Bradley Manning is nominated for a 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

February 1st 2013 the entire parliamentary group of The Movement in the Icelandic Parliament, the Pirates of the EU; representatives from the Swedish Pirate Party, the former Secretary of State in Tunisia for Sport & Youthnominated Private Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize. Following is the reasoning we sent to the committee explaining why we felt compelled to nominate Private Bradley Manning for this important recognition of an individual effort to have an impact for peace in our world. The lengthy personal statement to the pre-trial hearing February 28th by Bradley Manning in his own words validate that his motives were for the greater good of humankind.

Our letter to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee

Reykjavík, Iceland 1st of February 2013

Dear Norwegian Nobel Committee,

We have the great honour of nominating Private First Class Bradley Manning for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize.

Manning is a soldier in the United States army who stands accused of releasing hundreds of thousands of documents to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks. The leaked documents pointed to a long history of corruption, war crimes, and a lack of respect for the sovereignty of other democratic nations by the United States government in international dealings.

These revelations have fueled democratic uprisings around the world, including a democratic revolution in Tunisia. According to journalists, his alleged actions helped motivate the democratic Arab Spring movements, shed light on secret corporate influence on the foreign and domestic policies of European nations, and most recently contributed to the Obama Administration agreeing to withdraw all U.S.troops from the occupation in Iraq.

Bradley Manning has been incarcerated for more then 1000 days by the U.S. Government. He spent over ten months of that time period in solitary confinement, conditions which expert worldwide have criticized as torturous. Juan Mendez, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Torture and Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment, has repeatedly requested and been denied a private meeting with Manning to assess his conditions.

The documents made public by WikiLeaks should never have been kept from public scrutiny. The revelations – including video documentation of an incident in which American soldiers gunned down Reuters journalists in Iraq – have helped to fuel a worldwide discussion about the overseas engagements of the United States, civilian casualties of war and rules of engagement. Citizens worldwide owe a great debt to the WikiLeaks whistleblower for shedding light on these issues, and so we urge the Committee to award this prestigious prize to accused whistleblower Bradley Manning.

We can already be reasonably certain that Bradley Manning will not have a fair trial as the head of State, the USA President Mr. Barack Obama, stated over a year ago on record that Manning is guilty.



Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Member of Parliament for the Movement, Iceland

Christian Engström, Member of the European Parliament for the Pirate Party, Sweden

Amelia Andersdottir, Member of the European Parliament for the Pirate Party, Sweden

Margrét Tryggvadóttir, Member of Parliament for the Movement, Iceland

Þór Saari, Member of Parliament for the Movement, Iceland

Slim Amamou, former Secretary of State for Sport & Youth (2011), Tunisia


38 thoughts on “Bradley Manning is nominated for a 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

  1. My name is Maria Teodora Silva. I am journalist in Brazil and as a journalist I support information freedom to all humanity. Bradley Manning is a brave man and deserve to be honnoured with all the peace prizes.

  2. Where is the freedom? The torture that has been inflicted on Bradley Manning is atrocious. If it is still “we the people” that run the country, Why is it a crime to show the people the truth and what crimes the government commits then hides? Leaking the documents is for a good cause because by showing the facts to the public,it has the potential to bring change. If his collateral murder could be used as propaganda, I believe the treatment of our nations whistleblowers could be as well.

  3. Bradley Manning has shown great courage in confronting the illegal and immoral acts of his superiors. If everyone in the world could muster his courage and integrity there would be peace in the world.

  4. he is a brave man who has followed his heart and made the RIGHT choice. The earth would be a BETTER place with many more Bradley Mannings!!

  5. I would be proud to add my name to those who would urge the committee to recognize the clear integrity of valor in the face of such danger, expressed by Bradley Manning, in the name of human justice for all people over power and empire.And I hope to see the committee display the same courage and integrity over power.

  6. I strongly support the letter above and wish to add my name to nominating Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize. Sadly these days it is becoming increasingly difficult to access information which ought to be released in the interest of the public and is so often kept from us. We were able to highlight the issue of “collateral damage” in our documentary due to release of Iraq footage and widen the debate on our involvement there… this continues now with the drone debate… another example where governments are far from forthcoming on their targeted killing programme! Carol Grayson (Exec Producer, Incident in New Baghdad)

  7. Upon signing up American soldiers take an oath to defend the nation from all threats foreign and domestic. I not only believe that Manning deserves the highest of honors for his role in wikileaks for upholding his oath. I also believe that it would be a mockery of justice to have him tried by the same domestic threat that he has risked his life to expose.

  8. Praying for you Mr. Manning. Theres right and wrong. You chose right. You are not alone in your fight. There are many people rooting for you. I am happy to be among them. You are not alone. May God bless you and keep you safe. Keep your head up. They can not take what is right in your heart away from you. Keep up the good fight. The truth will prevail! FREEDOM FOR BRADLEY MANNING! TRUTH&JUSTICE!

  9. Yes, all whistle blowers should receive awards, for they stand up against the corrupt politicians, If Obama can receive one of these everyone should get one, polititions cause the trouble, and the ordinary people have to clear up their messes

  10. As a citizen of the United States, I thank you for this nomination, and I thank Bradley Manning for his actions.

  11. I wonder if these enthused supporters will also pen letters decrying the murder, torture, and/or imprisonment of those innocent people exposed in the release of these e-mails. Sad isn’t it.

