Stenographer transcripts from the court martial

Bradley Manning

Three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning waited more than 3 years before his trial began on June 3rd. A year of that was spent in solitary confinement, conditions the UN called “cruel, inhuman, and degrading.”

The Freedom of the Press Foundation has hired a court room stenographer to record transcripts of the proceedings.

Week 1

June 3, 2013. Day 1. Morning session. 06-03-13 AM session

June 3, 2013. Day 1. Afternoon session. 06-03-13-PM-session

June 4, 2013. Day 2. Morning session. 06-04-13-AM-session

June 4, 2013. Day 2. Afternoon session. 06-04-13-PM-session

June 5, 2013. Day 3. Morning session. 06-05-13-AM-session

June 5, 2013. Day 3. Morning session. 06-05-13-PM-session


Week 2

June 10, 2013. Morning session. 06-10-13-AM-session

June 10, 2013. Afternoon session. 06-10-13-PM-session

June 11, 2013. Morning session. 06-11-13-AM-session

June 11, 2013. Afternoon session. 06-11-13-PM-session

June 12, 2013. Morning session. 06-12-13-AM-session

June 12, 2013. Afternoon session. 06-12-13-PM-session


Week 3

June 17, 2013. Morning session. 06-17-13-AM-session

June 17, 2013. Afternoon session. 06-17-13-PM-session

June 18, 2013. Morning session. 06-18-13-AM-session


Week 4

June 25, 2013. Morning session. 06-25-13-AM-session

June 25, 2013. Afternoon session. 06-26-13-AM-session

June 26, 2013. Morning session. 06-26-13-AM-session

June 26, 2013. Afternoon session. 06-26-13-PM-session

June 27, 2013. Afternoon session. 06-27-13-PM-session

June 28, 2013. Morning session. 06-28-13-AM-session

June 28, 2013. Afternoon session. 06-28-13-PM-session


Week 5

July 1, 2013. Morning session.  07-01-13-AM-session

July 1, 2013. Afternoon session. 07-01-13-PM-session

July 2, 2013. Morning session. 07-02-13-AM-session

July 2, 2013. Afternoon session.  07-02-13-PM-session


Week 6. Defense Arguments

July 8, 2013. Morning session. 07-08-13-am-session

July 8, 2013. Afternoon session. 07-08-13-pm-session

July 9, 2013. Morning session.  07-09-13-AM-session

July 9, 2013. Afternoon session. 07-09-13-pm-session

July 10, 2013. Morning session. 07-10-13-AM-session

July 10, 2013. Afternoon session. REVISED-July-10-afternoon


Week 7. Rebuttals. 

July 15, 2013. Afternoon session. 07-15-13-pm-session

July 18, 2013. Morning session. 07-18-13-AM-session_0

July 18, 2013. Afternoon session. 07-18-13-PM-session

July 19, 2013. Morning session. 07-19-13-AM-session

July 19 2013. Afternoon session. 07-19-13-PM-session


Week 8. Closing Arguments

July 25 2013. Morning session. 07-25-13-AM-session 

July 25 2013. Afternoon session. 07-25-13-PM-session

July 26 2013. Morning session. 072613amsession_F  

July 26 2013. Afternoon session. 07-26-13-pm-session



July 30 2013. 07-30-13-AM-session (Verdict)



August 1, 2013. Morning session. 08-01-13-AM-session_0

August 1, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-01-13-PM-session 

August 2, 2013. Morning session. 08-02-13-AM-session

August 2, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-02-13-PM-session

August 5, 2013. Morning session. 08-05-13-AM-session

August 5, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-05-13-PM-session

August 6, 2013. Morning session. 08-06-13-AM-session

August 6, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-06-13-PM-session

August 7, 2013. Morning session. 08-07-13-AM-session

August 7, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-07-13-PM-session

August 8, 2013. Morning session. 08-08-13-AM-session

August 8, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-08-13-PM-session_0

August 9, 2013. Morning session. 08-09-13-AM-session

August 9, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-09-13-PM-session

August 12, 2013. Morning session. 08-12-13-AM-session

August 12, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-12-13-PM-session

August 13, 2013. Morning session. 08-13-13-AM-session

August 13, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-13-13-PM-session

August 14, 2013. Morning session. 08-14-13-AM-session

August 14, 2013. Afternoon session. 08-14-13-PM-session















5 thoughts on “Stenographer transcripts from the court martial

    • Better we should demand truth and transparency and stop forcing our military to commit crimes in our name. As an American, this should be our goal. DO NO HARM. Be a good example to other countries as we USED TO. Being free doesn’t mean we should get away with being bullies and murderers. Haven’t the brass learned ANYTHING from Viet Nam? And obviously YOU didn’t live through that era.

