freedom at risk so that we “the People” should know the truth. She deserves to be commended, not punished. Reducing her sentence to time served would require an act of courage. I hope you agree and set her free.

      • When you think about it you notice that this democracy is all about lies, about having sheep’s watching TV and forgetting about themselves. Wakeup American people!! Get out of the dream!!

  2. With many, specially people whose native language is not English (including US citizens like myself), it is much easier if a letter could be written that they could sign.
    I may be wrong but I think you may get many more people to positively respond, if you come up with a letter as such (that people can simply sign and forward).

    Best wishes.

    • A suggested message: “Pvt. Manning has been punished enough for violating military regulations in the course of being true to his conscience. I urge you to use your authority as Convening Authority to reduce Pvt. Manning’s sentence to time served.”

      • Dear Sir,

        I subscribe, word by word, Mr. Warwick’s arguments. You have no ideia how the Manning/Snowden cases are undermnining the image and prestige of the US in Europe and around the world, as well as legal torture, Guantánamo, Abu Grahib, etc. In the future, private Manning will be looked as one who had the courage to go against the tide and put his life at risk, at the same level than those, very few, who dared to denounce the crimes of Nazism, Stalinism, Maoism and several forms of facism – even in your “backyard”. Those who keep him in jail will be harshly judged, and forgotten. This is alaways the destiny of those whose only defense is that they are just “obeying rules” – remember Nuremberg? -and refuse to see the injustices and sufferings that surround them.

        A foreign friend of America

    • I agree you will have much more success if the letter to be sent it’s already written and the thing to do is for the rest of us to sign it to make sure that Chelsea Manning attains the freedom that she deserves as soon as possible

    • I wrote a letter and just sent it to ‘emma’. It was more trouble than most people expend, but it probably has more impact. I’ve signed a dozen petitions, but I’m hoping this campaign has more force.

  3. We Urgently Need 100, 000 Signatures By September 20, 2013 -Sign The On-Line Petition-President Obama Pardon Private Manning – Free Private Manning- The Heroic Whistle-Blower Now!

    The Fight For Private Manning’s Freedom Continues…

    The draconian 35 years sentence handed down by a military judge on August 21, 2013 marked a new focus on the campaign to free Private Manning. The central theme of the new campaign is –“President Obama Pardon Bradley Manning.” An immediate task is to begin organizing around the call started by Amnesty International and the Private Manning Support Network on August 20, 2013 to sign an on-line petition directed to the President. The goal is to get 100,000 on-line signatures by September 20, 2013 to make our case loud and clear. Join many thousands of fellow citizens and supporters around the world to say loudly and clearly-President Obama Pardon Private Manning

    Below is the link to the Amnesty International/Private Manning Support Network to sign the on-line petition before the White House- imposed September 20, 2013 deadline. Thank you


  4. Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning had a duty to report to the American public – and the World’s public at large – of incidents and policies that were being carried out in the name of the people but which are a violation of human and humane conscience and decent behaviour by any measure, and now she is being brutally punished for it. Not only was she tortured by American military authorities while being held captive by them, she has now been burdened with an onerous sentence designed not to impose justice, but one which reflects a hatred for truth and justice within the American military and of its innate misogynistic bigotry towards Ms. Manning’s transgendered status.

    Neil H.
    Whitby, Ont.

  5. Private Manning is indeed a hero for having the courage to tell the truth and should be released ASAP. There is no real damage to national security because of his actions.Whistleblowers contribute to the national security by providing checks and balances to power and are the cornerstone of our constitution.Please reconsider this grave mistake and pardon Private Manning.

  6. Please ask yourself what should we do as United States citizens when our military has gone too far in times of ‘war’. Are we to idly stand by as crimes against humanity are being perpetrated by our Govt? Please show some decency when sentencing private manning, thank you.

