Truth on trial: A special event for Bradley Manning in Washington DC

Welcome to the live audio stream of the fundraising event Truth on Trial.  Click here for a live video feed. 

Big thanks to our guest speakers and organizers who made this an important and inspiring event! Thank you for listening!

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Bradley Manning: Truth on Trial

September 30th, 5:00pm to 7:30pm EST
Georgetown University Law Center, Downtown Washington DC
12th floor Gerwirz Hall, 120 F St., NW (near corner of F and 4th Sts, NW)
3-4 blocks from Union Sta Metro (Red line) and Judiciary Sq Metro (Red line); 5-6 blocks from Gallery Pl Metro (Red, Yel and Green lines) and Archives Metro (Yel and Green lines).


CHRIS HEDGES - Author, activist, and former New York Times reporter
THOMAS DRAKE – Former National Security Agency senior executive, whistle-blower
JESSELYN RADACK – Former Department of Justice ethics adviser, whistle-blower
US ARMY COL. ANN WRIGHT (ret.) – Former State Department diplomat, whistle-blower
DAVID HOUSE – Friend of Bradley Manning’s, co-founder of BMSN, Activist

$10 suggested donation at the door for event expenses. Wheelchair accessible.

Presented by the Bradley Manning Support Network and the Georgetown Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

On September 30, some of the most prominent whistle-blowers and civil liberties advocates of our time will gather to speak out for a fellow truth-teller that the military is trying to cage for life. Author and journalist Chris Hedges will explain how the effect of Bradley’s case on our civil liberties to come. NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake will recount his experience being prosecuted for exposing illegal wiretapping, and he’ll compare Manning’s case with his own. Jesselyn Radack, Department of Justice whistle-blower and advocate and lawyer for those who expose crime and corruption, will expound on just how vital whistle-blowers are and why we need to protect Bradley Manning. Retired Colonel Ann Wright will recount her efforts bringing awareness to Manning’s case and explain what needs to be done in the months to come. Finally, friend of Manning and co-founder of the Support Network David House will detail the financial struggles of the Network and the importance of standing up for Bradley now.

Bradley is approaching 900 days in prison without a court martial, and he shouldn’t be on trial in the first place. Bradley had the courage to potentially sacrifice his future for an informed citizenry, and we owe it to him to support him today. Join us September 30 for a tribute to the truth, and those who work tirelessly to expose it.

On September 30th if you are not in the DC metropolitan area and cannot join us for the live event at Georgetown Law School we will be providing a netcast which will allow you to tune in and hear the event live!

And just in, Emma’s Revolution, award winning peace activist musicians, will be performing live on Sunday. ”Boasting gorgeous close harmonies and unsinkable tunefulness, Emma’s Revolution (the Emma is Goldman) is a classic, globetrotting folk duo comprised of activist singer/songwriters Sandy O. and Pat Humphries. Their music is progressive, socially-conscious, confrontational and shot-through with intelligence and cutting humor. Newest disc ‘Revolutions Per Minute’ is a front-to-back gem.” ~Iowa City Press-Citizen




23 thoughts on “Truth on trial: A special event for Bradley Manning in Washington DC

  1. Hi,
    My name is Emma Burge and I am a journalist for Digital Journal and Gather News Online. I am a strong advocate for freeing Bradley Manning and Wikileaks in general. I will most likely (about 90% sure as of now) that I will be attending this event. I was wondering if any of your speakers are available for me to ask them a few questions for a pro-manning article before the event. I am especially interested in speaking with David House and Ann Wright.
    Thank you,
    Emma Burge

      • Thanks, Jeff. My other question is: I am a Georgetown graduate of another division, not Law, and do not have a Georgetown ID card: is it open to the public or could someone turn me away if I don’t have a student ID card? I seldom visit events at Georgetown Law School buildings yet I was invited to a party there recently and could not afford it.
        It seems, with doubts of procedures against Bradley, a prison sentence against him for what he did could be wrong. Thanks.

  2. I can’t afford the plane fare, but I can sent a few more bucks to Bradley Manning’s defense.

    Will be with you in spirit at this event.

    Sara Meric

  3. Help me to understand.

    I really want to blame some “one” for this ongoing injustice. Bottom line, “who” is accountable? Who has the power, the authority to free Bradley Manning now?

    Anyone? No one?

    Or is the chain of command authority so diffuse that all the decision makers are protected from identification, from having to accept ultimate responsibility for Bradley’s inhumane treatment?

