Paid job: Washington DC / Baltimore area organizer

Washington DC / Baltimore area organizer needed in support of Army PFC Bradley Manning, accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower

Courage to Resist, in collaboration with the Bradley Manning Support Network, is seeking applicants for a regional organizer in the Washington DC / Baltimore area. Approx. 20 hours per week to start. Compensation based on experience ($14-$20/hour range). This is an immediate opening. This independent contractor (1099) position is expected to continue until approximately January 2013.


Courage to Resist ( supports military servicepersons who object to illegal war and occupation and the policies of empire. Courage to Resist is a 6-year-old program of the Alliance for Global Justice, a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code, and hosts the Bradley Manning Defense Fund in collaboration with the Bradley Manning Support Network.

The Bradley Manning Support Network ( is an international grouping of individuals and organizations dedicated to supporting PFC Bradley Manning. Bradley faces life in prison for allegedly sharing the “Collateral Murder” video of a US helicopter attack that killed a dozen Iraqis, embarrassing US State Dept. cables, the “Iraq War Logs”, and the “Afghan War Diaries” with the WikiLeaks website.


The primary role of this contract is to build grassroots support for PFC Manning in the greater Washington DC / Baltimore area.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Political and logistical support in building and promoting events at Fort Meade, Maryland, which coincide with PFC Manning’s court appearances.
  • Staging support events (presentations, fundraisers, workshops) in the greater Washington DC / Baltimore area; including, organizing protest-type events to focus attention on decision-makers related to PFC Manning’s case and treatment.
  • Representing the Bradley Manning Support Network at all manner of events and functions.
  • Building allies among related organizations in the DC area and collecting campaign endorsements
  • Recruiting and maintaining contact with regional activists/volunteers

This position functions under the direction of the Courage to Resist Project Director, with the input of the Bradley Manning Support Network Steering and Organizing Committees, and alongside current campaign staff.


  • A strong affinity with the organizational backgrounds described above.
  • The ability to function efficiently without direct supervision.
  • Strong work ethic, resilience, persistence, and the ability to multi-task.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to establish positive relationships with individuals from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Previous, verifiable experience as a staff member and/or volunteer with a non-profit organization, or similar community organization or grassroots campaign.
  • Previous experience with strategic campaign planning.
  • Use of a personal automobile is a likely necessity of this position, to include valid license, registration, and insurance.


Approx. 20 hours per week to start, likely to increase to 40 or more hours per week during phases of the campaign. Compensation based on experience ($14-$20/hour range). This independent contractor (1099) position is expected to continue through the end of PFC Manning’s court martial proceedings, currently estimated to end January 2013. Reimbursement of pre-approved travel and other expenses provided. An additional $150 monthly health care stipend is provided based on proof of personal health care insurance coverage.

This organizer position may require long and irregular work hours, to include work on weekends and holidays, when necessary.


Courage to Resist does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or military discharge classification.

Three references will be requested if you are asked to interview for the position.

Send introduction and resume to dc-org-job(at) Please paste text into the e-mail; do not send attachments. Please send as plain text if possible; keep formatting to a minimum. No phone calls please. Only applicants that articulate in their introduction both a general understanding of PFC Manning’s situation, and previous similar or applicable experience, will be considered.

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