Update 8/2/13: Colbert Report’s great segment on Bradley, “my view from inside the courtroom”, Berlin rally pics

Bradley Manning: my view from inside the Fort Meade courtroom

The media loves to argue whether Manning is a hero or a traitor, but that is beside the point. This is about truth

Bradley_Manning___drawingMolly Crabapple, The Guardian. July 31, 2013

On a delicious July afternoon, US army private Bradley Manning sat in a Fort Meade, Maryland courtroom and waited to hear if he’d be declared guilty of treason…. Only the guards hint that the proceedings are special. They carried enough ammo to turn every Manning supporter present into a fine red mist. Read the article at theguardian.com

Sketches by New York-based writer and artist Molly Crabapple

Photos from the ‘Stop Watching Us’ rally in Berlin, Germany


View more photos, along with a few videos, here.

5 thoughts on “Update 8/2/13: Colbert Report’s great segment on Bradley, “my view from inside the courtroom”, Berlin rally pics

  1. He’s exactly right. The American people are the enemy of the murderous psychopaths who have hijacked the U.S. government.

  2. Although I usually look things in different way to Colbert, I still think he sometime makes some nice arguments in certain topics. This time he made a powerful argument about the stupidity about the verdict and the judge, not aiding the enemy but convicted with Espionage charge.

  3. we are in a dangerous time in this USA as

    we have a government of the government and not a government of the people and how can a man be esponage
    and not having a enemy and it appears like the enemy
    is the US government as it can trump up charges better
    than old Russia

  4. Congress never declared war. So how is it constitutionally possible to consider a charge of aiding the enemy? It was thown out for the wrong reason. The resolution authorizing force that Bush passed, did not define “the enemy”. I’m a conservative christian who would never vote democratic, but Manning and Snowden are heroes in my book.

  5. The government is out of control though it has achieved critical mass. It is like overheated nuclear reactor that can’t be cooled. The fed gov. is the enemy.

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