Call your government representative. Dismiss all the charges against Bradley Manning.

Every week from now until the court martial the Bradley Manning Support Network will be asking supporters to write or call individuals and organizations influential to the trial.

Pfc. Bradley Manning, an alleged WikiLeaks whistle-blower, will be formally arraigned on the 23rd of February. While his presence in the courtroom will be brief, the arraignment sets in motion Manning’s court martial, which is currently expected to begin in May. With this in mind we are requesting that supporters write, email, and call their local representatives to express their outrage over the charges against, and the treatment of, Pfc. Bradley Manning. The military court proceedings have thus far been for show, but we can still ask our elected officials to protect whistle-blowers and to pressure the Obama Administration to drop all the charges against Bradley Manning.

1. It took a year and a half to get to the pretrial hearing, and once there the military selected an Investigating Officer from the same department investigating WikiLeaks. This is not justice.

2. Military officials are refusing to allow access to key witnesses and evidence. The only witnesses called by the defense who will be allowed to testify are those who have also been called by the administration. They have blocked critically important evidence — such as internal administration WikiLeaks impact assessments — from being considered in open court. This evidence could have contradicted the government’s ridiculous “aiding the enemy” charge.

3. Whistle-blowers are essential to a vibrant democracy. Secrecy is not the answer. Laws must be implemented to protect whistle-blowers. Blowing the whistle on war crimes should not be a crime. Why was this material classified in the first place? The classification of government documents should not be used to cover up crimes.

4. Eight months of solitary confinement is torture. The Obama administration has repeatedly denied the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, from access to a private visit with Bradley Manning. Why has Bradley Manning’s treatment been so severe? Why is Bradley Manning being denied a confidential visit with Juan Mendez?

Stop the retaliation against whistle-blowers. Drop all charges against PFC Bradley Manning! Call your local representative and ask them to raise the issue of Pfc. Bradley Manning’s unjust treatment. Tell them justice is not being served. Please write, tweet, email, call, and otherwise share your experience. Let us know how your representatives have responded. Bradley Manning’s supporters are listening, and it’s time for the government to do the same.

The phone number and contact information for your representative can be found by following the link below,

House of Representatives Contact Information.

International supporters can raise the issue with the nearest US Embassy.

The National Lawyers Guild recently joined our call on the Obama administration to dismiss all the charges against Bradley Manning. “Manning’s prosecution is calculated to distract us from the real problem, that the U.S. government is once again hiding from the public proof of crimes committed in our name,” states David Gespass, NLG President. (read more…)

Thank you for supporting Pfc. Bradley Manning!

6 thoughts on “Call your government representative. Dismiss all the charges against Bradley Manning.

  1. [email protected] on said:

    Bradley Manning is a true patriot , keeping aggression on its toes. He has been punished enough. Let him free.

  2. I know everybody in my state supports Bradley we all know he did the right thing.I’ve been in the military I know the things our government has done wrong.I would have done what Bradley did,and now I’m old and I can truly say, if I could switch places with Bradley I would.I would gladly spend the rest of my life in Leavenworth if it meant this boy could be free.I hope his family reads this and knows they have a great person in their family.I know Obama won’t be President again,everybody supports Bradley Manning,and have said they will make sure he doesn’t win reelection unless he pardons Bradley.

  3. The classification of government documents should not be used to cover up crimes. Dismiss all charges against Bradley Manning. Don Lehman

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