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Exclusive presentation by Bradley Manning’s lawyer David Coombs:

Activism and Protests

The Forgotten Man: Bradley Manning

Collateral Murder

Wikileaks and Julian Assange

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  1. “The Emperor Has No Clothes!” In other words, these so-called “secrets” are an embarrassment to the government, and they don’t want them released because they would be hard to justify in a court of law or to the American people! When the government commits war crimes, they don’t want the evidence released not because of “National Security” as they claim, but because they know they are wrong and don’t want their crimes exposed!

  2. I totally agree with the last comment. Just hearing Manning’c comments about why he leaked these documents makes me wish there were more people with these convictions about truth. This is a man who TRULY deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. In this broken and miserable world, a young man like Manning is like a breath of fresh air. Too bad the governments don’t see it the same way. Of course, Julian Assange is also deserving of the same great things that Manning is.

    • 1. PFC Manning’s actions directly put myself and my unit in direct danger by showing AlQueda what worked to kill us on the MSRs.

      2. PFC Manning repeatedly signed a non disclosure document and under went security disclosure training. He knew what the risks were but didn’t care. Was it worth it just to embarrass diplomats for a giggle?

      3. The state Dept leaks are not so bad but to give up our combat movement to the enemy is defined as treason.

      4.Even our training manuals are classified. Want access so bad? Lawyer can petition to be sworn in and given access and then see its just boring details but non the less still classified.

      5. You two have never held a public service position or served your country and it shows by your lack of objectionable thought.

      6 Combat tour veteran CIB

      • Hi Staff Sergeant Fields.
        Firstly – I have a huge amount of respect for servicemen and women. I just hardly ever agree with what they’ve done. I’d do my best to prevent any one I knew from joining the army.
        I have friends who have served. One in the first Gulf War. He’s still pretty fucked up by this after many years. Cleaning up the road to Basra after a comprehensive A10 attack will do that.

        I’ll go through the points as you did. The answers/questions here are made without irony.
        In reference; I have just watched the so called ‘collateral murder’ footage. Silly name if you want to get any squaddies on side.

        1. I have to admit I’m not sure what you mean here.
        Please clarify.

        2. The rest of your life in a US dungeon doesn’t sound like much of a giggle to me. This is a pretty serious decision that Manning made.
        ‘He knew what the risks were but didn’t care.’
        I have to agree that spilling US military secrets is a really bad idea. Especially if they involve wanting to cover up the (obviously accidental) killing of civilians.

        Apparently your also allowed to spill the beans in
        certain cases! Cool! Brad must be really pleased!

        It was pretty obvious to me that the servicemen were not really to blame. Apart from the fact that they signed up.
        I think the US government/military realise that too much exposure of this kind of thing is a bit of a loser for voters/recruitment. Much better to wait 5 years and then it’s history.

        Lets not even visit the ‘just following orders’ argument. Even though this is probably the main issue on so many levels.

        So sad to me when the pilot said ‘their fault – don’t bring your kids to battle’ – I guess the guys on the ground didn’t want to fuck their day up too much by saying ‘you killed a bunch of reporters and the family who stopped to help’

        From the official figures that Manning leaked the kill ratio seems pretty bad; 60% civvies vs 40% who gives a shit.
        Thats some shooting! Woop! Lets not go to the unofficial figures.
        Hearts and minds! All over the pavement!

        3. maybe I need to research more…. please clarify.
        As far as I can see the state dept leaks are what this is about. Totally correct me.

        4. Fair enough.
        Can I get torture training manual from Quantico though? Possibly a waste of time as people will say anything when you waterboard them and electrocute their nuts after a week of no sleep. This is fairly well researched.

        5. I’ve never held a public service position either. Maybe i’m just a little too worried that i’d end up in some insane oil war with no support (like my friends) if I got damaged – physically or mentally.

        I also feel that I serve my country by not agreeing to do shitty things to people because some guy with a few stars on his coat told me to.
        I’d always wonder who told him what to do?

        6. Are you still sending a Christmas card to your recruitment officer? I hope not.
        The last retiring Sergeant I met was of to Kuwait to work in rendition for their secret service. I guess he believed it was still all in a good cause. Revenge on the Taliban he called it. I wonder if rendition will become a problem for all the people who thought it was a neat way of solving all those awkward problems of ‘justice’?
        As far as I can tell – kill one and get three new recruits. Thats still double your money by any ones standard.

        Maybe I’m dumb but I think stamping out terror is like smoking all drugs out of existence.

        Good luck anyway, buddy.

        T xxx

  3. I’d love to know why my comment posted here several weeks ago when I replied to happy-to-murder SSG Fields above was not published. Apparently, unlike Bradley Manning, this website (BradleyManning.org) is all for the censorship of ideas that they don’t like. Without a satisfactory answer, I will no longer be supporting this organization.

    • Dear Gibby,

      Apologies if a comment was deleted or marked as spam erroneously. Have have been flooded with commercial spam comments recently and are working hard to get it under control. Some recent spam blocking options we implemented have turned out to work rather poorly and we’ve since removed them as they were blocking comments unnecessarily.

      Please resubmit your comment and thank you very much for commenting on these issues.

      Bradley Manning Support Network.

  4. Our heart goes to Bradley and congratulate him for his courage. Peace loving people in New Zealand are watching and see him as a hero for the right to make public to the insideous behaviour of anyone inflicting destruction on innocent people. We had hoped that the president would have brought peace to the world, and improved the image of America, but it appears to have gone the other way. We thought he was being held to ransom by the multinational companies that appear to rule governments….it would also appear that this is not the case. What will happen to our world All hope is lost. Take care Bradley…you are our hero. Big hugs Kate

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