    • The people the leaked documents exposed. . .
      On the one hand those people probably were working for the US government in semi-undercover or undercover positions and should never have been put into those positions by a government that maintained transparency with its foreign policies.
      The civilian casualties on the other hand that have happened because of these leaked documents have mostly happened because they have been involved with sections of the population who have stood up against corrupt political regimes.
      I don’t see blood on Private First Class Bradley Manning’s hands.
      However I do thing that Obama’s NPP should be rescinded in the light of his attitude in this instance.

  12. Let”s see how many signatures can be put on a petition requesting the Nobel Peace Prize for Bradley Manning; best way the error of giving it to Obama can be lessened.

  13. This is his award. President Obama should have his taken away and given to manning. Bradley is courageous!! Obama is a coward! I support this nomination and urge you to give manning the peace price!

  14. Bradley Manning, you have the courage our President lacks.
    I hope you run for office when this is all over, and it WILL
    be over. It is difficult for me to even comprehend your
    Bravery, and your intelligence in deliberately setting a political and social firestorm, which is really PRECISELY what has been needed for our country.
    I am with you every step of the way.
    May angels guide you through this.

    Kathleen Orion

  15. Please redeem your disgracing yourselves and sullying the honor of the NobelPeace Prize in peremptorily awarding the feckless and pathetic Barack Obama the prize. Regain your good name by awarding the prize to the brave and heroic Bradley Manning.

  16. I am thrilled that Bradley Manning has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. He has exposed the unconscionable brutality of the USA corporate-led military-industrial complex. “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  17. I support Bradley Manning’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. His courageous act, releasing information long concealed from the world, that unquestionably presents evidence of war crimes committed by US soldiers against the Iraqi people, hastened the end of the unlawful war in Iraq and the unlawful war in Afghanistan carried on against international law by the United States. For example, the release of the video that subsequently became titled “Collateral Murder” demonstrated unequivocally that it was a policy of the United States to shoot unarmed civilians, even reporters of international news, without any cause whatsoever. It also demonstrated that the US policy directed the murder of innocent children by soldiers at will.
    Other information that Specialist Manning revealed to the world in furtherance of world peace was the policy of the United States to target heads of state solely on the basis of disagreeing with the ideas of the United States, a direct violation of the Charter of the United Nations and International Treaties. It also revealed the United States aiding a sovereign nation not a party to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty in obtaining/maintaining a stockpile of nuclear weapons.
    For his courageous act, Specialist Manning, a US Army soldier, has been tortured, continues being tortured and will, in all likelihood, be executed for an act for which he knew the consequences he might face but his conscience would not let him keep still. The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded for much less noteworthy acts at all. For example, for having done nothing at all except win an election of a country engaged in two wars in contravention of international law and subsequently furthering and compounding those acts of war crimes and other violations of international law.
    Specialist Manning’s sacrifice and fearless acts in furtherance of world peace is an act that truly deserves recognition by The Nobel Committee. The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Specialist Manning would, in all likelihood prevent his execution, an act unwarranted by any standard. Denying him the Nobel Peace Prize would seal his fate to an execution without doubt.

    • Very well said sir! I have been a big defender of President Obama on many issues simply because of the outrages he inherited from Bush-and struggles against daily with our tea-bagging congress! However, I am also prepared to start a movement toward DAILY messages sent to the white house from ALL of us who support Bradley Manning. Perhaps you’d want to help prepare the statement? My own statement includes the FACT that MLK, who deserved this award, would undoubtedly support Bradley… and be saddened and ashamed of Obama’s hypocrisy here. (I believe Obama considered MLK a hero, who’s life was taken for it, but I suppose he could actually be lying about that.) I will not stand by and watch this atrocity result in Pvt Manning’s execution… Nor ANY further punishment.

  18. I am 69. I have followed US national and foreign policy since I was a teenager. Besides President John Kennedy, I cannot recall any other American who has been braver facing occult and perverse forces in the US. Kennedy said there is nothing more antidemocratic than secrecy. For these and many more reasons I support Bradley manning’s normination for the Nobel Price.

  19. I heard President Obama respond to a reporter on Manning by saying “he broke the law”. Really, exposing murder and torture of innocent civilians is “against the law”? Really?? Well then we need new laws!! Obama supported the recent unveiling of a lovely and deserved memorial to American hero Rosa Parks in the capitol recently. Did she not “break the law”? I don’t understand Obama anymore.

  20. When the criminals can punish the innocent for exposing their crimes the world is in serious trouble. Release BRADLEY MANNING, and punish the criminals who planned, lied about and initiated a War of Aggression, the supreme crime that encompasses all of the evil of the whole. The slimy Razzle-Dazzlem Obama with his Disneyland speeches of systematic fraud and deception thinks it’s not a time for looking back on the crimes of real criminals but his convenient blindness would never extend to a hero like Bradley Manning. The NOBEL PRIZE is itself now on the line for a credibility assessment. Bradley Manning’s NOBEL PRIZE – or lack thereof – will be the true test of the state of our world. Norway, we are watching!!!

  21. Free Bradley Manning … exposing slaughter of civilians is not treason … it’s hugely courageous of a young man the US should be proud of …

  22. My name is Liam Athias Babington, and a one whom served in the Armed Forces of the United States, I wholly and completely support the the value and integrity of the actions of Bradley Manning Further, I wholly support Bradley Manning receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his actions. He is a warrior of integrity and truth.

  23. Bradley Manning, unlike our government, makes me proud to be an American, and I support his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s time for a whistle blower to be awarded for his righteous indignation and courage! Bradley has my vote!

  24. FREE the Constitution of the United States to be a possession of the people and available for change or amendment as the people deem necessary to maintain a free and democratic society. THIS is my America. What’s yours?????

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