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These are the graphics that we’re using for posters, billboards, stickers, etc. Most are vector, but some are huge.









manning-image150 Note that the photo left is Pvt. Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning’s preferred image. New images are not expected to become available anytime soon.
 justice-pvt-manning150  free-chelsea150
make-art-chelsea150 giant-chelsea150 conscience-new-150 18x24-4b150
 make-art-150 giant150  private-conscience-150  blue-orange-sticker150

5 thoughts on “Featured graphics

  1. I will be there next Tuesday; as I was in 1963 as a U.S. Army medic at Kimbrough Army Hospital from June 1st, 1963 until March 11, 1965 by then I knew the Vietnam War was wrong and protested that war April 17,1965 in Washington D.C. . And here we are again 49 years later—Our might does not make us right. The helicopter pilots should be on trial—not Bradley Manning, who had the guts and the courage to report the truth. He appears to be the real war hero in my book. We will see if there is any real justice. The treatment that he received is outrageous and un- American in my view. The struggle for truth and justice continues. Lord help us if this outrage against truth and justice continues. We will see if there is any “military justice”; the honor of the U.S. Army has been besmirched along with the U.S. Congress for not doing its’ job going into this fiasco in Iraq. Pfc. Kent L.Howland B.S.,M.A.,C.Ed.

  2. Feel free to distribute the following artwork panel responsibly in preparation or execution of the upcoming events for Bradley Manning assistance. The artwork is titled: ‘STAND!downSOULjer’. And I wish to make it available at no cost to anyone participating in these events, by simply contacting me by email.

  3. Will there be updated graphics released that refer to her as Chelsea Manning? I want to update my old Bradley Manning Facebook cover photo. :)

    • Yes, we’ll be updating imaging and graphics. However, it’ll take some time. Remember that what is currently available took over three years to produce. I’d also add that Chelsea continues to be believe that the official military pic of her with the American Flag in the background best represents her.

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