Timeline of events


  • 2013
  • August 26
    Bradley Manning Support Network named the Private Manning Support Network.
  • August 22
    Pvt Manning announces she is ready to move on to the next stage of her life: “I want everyone to know the real me … I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female.”
  • August 21
    Support Network launches campaign for presidential pardon in collaboration with human rights organization Amnesty International, in addition to an upcoming clemency bid from court martial Convening Authority Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan. Additionally, a college trust fund for Manning is established to further his higher education goals upon his release.
  • August 21
    Chelsea Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison.
  • August 20
    Private Manning Support Network surpasses 100k followers on Facebook
  • July 31
    Sentencing phase of trial begins.
  • July 30
    Pvt. Manning found not guilty of ‘aiding the enemy’ charge, but convicted of 20 other charges including 6 under the espionage act.
  • July 26
    Approximately 150 march on Fort McNair to petition Convening Authority Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan to release Manning. More then 35 worldwide solidarity actions follow.
  • July 25
    “We Are Bradley Manning” NYT ad published.
  • July 23
    Two dozen celebrities collaborate to produce the “I am Bradley Manning” advocacy video, including Oliver Stone, Maggie Gyllenhall, and Russell Brand.
  • June 30
    More than 1,500 people march for Manning in the SF Pride Parade, one of the largest contingents in the parade’s history. A half dozen other Manning Pride contingents march worldwide.
  • June 3
    Court martial begins
  • June 1
    Largest rally in support of Manning at Fort Meade. More than 1000 attend. More than 40 solidarity events worldwide.
  • February 23
    Over 70 communities worldwide hold events to protest Private Manning’s 1000th day in prison without trial.
  • February 28
    Pfc. Manning’s Statement for the Providence Inquiry
  • January 8-11
    Pretrial hearing, with Judge Lind ruling Bradley was subjected to unlawful pretrial punishment for 112 days at the Quantico marine brig.
  • 2012
  • December 17
    Pvt. Manning turns 25, his third birthday in prison without trial.
  • December 3
    Manning’s lawyer David Coombs addresses public and media for first time.
  • November 27
    Pre-trial hearing addressing defense motion to dismiss all charges based on Manning’s unlawful pretrial punishment at Quantico.
  • September 19
    Manning’s defense files a motion to dismiss all charges based on lack of a speedy trial.
  • October 15
    Graham Nash stages Manning fundraising event in Santa Monica, CA.
  • August 15
    Manning supporters “occupy” Obama campaign offices in Oakland, CA, and Portland, OR.
  • August
    Prosecution turns over evidence revealing that Manning’s torture at Quantico came from a higher command.
  • July 27
    Defense filed a motion to dismiss all charges owing to the unlawful pretrial punishment to which PFC Manning was subjected while at Marine Corps Base, Quantico.
  • July 18
    Judge Lind rules in favor of Gov’t motion to block reference to “lack of harm” caused by information published by WikiLeaks.
  • June 21
    UN Torture expert Juan Mendez prohibited by judge from testifying at Manning’s hearings.
  • June 6
    US v PFC Manning, Article 39(a) Motion Hearing at Fort Meade, MD.
  • May 24
    Center for Constitutional Rights calls for a more open and public trial.
  • May 10
    PFC Bradley Manning is awarded People’s Choice Human Rights Award by Global Exchange, and Daniel Ellsberg accepts the award on his behalf.
  • April 24
    US v PFC Manning | Article 39(a) Pre-Trial Motion Hearing at Fort Meade, MD.
  • March 15
    US v PFC Manning, Article 39(a) Pre-Trial Motion Hearing at Fort Meade, MD.
  • March 5
    UN issues report by special rapporteur on torture Juan E. Mendez stating “I believe Bradley Manning was subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in the excessive and prolonged isolation he was put in during the nine months he was in Quantico.”
  • February 23
    US v PFC Manning, arraignment for Manning at Fort Meade, MD.
  • February 4
    PJ Crowley, former United States Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, tweets in support of Manning: “While supporting the #BradleyManning prosecution, it’s hard to credibly argue as we exit #Iraq and #Afghanistan that he ‘aided the enemy.’”
  • February 4
    Pvt. Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (second time).
  • February 3
    Convening authority determines Manning will stand trial for all 22 charges.
  • April 13
    Ads supporting Manning purchased throughout the DC Metro subway.
  • January 5
    Billboard erected in support of Bradley Manning in Washington D.C.
  • 2011
  • December 16
    US v. PFC Bradley Manning: Manning’s Article 32 hearing begins; 4/5ths of defense witnesses denied. More than 400 protesters rally at Fort Meade.
  • December 14
    Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash releases a song for Bradley.
  • September 27
    Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for first time. She would be nominated three consequitive years leading up to the trial.
  • July
    Wired.com publishes complete chat logs. Wired.com
  • June 4
    400 supporters march on Ft Leavenworth, KS, shortly after Manning’s transfer there.
  • April 25
    Wikileaks begins releasing Guantanamo Bay Files.
  • April 21
    Pro-Manning activists crash SF Obama fundraiser and question President. Obama states that Manning “broke the law” before trial has taken place.
  • April 20
    Pvt. Manning is transferred to medium security in Ft. Leavenworth.
  • April 19
    Defense reports evidence that the military lied to journalists regarding reasons for Manning’s harsh pre-trial confinement.
  • April 12
    Over 500,000 individuals sign Avaaz.org hosted petition to end Manning’s brutal conditions.
  • April 7
    UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez denied ability to investigate Manning’s case. 
  • March 20
    Five hundred march on the Quantico Marine Base, VA. 20 were arrested, including Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, for engaging in civil disobedience to call attention to Manning’s illegal and brutal pre-trial conditions there.
  • March 19
    Over 2,000 march on The White House to oppose the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and specifically to support Manning, organized by Veterans for Peace. 120 were arrested for civil disobedience.
  • March 11
    President Obama tells press he has been assured by the Pentagon that Manning’s Quantico conditions are “appropriate.”
  • March 11
    State Department spokesperson P.J. Crowley calls Bradley’s treatment “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid” and resigns shortly thereafter.
  • March 11
    Manning’s charges updated to 22 violations, including “Aiding the enemy through indirect means.”
  • February 6
    Dozens of communities worldwide stage events in support of Manning.
  • January 19
    Amnesty International denounces Manning’s treatment at Quantico, VA.
  • 2010
  • November 28
    U.S. Diplomatic Cables release.
  • October 22
    Iraq War Logs release.
  • September 16
    First significant community fundraising event for Manning takes place in Oakland, CA featuring Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg; live-streamed with assistance from filmmaker Michael Moore. Similar events took place in 16 cities that weekend.
  • July 29
    Bradley moved to prison in Quantico, VA, where he is held in maximum security solitary confinement.
  • July 25
    Afghan War Diary release.
  • July 7
    Bradley Manning Support Network formed.
  • June 6
    Ex-hacker and Wired.com editor Erik Poulsen, publishes partial transcript of alleged chat logs.
  • June 5
    Manning charged for leaking classified information.
  • May 27
    Manning detained, placed in pre-trial confinement at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. Formally arrested May 29
  • May 21
    Ex-hacker Adrian Lamo and Bradley Manning allegedly begin online conversations, which Lamo records and later turns in to DOD and Wired.com
  • April 5
    WikiLeaks releases “Collateral Murder” video that exposes war crimes and killing of Reuters journalists.
  • 2009
  • October
    Manning deployed to Iraq
  • 2007
  • October
    Manning joins the army