  7. La guerra es el invento inhumano de la sin razon,el limite de lo racional hasta el horror, puede un hombre ser condenado por no resistir y rebelarse ante el horror,puede ser condenado por codigos de justicia militar que en su alma no se entienden,porque su objecion de conciencia le dicta un fin a esto, puede ser sacrificado como simbolo de la ciega obediencia y despues enterrado en un agujero para negarle su vida,habiendo demostrado humanismo y consideracion con el resto de sus semejantes,lo cual la guerra no permite y no acepta,puede ser crucificado ante el mundo indolentemente,habiendo expresado las verdades que como pueblo EEUU , merecia saber y el mundo tambien, si castigamos la conciencia solo queda la inconciencia,si condenamos el asombre y la intolerancia ante lo inhumano,estamos como sociedad haciendo que el humano no importe, hoy ellos y despues nosotros,creo que presidente Obama, podria conmutar su pena a solo 2 años cumplidos,seria un gesto que engrandeceria la imagen de EEUU ante el mundo y ante el amor a la verdad de su propio pueblo,creo que este gesto veria a EEUU como un pais mas centrado en los derechos humanos que las armas, bradley manning, merece su libertad,por ser humano en su conciencia y no es culpa de el los hechos que lo llevaron al limite de si,incluso es culpa de quienes lo contrataron sin un analisis medico sicologico para saber su capacidad de tolerancia a los hechos que habria de ver y sufrir despues.

  8. Reduction from what? She committed no crime & is a true patriot! I will write, but anything less than a full pardon is unacceptable!!!

  9. Has this request been sent “directly” to professors, law experts, human rights advocates, politicians, artists who have shown support for Manning in the past? I’m just curious. Thanks.

    • Nathan and other campaign staff members are working on doing just that. However, we need your help in reaching out far and wide as well.

  10. Dear Sir,
    This young person deserves to live a normal life. If she made a mistake she should do community service, but not 30 years in prison, she has not killed anyone or committed a crime. Divulging information such as international espionage should not be a crime, the USA should respect people’s privacy. I stand supportive of Chelsea Manning’d immediate release. Thank you, Elsa

  11. One of your “important guidelines” recommends, “The letter should NOT be anti-military and/or anti-Buchanan, as this will be unlikely to help.”

    Two bullet points later, you link to an example letter, written by Jeff Paterson of Courage to Resist and the Pvt. Manning Support Network. Addressed to MDW’s commanding general, that letter charges in its final paragraph that “prosecutors were allowed to trample on Pvt. Manning’s rights.”

    That accusation is BOTH anti-military AND anti-Buchanan, since the alleged Army prosecutorial abuses happened in part on Maj. Gen. Buchanan’s watch.

    Please explain how that is helpful to achieving clemency for Pvt. Manning. You might try following your own advice.

  12. This government of non-consent is intolerable. Some say it’s about the direction our country since WWII. WWII was where the foothold was gained, where the Americans implemented Op. Paperclip. This operation was about how we can become the biggest and baddest. In hiring Germany’s dirtiest scientists, we’ve become the new Hitlarian society. Basically we beat Germany, by becoming that which we were allegedly fighting against.
    Free Chelsea Manning. Your decision has been made for you! The people have spoken. Go against the people and there will be consequences. Nazi America’s time has come and GONE. We are fed up with dictators and fascists attempting to continually hijack our democracy, only to make a mockery of it!

  13. Our military is a business unfortunately. So they have become a scourge on our nation, by attracting racists, lovers of violence, and other dysfunctional, disturbed, violent individuals.
    Big businesses are ruthless, and will trample over anything to maintain growth and stability….Even if it is done on top of American corpses. Stop the military industrial complex. Full PARDON for CHELSEA Manning, Immediately.

  14. Greetings General Buchanan,
    Back when the Mai Lai incident happened. A soldier by the name of Jack something is the kid who realized something had gone wrong…he reported his findings and, the rest is history…Except Jack was incarcerated for “reporting” and eventually freed much earlier than the sentence he was given. I think Bradley Manning is the same kind of soldier as Jack.
    The US military has its legal precedent and now it is time to free Bradley Manning.
    Sir, I am ‘no one’. Just like so many other millions of people in this country, taxes are taken from my income first, to support military operations. Also, I am a Mom and a human being. It’s time to let our troops come home from Ft. Leavenworth, the mid-East et al.
    Our kids, our active military, aren’t supporting our borders, they’ve become lackeys to invade other nation states, harm millions of innocent civilians, all so people like cheney can have a pipeline and make gazillions in profit, at the expense of our GOOD Service Men & Women identified with serving our country and establishing a grub steak in life. Research the decision Lind released, there is a back door option where the military won’t lose face and Manning can be freed. The costs, which are paid with my tax dollars, to continue to incarcerate Manning are a waste of hard earned dollars.
    We are ALL children of Abraham. I watch govt leaders in D.C. eliminate little budgets like the SNAP program, which many service members use to feed their families with food stamps b/c their wage is so low while they serve our country, I look at how much it costs to incarcerate Manning and I think we’ve gone astray from the core mission of what America’s purpose of a military was designed for.
    Free Bradley Manning and let’s begin moving on to a better less violent world!
    Heidi Lucken

  15. Shame on you Mr.President. Is this is the lesson of which your administration wishes to give to the people of this country? That the USA is a country in which criminals can get away with it, while witnesses need to keep their mouths shut??? Is this is what you reduced this country to be???

