Help us hire a new Washington DC organizer for Bradley Manning!

We need to hire a Bradley Manning Support Network organizer to build our campaign in the Washington DC region, and we need your help to do it. We are asking for your help today in order to bring another talented heart, mind, and set of hands to our team. Our goal is to raise $20,000 in the next 30 days to support this new staff position.

Please donate today.

Our new DC organizer will focus on recruiting and organizing more supporters from the greater Washington DC area to travel to Fort Meade during Bradley’s court martial proceedings. The visible supporter presence both outside the gates of Fort Meade and inside the courtroom plays a crucial role in the story the media tells about the military prosecution of Bradley Manning.

View the job description. We’re seeking applicants today.

Thanks to the rallies and vigils we’ve organized so far, we’ve reached the cover of the Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and have been featured in thousands of news articles worldwide. With a DC area organizer on staff, we can ramp up the visibility of supporters at Fort Meade, and nearby cites.

The Bradley Manning Support Network staff is small but dedicated. We have had many serious discussions over the past two years about how we best use our resources to free Bradley. Thanks to our grassroots supporters around the world, we have been able to provide Bradley’s legal expenses, provide outreach to journalists and the public, fund billboards and advertisements, maintain an ever-changing website with tens of thousands of viewers each day, and stage hundreds of solidarity events globally. Our efforts have led to nearly a million petition signatures either protesting Bradley’s inhumane imprisonment at Quantico or demanding his freedom. Bradley recently won the People Choice Human Rights Award, and is currently a serious contender for the Nobel Peace Prize.

As the details of the US Military’s prosecution of Bradley unfold and are called unconstitutional by organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, we’re sure most supporters wish they could show their support for Bradley in-person at the Fort Meade courtroom. However if you can’t make it to Fort Meade, please consider ensuring your voice is represented by making a donation toward a new DC organizer.


One thought on “Help us hire a new Washington DC organizer for Bradley Manning!

  1. I have been appalled by this case — and in complete disbelief that our nation would stoop so low, although when the country began to certify itself as a torture nation I have felt it very difficult to pledge allegiance to it!
    Now with a case such as this one, it’s almost the final straw!
    I have not supported any war since our conflict in Korea and find the country continuing to be renegade in respect to the Constitution and the rights that we should assume as citizens of what was once a “rather” honorable nation – I no longer feel such patriotic alliance, but stlll protest and speak out as the country marches full speed to embrace Plutocratic fascism which I will fight against till my dying day. – the country is not “right” any longer, but it had some very positive ideas, which Private Manning advanced!
    While I still have an “iota” of patriotism left in me (obviously far less so than Manning, since I refused to fight in the worthless Vietnam fiasco) – how dare you put this man
    in a stuffed military inhumane “court”? This really starts to put the nails into the coffin of what remains of my meager “patriotism”!!!!
    Why cant this country behave honorably – and Put Terrorists like Budh, Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Yoo, Bybee, et al (already condemned by the rest of the world, let alone by myself, and I find such confirmation more than justified!), rather than to waste time and money on a “freakish” and absurd trial to justify its’ own abhorrent and unjustifiable behavior???? What is this abysmal government ashamed of so much that it is willing to trash the “law of the land” and its’ Constitution, to put one innocent marine – a hero in my estimation, to such degredation and humiliation ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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