Reports from the Pride 2012 parades!

“[Bradley Manning] has participated in Pride marches and campaigned against the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ restrictions on gay military personnel… Manning is also a humanist and a man with a conscience. When he discovered human rights violations by the US armed forces and duplicity by the US government, he was shocked and distressed… believing it was betraying the US ideals of democracy and human rights.“
-Human rights activist Peter Tatchell

The Bradley Manning Support Network would like to thank everyone who marched in solidarity with Bradley during last weekends Pride parades around the country. On June 24th, 2012, supporters in New York City, Chicago, and in San Francisco formed Free Bradley Manning contingents, marching for hours while holding signs in solidarity.

In San Francisco, supporters waited four hours in the heat before the march actually began and even still they managed to chant “Free Bradley” slogans for the entire march, to a very supportive crowd:

Emma Cape of the Bradley Manning Support Network interviewed some of Bradley’s supporters. Click on the photos below to jump to the videos:


From New York City, supporters Fran and Bud sent us these wonderful photos,


From Chicago, the Gay Liberation Network had these photos to share:


Also check out this video from the June 9, 2012 Pride Parade in Washington DC where organized a Free Bradley Manning contingent:



Thank you for supporting Bradley Manning!

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