Supporters in more than 40 cities take action for Bradley Manning


Protesters demand Maj. Gen. Buchanan free Bradley Manning

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. July 27, 2013. 

On Friday afternoon, demonstrators marched and blocked the gates of Ft. McNair, Washington D.C., at the office of Maj. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan, Convening Authority for WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning’s trial.  They carried a large painted version of the van from the Collateral Murder video released by Bradley Manning, a 30 foot U.S. Constitution bearing a classified stamp, and both balloons and a 20-foot banner inscribed with the message, “Maj. Gen. Buchanan, Do the Right Thing.  Free Bradley Manning.”

The event immediately followed closing arguments for the guilt vs. innocence phase of Manning’s legal proceedings, during which the defense argued that Manning is a whistleblower who rightly recognized the problem of unreasonable government secrecy.

Today, July 27, activists in dozens of cities across the world are rallying in solidarity with the Ft. McNair protesters, as part of an International Day of Action for Manning. View the list of events here.  

Campaign Organizer Emma Cape, with the Bradley Manning Support Network, explained the significance of the movement to support Manning: “It’s time we reclaim the word ‘patriot.’ The kind of patriot we need today is not someone who defends all of our country’s history and actions, it’s someone willing to stand up for our country’s future, taking risks to ensure it’s a just one. Bradley Manning is such a person.” Also speaking at the event were activists from Yemen and Iraq, veterans who served in Iraq and Vietnam, and a representative from the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation, which awarded Manning their 2013 Peace Prize.


Manning faces a potential life sentence for releasing hundreds of thousands of classified military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks because he wanted to promote “debates, discussions and reforms” concerning U.S. foreign policy. He has pled guilty to mishandling classified information, which carries up to a 20-year sentence, but he faces life in prison on charges of Aiding the Enemy, Espionage, computer fraud, and federal theft.  

Maj. Gen. Buchanan is the new commander for the Military District of Washington, so he’s the Convening Authority in Manning’s court martial. He will review the case as soon as the trial concludes, and he has the power to reduce any potential sentence Manning receives. Supporters of Manning hope Maj. Gen. Buchanan will take into consideration the numerous deprivations of the young private’s due process rights, including the fact that Manning was held in torturous solitary confinement for nearly a year and detained for three years before his trial began.

Military judge Col. Denise Lind is expected to deliver a final verdict in the coming days, after which the sentencing phase of the trial will begin, with new witnesses, evidence, and arguments.


14 thoughts on “Supporters in more than 40 cities take action for Bradley Manning

  1. Vilification occurs to those courageous enough to stand for truth. Our government clearly disapproves of that and marks innocent men and women as public enemies because somehow they are rocking the boat. Similar situation happened with countless others, including pastor and leader Gabriel of Urantia ( Let’s strive for truth and honesty in the media! Justice for Manning!

  2. I admire Manning for having the courage to do what be did. The government needs a wake up call. He does not need a life sentence.

  3. When the new Nurymberg trials start against those who “just followed military orders” and killed thousands of Iraq and Afganistan civilians???
    Is international war crimes prosecution not applying equally to Americans as it did to Serbs and Chechniens???

  4. We had one in Crescent today. People actually honked I am glad that my hometown has support for you however small it may be.

  5. Saturday July 27, 2013 –Boston

    At Park Street Station in Boston, a historic site for progressive stand-outs in the city, about fifty to sixty Bradley Manning supporters several organizations showed their solidarity as part of an international day of solidarity as Bradley’s trial winds down and a decision is pending shortly. Many spoke out in support of Bradley and other issues and we were able to raise $300 for the Bradley Manning defense campaign. Go to the Bradley Manning Support Network- – to view photos from this and other demos and to contribute to the defense fund.

  6. Check out these great actions in Berlin an London!

    Stop Watching Us’ Demo in Berlin
    Solidarity with Whistleblowers
    Protect Edward Snowden
    Free Bradley #Manning

    VID ( 5 min) – J27: London Bradley Manning Solidarity Crew joined by NYC’s Rev. Billy! :
    Free Speech Use it or Lose it!


    As Bradley Manning’s court martial entered its final week. 50+ folks gathered in solidarity
    on the steps of St Martin’s in the Fields in central London. They were graced with a surprise visit
    from NYC’s much celebrated Rev Billy of the “Church of Stop Shopping”.

    Rev Billy was summoned to the scene by a passing sympathetic cyclist on her mobile. The cyclist
    had attended Rev Billy & the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir’s exorcism of a HSBC bank near
    Victoria as part of their ongoing “Revolt of the Golden Toads Tour” attacking the spirits of Climate Change

  7. Torture is wrong. Torture doesn’t work. It is right to expose those who would torture another o why didn’t anyone listen before drastic majors were taken by Bradely Manning.? Manning did the right thing.

  8. Because Obama opened his mouth before the trial even started this young mans fate was already sealed. So much for protecting the whistleblowers like he promised. Just more smoke he’s blow up our butts! I think this young man tried everyway he could to get this to stop and no one would listen or cared. So like a True Patriot he put his life on the line to get the truth out there for the world to see. I was appalled and disgusted when I saw the video of those men being shot down while hearing the asses in the background laugh about it. Their the ones who should be on trial not Bradley. We have become what we’ve always said we hated. Torturers, brazen murderers, and have no feeling for all the innocents we’ve killed since entering the Middle East. We’ll be paying for this for years to come, because Karma Never forgets!

  9. I graduated from West Point in 1971, and served for 10 years in the Army. During this time we had intensive training on recognizing and reporting War Crimes — the Army was trying to correct the horrific incidence of war crimes committed in Vietnam. It was made clear to us that if you were aware of, and failed to report ANY war crimes, you would be court martialed and punished — the fate of several Colonels & Genera;s. So I am astounded the Army is punishing Bradley Manning, who properly reported the helicopter atrocity (14 civilians murdered in cold blood)to his commander. This “Officer” blew it off & told Manning to forget it. Why isn’t this Commander on trial ?? Why aren’t the murdering chopper pilots on trial ?? The Army has forgotten all the lessons of Vietnam, and is digging itself a massive black hole. No decent person will want to serve in such a corrupt, dysfunctional organization.

  10. he was humaniste , and they wanna trait him as ”vanounou” who did the same thing to Israel it is shame to justice when it see this thinhgs happen to Iraq and nother places and it don’t comdane who do it if there are justice in the united states of America it must be on every body no one on the low all my support brad you’re hero you’re humaniste you did the right thing

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