      • Hey, I’m from the same era by way of the USN. There has been a lot more bloodshed since that time by the same secret government that lied and brought to us ‘Viet-Nam’ and murdered JFK addition to the carnage brought by corporate interests in Iraq and Afghanistan.The world-wide Drone and Drug Wars. I haven’t even mentioned what they have done to our American Hemisphere brothers and sisters in the Caribbean States as well as in Mexico, and in Central and South America over the last century and a half at least. If you really knew the pain,suffering,death,and mayham that has been inflicted in the name of our national interest or security. It would break your heart. And now as in the past they outfit the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and works the other side for the moment in Egypt.If I’m not mistaken the Brotherhood is something began at the instigation of our CIA several decades ago.Same thing in Libya and elsewhere in Africa.These are all proxy conflicts that have been manufactured with no regard for human life. Mostly for the 1%er’s. These guys running the show are most likely the greatest evil now existing in the world. That’s more or less how the world rightly sees us. The world has been giving a pass to most of our citizens as being ignorant of what goes on in their name.And I can’t blame them for at least being pissed at us for our lazy apathy to the actions of our manipulators. Dumb is dumb but for how long? To stand with and support Bradley Manning is to stand against those Fascist Monsters that currently hold the most power. Just watch what happens if there is even one more recession in the next 5 years; It won’t be pretty that is for sure. Hopefully our military will out the bastards behind all this and also quickly neutralize our out of control militarized state and local police forces. By any means necessary along with anyone who has ever worked in any capacity of public service including private contractors, and who ever authorized anything contravening Our Bill of Rights or Our Constitution. Will be deprived of any type of public employment for the rest of their lives. I’ll tell you the truth though, there is not much to impress or inspire me coming from the Army or the Marines for a long time now. Most of our military leaders from the joint chiefs all the way down to the bottom lack any sense of honesty or integrity. We must face the fact that being a paid soldier or sailor does not make one a patriot. Usually it is quite the opposite. Look at history, why do you think that ours will be any different? Forget about the police they are the scum of the nation. With exceptions of course. They will all mostly stick to their moneymasters. Just as the Supreme Court ruled that police have no obligation to protect any citizen while on duty and acting in the role of sworn officers of the law. So it is with the mentalily of our military leaders. It might take a civilized historically minded Navy Captain or Admiral who would rather be a patriot than a thug to lead the way out of this mess. Other then not having Bradley crucified for our lack of integrity and forbearance We need to move away from the cult of personality and the party system. All this to say that it’s not right to somehow disqualify someone’s thought just because they are young? I’m sure you don’t like it when you are dismissed for being old. I know I don’t care for it. The Mannings and Snowdons are THE men of our season and we should not abandon them.(take it in the spirit given. No sexism meant or implied)

  1. Amazingley enough that there are members of the Amerikan Political Regeim that also beleive in Truth and Justice in the Amerikan Military being protected by a corupt Govt covering up Truth and Lying and then trying every dirty trick they can gather to prosicute anyone frome disclosing there ilegal inhuman acts ..Still they cary on despite the growing concerns and anger of those that still believe in a Truthefull Govt and its Military to do something Right ..It is astonishing there lack and disregard of the voice of the verry people they are suposed to represent …Frank Blackstone…one of the Astonishd

  2. Dear Bradley, I can not imagine what has been done and is being done to you.
    I want to say thank you, thank you for telling the hard truth. The Truth will set you free…keep saying it…it is true…it is a Universal Truth. My family and friends, including my children are all praying and anticipating your release. I would not expect a holiday in your name yet, but just in case…would you like that on your Birthday or the day you are set free? I explained who you are and what crimes you exposed to my youngest child of 8 years…she, like me, can not understand your being detained. Thank you for prompting that conversation with her…she asks about you. We hope you find peace in this time of trial and just know many are holding vigil for you and your release. Counting down to your freedom. RL

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