Update 10/25/11: Iraq refuses to extend U.S. military diplomatic immunity after WikiLeaks exposed crimes

From protest earlier today at an Obama fundraiser in SF

What did Wikileaks reveal? A reported American airstrike that murdered civilians and children, was not in fact an airstrike, but rather the actions of on the ground troops. Because of this Wikileaks revelation, the Iraq government has refused to renew American soldier’s diplomatic immunity, and as a result the U.S. will “withdraw almost all its troops from Iraq by the end of the year”.

Glenn Greenwald explains the debate surrounding the incident, and concludes that “In sum, whoever leaked those cables is responsible for one of the most consequential, beneficial and noble acts of this generation.”

How long can the U.S. military keep people locked up without a trial? Bradley Manning’s trial date
hasn’t been set after more than 500 days in confinement. If that wasn’t bad enough, some senators want
to lock up people accused of helping the enemy indefinitely, and strip them of the rights to any trial at
all. Thankfully a group of retired military officers have written a letter to the Senate majority leader
contesting the proposal,

“If passed, we believe these provisions would reshape our counterterrorism policies in ways that would undermine our national security and transform our armed forces into judge, jury and jailor for foreign terrorism suspects. The military’s mission is to prosecute wars, not terrorists. … It [the bill] would also authorize the indefinite detention without trial of terrorism suspects, including American citizens captured on U.S. soil – a policy that is contrary to the very American values needed to win this fight.” Link.

The Associated Press has announced that the military brig in Quantico, VA will be closed by the end of the year. They explain that the brig gained notoriety while holding PFC Bradley Manning in solitary confinement for 9 months.

2 thoughts on “Update 10/25/11: Iraq refuses to extend U.S. military diplomatic immunity after WikiLeaks exposed crimes

  1. Well, in FrontLine’s Documentary about Bradley I recall the reporter saying Bradley had expressed hope that maybe one day this choice would somehow make a difference. Well not only did it make a difference…..it forcefeed every idealistic patriot of these United States the sad fact: We have become nothing more than a bullying country. One that seems to have lost it’s way. If not for Bradley Manning and those like him the men who hold positions of power in this country would absolutely have no elective memory such as those in Collateral Murder.

  2. Velma,

    I completely agree. The information supposedly leaked by Bradley Manning has shown just how badly we need to keep pressuring the government for transparency. Obama started his administration with a promise for increased accountability and transparency, even praising “whistle-blowers”. We need to keep pressuring him to follow through on his promise. So far he’s done exactly the opposite.

    Not only did Bradley Manning expose and bring into question our actions broad, but he also helped bring the troops home.

    I really hope we can return the favor and help free him.

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