  16. Some day long in our future, people will question our sanity and ethics as a society, and wonder how was it possible that we (the Americans) let Chelsea Manning be mentally tortured, incarcerated and convicted of many crimes against our nation, where she should had been heralded as a heroine. Shame on us if we don’t right this wrong.

  17. Dear General Buchanan,
    I am one of the thousands of people who signed up to serve a portion of the unjust and illegal 35 year sentence which has been perpetrated on Pvt Manning.
    Where do I report to begin my year of incarcerated sentence?
    A Tax Paying American Mother tired of illegal War!

  18. Major General Jeffrey S. Buchanan—Commanding General of the Military District
    of Washington

    Dear Sir:

    During the Vietnam War, I served as medic at Kimbrough Army Hospital

    until 11Mar65. I had learned enough as a Pre-med at Michigan State

    University(B.S. 1961) to question the wisdom of getting involved in that War!

    Nevertheless, I have the utmost respect for the young and innocent military who

    do their very best, despite difficult circumstances to honorably defend the


    But, when I saw the film footage of the helicopter gunship shooting down on

    unsuspecting Iraqi’s out in the wide open, I was outraged.

    I believe, that it is a soldier’s duty to report a war crime. It is a question of

    honor and a duty. I believe that Bradley Manning did his duty.

    Please, reduce Pvt. Bradley Manning’s sentence.

    Your utmost consideration will be most appreciated.

    Pfc.(fmr) Kent l. Howland-M.A., University of Md.
    History Teacher 1967-97.


    As a pre-med, I had learned a great deal from foreign students at Michigan State

  19. Bradley Manning is the 1% of the population able to completely set aside his personal safety for what is right. That is a hero. Please do whatever you can to reduce his sentence.
    Thank you.

  20. Dear Support Pvt. Manning Support Group,

    I am so grateful to each and every one of you for taking up the banner and doing the very hard work behind the scenes in order to get the word out, solicit more replies, and fight the good fight for freedom for a prisoner of conscience. I want to applaud your dedication in response to your own consciences, and appreciate the sacrifice on behalf of Chelsea Manning, and all of those who agree with you and of course her, but aren’t able, for whatever reasons, to do the work that you’re doing. It’s so difficult to work on an issue that may or may not have a positive resolution–and you’re giving it your all. You deserve a great deal of thanks.

    With respect and gratitude, Namaste. Yours Sincerely, Pamela Wilson.

  21. I feel that Mr. Manning had the very best interests of the United States People at the forefront of his interests. In my opinion, The United States People have spent too much time jumping from one lie, after another to watch this soul go to waste in prison when all that was presented by Mr. Manning was a real time truth of facts. Ethics & Integrity were lost in the Bush admin. that is to the shame of America!

  22. Dear General Buchanan,

    A suggested message: “Pvt. Manning has been punished enough for violating military regulations in the course of being true to his conscience. I urge you to use your authority as Convening Authority to reduce Pvt. Manning’s sentence to time served.”
    May your heart be enlightened and give the freedom she deserved.Can you give it to her as a Christmas gift…Merry Christmas and God bless you!!! <3 <3 <3

  23. Je supporte Bradley Manning pour sa franchise, son authenticité, son courage, sa détermination, sa confiance en la vie, plus de justice, plus d’honnêteté, de franchise d’authenticité. Pour un monde meilleur,en paix où il fait bon vivre. Le prix à payer pour vivre sur terre.

  24. As a belgian citizen, I’ve been chocked that a democratic country as the united states could commit such horrible crimes in Irak. I’ve been more chocked that an american citizen reveling the truth could be send to jail. I’m the same age as Pvt Manning and I just can’t stand the idea to think that an honnest and heroic man as Manning could be send to jail for so long. This isn’t right. Free Bradley Manning Now !

  25. Private Manning deserves leniency. She was a courageous whistle-blower who exposed the American military breaking international law. She did the right thing.