9 thoughts on “Timeline of events

  1. America has long forgone any rule of law and decency, The Government can kill maim and steal at will. I do mean the Government, and not American citizens per say, albeit people in countries all over the world now see America as that big stupid dumb arrogant self obsessed evil nation state that everyone now loves o hate.

    Waken up America, War on terror. The Word is laughing at this ridiculous claim. The so called war on terror only inconveniences the ordinary American

    • the War on Terror- what a f**king joke. It a War OF Terror- and its the US Government that is the main player; with the US citizens being the main target. What they have done to this man is despicable. The truth is supposed to set you free, not get you locked away for years and years in a box. In this supposed “Land of the Free”- we have been turned into nothing more than terrified slaves to a bunch of tyrannical greedy bastards under the guise of “keeping us safe” from the “boogeymen terrorists hiding out on every street corner just waiting to gobble us up” like the big bad wolf laying in wait for little red riding hood at grandmas house. The only terrorists we need to fear are the ones in charge.

    • Sadly, I see much xenophobia within this comment.

      I see nothing but hatred and ignorant generalizations about 320 million people

      Are you proud of your xenophobia? I assume you are

      • Stop for one minute and listen to yourselves. Is all this attacking each other actually solving the problem? No. Start realizing that we are all connected and that whatever one person does, it affects all of us. If you act in anger, you create instability, if you act in love you create calm. When there is calm, there is clarity, where there is clarity there is truth. If you really want to change the world, first change yourself.

  2. Absolutely. The man is a hero. He must have known the possible consequences of his actions, yet still was brave enough to carry it through, because even at his young age he went with his conscience. If only there were more of him in the seats of power. But power isn’t like that is it?

  3. Upon Bradley Mannings release as a Hero, please award him $1 billion in gold and silver for each year of incarceration.

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