    • F. White, the president has the power to free Bradley Manning. But given that he has already declared Manning guilty, before trial (so much for Mr. Constitutional Law Scholar), that freeing ain’t gonna happen.

  4. There is such widespread support for Bradley Manning that I don’t want to provide a reason to not support this young man. but I must ask. Is this also a hate crime by the federal government? Is he being punished harsher becauae of his sexual orientation?

  5. Truth , That is a word that would once set a person Free , Today it is on Trial , The Amerikan Govt and its Military has forgotten to teach it in there classes at there academy unless it fits into there prosicution of someone or something they deem harmefull to there own agenda…
    Speedy Trial someone wrote?? This young Man has been abused and lockd up far too long to even concider Speedy…More as to try to have him forgotten into the past …
    Do Hope everyone will Have a Grand time singing and dancing there hearts out ..Im sure there will be a few that beleive him Guilty and not caring to admit there as well listining in …Those that beleive country can do no wrong ..and beleive what they are told…Sadley past History in those words..

    Enjoy the concert everyone …Frank…..out

    • Folks can call 510-488-3559 at anytime to make a donation to the Bradley Manning Defense Fund (via Courage to Resist).

  6. Thank you for another opportunity to support Bradley Manning; The government’s effort to silence the truth and the outrageous treatment of Bradley Manning is a very serious threat to democracy. I did not serve as a medic and MP at Fort Meade during the Vietnam War so that we would have the kind of country we have become. Our Bill of Rights are in serious jeopardy, if the “powers” that be can get away with this. It is time once again to stand up and be counted. There will never be peace without the foundation of truth. Pfc. Kent l. Howland, B.S.,M.A., C.Ed. Today, I donated $300. I urge everyone to “Support Bradley Manning” by giving what they can. Remember the “Support the Troops” yellow ribbon.

  7. Unfortunately I live accross the Atlantic ( Lisbon, Portugal ) and can’t attend the trial. Nor can I make any donation for I’m retired person with a small pension. And also due to the austerity crises in Portugal, Spain, Greece, etc which as greatly lowered our living standards.
    But, my heat and soul are with Bradley Manning! He is a true patriot, not Obama and the like.
    A patriot wants his/her country to improve and to accomplish that he/she must expose its crimes and wrongdoings, not hide them. A true patriot rather wants his/her country to be loved and respected than hated or feared…

  8. How can Bradley Manning be seen as a victim by anyone? This man abused the trust put in him as he worked in the capacity of an Army Intel technician. He signed on the dotted line that he would protect classified materials and uphold the interests of the United States, just as I did when I enlisted in 1991.

    Has it occurred to you that, perhaps, due to the sensitivity of the materials he had access to and his flagrant disregard for the protected status of said materials, that contacts with him would be severely limited? Consider that classified information is highly compartmentalized; simply because a clearance is possessed does not mean they have a need to know. Both are necessary to protect classified. Manning may have had access to a huge amount of classified information. Having had this access, Manning is a danger to all of that sensitive information. Manning could divulge this information to anyone he might come into contact with. Imagine, a public hearing where Manning starts spilling information on God only knows what, where anyone can hear and the information would immediately be on the Internet. How can you not understand this?

    Also, Manning is, I would hazard to guess, guilty in the death of individuals related to the information he leaked to Julian Assange. Consider this; you believe his leaks harmed no one. Do you actually believe that harmed parties would admit damages done by his acts? Are you truly that naive?

    I served honorable for twenty years, and cannot begin to fathom how he could betray his country, or sucker posters on this site that he’s the victim here.

    Lastly, I deserve the money more than Manning does, considering I honorably served my country as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the USAF until 2011. I will accept US Dollars, Euros, or Pound Sterling. Western Union money transfers would also work for me, as would Paypal. ;-)

    (Retired) Master Sergeant Todd H Scheve

    • M.Sgt Scheve, thanks for keeping a respectful tone in voicing your valid concerns. I’m not sure why one has to be naive to take the Gov’t and Prosecution at its word that the leaks did not result in any damage or harm. Seems to be very much in their interest to accentuate any assessed damage resulting from Manning’s actions.
      I have no doubt you did your best to work hard in serving your country, but I challenge you to consider the possibility that that which best served the people and the best version of America during your time of service may demand a different perspective today. (I can appreciate how the oft-used comparison of pledging to the Constitution vs pledging to what-orders-may-come can strike a veteran as an oversimplification, but then, what is the right thing to do when you are witness to war crimes, atrocities and cover-ups?)

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