  26. To the Commanding General of the Military District of Washington
    Major General Jeffrey S. Buchanan:

    I am a 75 year old grandmother of four who has always participated in public policy activities, in both partisan and non partisan ways. I have marched against segregation and other forms of injustice, and FOR causes that I support (even tho marching has, unfortunately gotten a bit more physically difficult for me as I have grown older). However, I can still voice my opinion, which is what I’m doing via this letter to you, the Commanding General of the Military District of Washington, Major General Jeffrey S. Buchanan.

    I’m sure you will not be surprised about the topic of this letter, which is Pvt. Chelsea Manning (previously known as Pvt. Bradley Manning). I have followed this story from its beginning to include many many articles idolizing and demonizing her/him. This letter is to do neither but rather to ask you, in your capacity and with your legal authority as the Convening Authority, to reduce Pvt. Manning’s sentence to ‘time served.’ The facts about (then his – now her) age, emotional situation, very traumatic months and months of early incarceration, are well known. No one has ever stepped forward to say nor has there been any written evidence to show that Pvt. Manning undertook her/his disclosure with any malice toward the US. If anything, s/he felt that her/his actions were those of a true patriot. Although Pvt. Manning was determined to have violated certain military codes and regulations, s/he felt it was the moral thing to be done based on her/his conscience.

    Therefore, this is the time to temper justice with mercy, keeping in mind the punishment that Pvt Manning has already received, her/his age and emotional/psychological situation, which should all be considered mitigating factors in the eyes of this gramma. So, please Major General, free Pvt. Manning based on ‘time served.’

  27. Our group is meeting tomorrow night. It will be much easier if we could write letters and mail them to you. Is there any way we could do that?

  28. Our group is meeting tomorrow night. It will be much easier to get many responses if we could hand write letters and mail them to you.

  29. Bradley Manning needs to be free Major General Buchanan. He has done no harm to us in the United States of America except to show respect to all people that were harmed far away from the United States of America. He is innocent and needs to now live a life of freedom since he has done good for the people to show the truth of what is happening in the Middle East. We as a country need more people that are like Bradley Manning to become seekers for truth. The truth does set people free. Thank you for your time.

  30. Dear General Manning,
    Your 30 year prison sentence on Chelsea Manning.
    You may not yet realise it but the USA should be proud that one of its citizens dared to speak the truth to perverted power. He has contributed to saving the reputation of the USA by helping it’s citizens realise its illegal and cruel behaviour. For goodness sake act on the side of virtue and release Chelsea. If you do not do this you and your family will bitterly regret your failure in due course. If you are a Christian, think what Christ would have advised.
    Please -please examine your conscience and release Chelsea Manning.

  31. Dear Major General Jeffrey S. Buchanan
    I think that I may have my own reasons for preferring that governments maintain transparency in the very serious business of making war. When I was a young man we were not so fortunate as to have someone like Private Manning to prompt governments in this direction in the name of democracy. I still grieve about my own, albeit small, involvement in the CIA’s Secret War in Laos. My conscience was insulted and injured. This poem I wrote says it very succinctly:

    The other day upon a stair
    A long time ago in a paddy field
    I met a man who wasn’t there
    Not officially you understand
    He wasn’t there again today
    Only ghosts inhabit this landscape
    I do wish he would go away
    He never will

    Acknowledgements to American poet Hughes Mearns born 28.9.1875 died 3.3.1965 from his poem, The Little Man Who Wasn’t There – which I ‘borrowed’.
    I believe that Pvt. Bradley E. Manning has been punished enough for violating military regulations in the course of being true to his conscience. I respectfully urge you to use your authority as Convening Authority to reduce Pvt. Manning’s sentence to time served.

    Willy Bach

  32. I believe that brutal honesty is needed for General Buchanan in order to understand that we understand, the injustice he is allowing, yes, that’s right, you sir General Buchanan. You are guilty yourself of allowing this mockery court case to transpire. It is high time authorities muster their integrity that has been progressively abandoned. IT’S YOUR DUTY! Please reacquaint yourself with the constitution of the United States of America & the oath you took upon admission into the military.

  33. Every soldier is told that reporting a problem will not have repercussions, yet we learn quite fast that anyone who has reported a problem has had repercussions.

    Doing the right thing will get you screwed just like Lt. Calley.

    So what does this tell us?

