Bradley Manning’s Birthday

On December 17th, Bradley Manning will be turning 24. This is the second birthday he will have spent as a pretrial prisoner in a military prison, and the second day of his Pretrial Hearing. We will be having solidarity rallies around the world on this date. We also encourage you to send Bradley a birthday card directly. Please note that postal money orders and cashiers’ checks are allowed gifts.

42 thoughts on “Bradley Manning’s Birthday


  2. Brad is for sure a good person! He is a hero in the Netherlands! We reject this evilness of American satanic “authorities” who tries to continue in their very evil wickedness, those vicious evil dowers who want to keep the true away from the people, those satanic illumati should be punished for ever. Well done Brad! you did the right thing, you are not a coward but a HERO! “And be not afraid of them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell”. your prosecutors will receive eternal punishment! And we the Dutch will pull our back against your evil NWO/illuminati/ prosecutors and where we can we surely will punish them! No doubt about that! They are for sure not welcome in my country!

  3. Bradley, I think about you often. I never forget that you are in prison for having a good soul. You are a very brave young man who inspires me greatly. I have not forgotten you Bradley. :)

    • Michael,

      Great event! Please consider adding it to our events page – You can sign in with facebook, then add your event to share with everyone. We will be adding more events over the next month, and hope to create a resource for people interested in attending them.


  4. Happy birthday!!!!!!!! Thank you very much, Brad. I never forget you, in many places around the world, many people do not forget you. You did not make anything wrong. I send all my support. Thank you, thousand times, thanks. (sorry my bad english)

  5. May your next 100 birthdays be spent the same way. In prison. You endangered thousands of lives just because you disagreed with DADT and being forced to follow the rules. Have fun staying in a military prison for the rest of your life, the same military you betrayed and wanted out of. Funny thing, all he had to do is say he wanted out and file a few forms and they let you out…. instead you committed treason. Rot bastard rot!

    • Hi Stan,

      You might want to let the court case finish before you make such hateful statements. On what information are you making these judgments? Are you even sure Bradley Manning is the person you are so angry at? No lives were endangered. This has been made very clear. I suggest you do some more reading before coming to wild conclusions. I would also read the UCMJ, it seems you don’t understand that soldiers are innocent until proven guilty.

      You might be particularly interested to know Bradley Manning did complain, and he did report the issues (war crimes) that bothered him – long before the leak ever took place. See the article “Army disciplined 15 people over Bradley Manning failures” at

  6. Dear Bradley,
    You are a HERO. You did what needed to be done for your country and the world. Thank you.
    I hope your next birthday will be celebrated in freedom. I will rally in your support on that day.
    Hang in there.


    You are remembered for trying to save freedom for the rest of us. My gratitude and love to you.

  8. Happy Birthday, Bradley! You should be proud. You are a great example to all right thinking people and give us hope. Our thoughts and support are with you.
    PS. To Stan – your hatred is digging your grave!

  9. Dear Bradley,
    I hope you can stay strong despite the pain and suffering you are facing. I hope that your 25th birthday will find you a free man looking forward to a bright future.

  10. Dear Bradley
    Happy 24th Birthday on 17 December! You are our hero and do not deserve to be imprisoned. We want you released straight away …

  11. Dear Bradley, The first purpose of meditation is create calm. Sit in an alert and comfortable position. Starting at the top of your head, s-l-o-w-l-y scan your body. Notice any muscular, connective tissue, skeletal, and nervous system feedback. Change position slightly and s-l-o-w-l-y if the sensation bothers you. Repeat as needed. Or, don’t change position. Just keep noticing how it really feels, moment by moment. Gandhi: “First they ignore you.Then they laugh at you.Then they fight you. Then you win.” Love and respect and, yes, sadness.

  12. Happy Birthday Bradley!
    Stay strong! Courage! You’re the greatest!
    We’re all unbelievably proud of you!
    Freedom soon!

  13. Happy Birthday, Bradley. You are doing the difficult work of telling the truth at great risk and danger to yourself. I believe in full transparency, and our government has the obligation to do tell us the truth.

    You are the ultimate whistleblower, and they should be thanking you, not torturing you.

    Thank you.

  14. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday, dear Bradly, Happy Birthday to you.

    We love you, dear Bradley. You are our hero.

  15. Happy Birthday, Bradley. Thank you for your work for gay rights and whistleblowing. Information wants to be free! I will pray that your spirit will stay strong and hopeful.

  16. Happy birthday to a true hero. Your acts of courage were not a crime, but the diametric opposite of what you told us about.
    The no-brainer question of the day: Compare this to the My Lai massacre. Well, geez…

  17. Dear Bradley,

    Happy birthday to you.

    On the 17th we will drink to your birthday, your honor and health and hope that justice will prevail.

    You are a beacon of honesty and righteousness in a world of detrimental fraudulence, deception and procrastination hiding behind misguided secrecy. A secrecy that only protects the real bad boys, not the country.

    We feel vicarious shame to see how you are being treated in a country that pretends to be democratic and law-abiding.

    Great minds have purposes, we admire yours.

    We wish you much strength,

    Paul Braat and family
    The Netherlands, Europe

  18. We all love you, Bradley (me and my friends). You are a true hero of our time! You are a beautifull person! Keep up the spirit! I hope the whole planet will be supporting you!..Wish you happy birthday, sweety!I hope you will be soon free!

  19. Happy Birthday Bradley! I truly admire your strength and courage. I support you and hope you will soon be free. Please keep going on and don’t give up hope.

  20. I’m grateful for what you did for us all, and it really hurts to know what it has cost you. I wrote the President today to urge that you be freed, and if they manage to convict you of anything, to issue a pardon. How free can any of us feel as long as you are being held? Hope you next birthday is far better!

  21. Sending you my best thoughts and sincere wishes on your birthday that you should be free soon. I have just learnt of your plight and shocked to hear of it. People are spreading the word on their Facebook pages, and are disgusted that you should suffer. Well done for your courage x

  22. Know this Bradley, the US government need a scapegoat, and they always need to fight a war, even with their own, (that has good conscience at heart). Regardless of the outcome, you WILL go down in history as a very courageous person with good intentions, and the impending witch hunt which will result in you going to prison, will, in history be written as one of the biggest miscarriages of justice committed by the US Government.
    My thoughts are with you and I hope sensibility prevails to avoid the US government looking like fools.
    Happy Birthday

  23. Happy Birthday Bradley Manning. Your detractors say you endangered lives by telling the truth. But actually your actions more probably will save many lives in the years and decades to come. You’re a brave person Bradley who sacrificed a lot for us all. And you continue to sacrifice each day you spend in bondage under questionable treatment. I could fill a book and still not find the words to say how much you have done for America, the planet and all of mankind. Peace be with you always. You are truly beautiful

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