Court martial actions, date TBA

Take action on the first day of Bradley Manning’s court martial (aka military trial).

The date for this has not yet been announced. It is impossible to know when this will happen due to government delays regarding all aspects of Bradley’s case; however, we are expecting the trial to take place either in November and/or December 2011.

This court martial is expected to take place somewhere in the Washington DC area, and by law, should be open to the public and press. The court martial may last up to six weeks.

The Bradley Manning Support Network is counting on you to help us organize events not only in DC for this trial, but local events internationally. Please begin thinking about, and planning, what you can do where you live to contribute to this global action. Contact Emma at [email protected] for help and ideas.

One thought on “Court martial actions, date TBA

  1. I am scheduled to do a presentation in Ft Lauderdale sunday 3/18—I do have a packet—any suggestions? I will also driving north thru D.C. on my way to Syracuse N.Y. circa 4/1…We have a very active SPC Syracuse Peace Council there. Finally, I will back in Miami for the Veterans for Peace National Conference 8/10-12 and will try to do a workshop on Whistle-blowing and Bradley Manning.

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