  34. George Bush lied us into 1 was, and Barack Obama has kept us in a 2nd 1, with no plan on accomplishing anything, except to make it the longest war in American history, at 13 years. Anything that Chelsea Manning has done wrong pales in comparison to what George Bush and Barack Obama have done to our troops and citizens.

  35. Dear Sir:
    You and i teach our children that one must not shy from injustice and lies but to seek them out and expose them as what they are. If we do not call a crime a crime and allow it to go unpunished, this tells the world, our children that criminal activity is acceptable. It is not. Manning answered the true voice that we each have within us,some call it the voice of god and i simply call it; conscience. When one listens to his own particular voice of conscience it demands that truth be told no matter what the cost. Manning has spoke his conscience, did the right thing and paid a most grievous price. Manning paid the price of his integrity and truth and now i ask you to to do the right thing and allow Manning to be…FREE…

  36. I urge you to use your authority as Convening Authority to reduce Pvt. Manning’s sentence to time served. He has been punished enough for violating military regulations in the course of being true to his conscience, as all freedom loving people are obligated to do.

  37. I never thought I would see the day where war criminals, both military and civilian, are roaming free and not just war criminals, but confessed war criminals and people, both military and civilian also, who swore to uphold our Constitution being in jail or afraid of being killed by their own government for reporting said war crimes.
    Whatever passes for justice now, it can’t be the same judicial system our founding fathers had in mind.
    Black boxes, concentration camps with torture 24/7, many killed just for appearing to look like terrorists.
    It’s a damn shame that people like Manning, Snowden, Julian Assange, et al, are treated like criminals. They are, in my book, true heroes.
    I’m not asking for forgiveness for what Manning did, for he didn’t commit any crimes, the Army did, Bush, Cheney and his whole administration did, not Manning. He is innocent and innocent people should be let go and he should be compensated for trying to uphold the Constitution.
    Supposedly officers like you have some standard of integrity, ergo, if you have any, let Manning go and bring court martial charges for the many war criminals that are under your command.

  38. As a member of a family who honors the sacrifices of our veterans, and also is honored to have veterans within the family, we call for the release of Chelsea Manning. She has served her country, both military and civilian. Our country was founded by civilian soldiers and activists working together. Why do we now insist on pitting one against the other? When the military prosecutes the truth-teller, and ignores the war crime, the consequences are dire. To all Americans. Please use your position to bolster our country’s faith and support in the military who continues to prosecute actions in our name.

  39. As a Vietnam War Disabled Marine Grunt Veteran who discovered at 18 years old that that just about everything that I was told about that War, was an intentional lie.
    When a Government cannot be honest with it’s own people but demand their loyaty in blood and sacrifices too satisfy, special interest, who dictate their agenda with bribes too our elected Representatives who have a share their profits while following their leed, is
    Treason, Tyrany and criminal. Misdirecting their atrocities, lies, propaganda by these empty suits Generals who are more worried about their career then their Country as they have broken their Oath too serve a protect, Our Constitution. There is no doubt about it these people most of whom are Attorneys are those Domestic Enemies, described in that Oath that everyone who serve this Country took. They were the ones who changed and manipulated everything that caused most of the problems, not Private Manning who just exposed and embarrassed these crooks who needed a Reality Check as She expose them and they didn’t like it, Thank You very much Pvt. Manning as you are a true American Hero for having the guts and courage too expose those True Traitors with one of the strongest weapons called, The Truth, so hang in there because the True Patriots will not abandon you like they did too those in Bengazy, where they kept lying for two Months after, still trying too convince the Public who already knew the Truth.
    Please forgive these yes men as they are just there because they will go along with anything as those real leaders were dismissed as they were replaced by these cowards.

  40. libertad para chelsea manning ya!!! ella habló cuando todos callaron y obedecieron ordenes, ella es una héroe!!! libertad para chelsea manning ya!!!

  41. In the name of justice and the people, please exercise clemency and limit Pvt Manning’s sentence to the time already served. Pvt Manning has done a great service by enlightening the rest of us as to what was being done.

    ( I will never give up on you and I will fight for you ) karima williams

  43. After 52 years of intensly studying American government, which includes eight full time university years, I have concluded that our governent at the highest levels is largely composed of organied crime people. This inlcudes Obama,Holder, Kerry,the Clintons, Bushes,etc. They are in fact part of the drug cartels headed up by the CIA trash. Mercy is unknown to them.

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