Update 1/24/13: Fund raising success helps support efforts continue despite latest trial delay

Demonstrating in support of Bradley Manning's right to a speedy trial.

Demonstrating in support of Bradley Manning’s right to a speedy trial.

Last month, we appealed to you to take advantage of two anonymous matching grants effectively tripling each dollar donated. The response was, in a word, overwhelming.

Thanks to your generosity, some 1,100 supporters–roughly a third of whom were first-time donors–raised more than $97,000 towards the campaign for justice for Bradley.

While this inspiring show of support exceeded expectations, it could not have come at a better time. Just days into 2013, the court announced yet another substantial delay in the court martial trial calendar. Although this February will mark Bradley’s 1,000th day behind bars awaiting trial, ┬áthe court martial is now not expected to begin until June 3, further driving legal expenses.

The tremendous response to our call for donations allows us to now make strong steps, moving the campaign forward as we head to court martial.

Since Bradley’s arrest on May 29, 2010, supporters have fueled an international campaign, raising enough money to secure civilian representation in David Coombs–whose performance continues to garner praise from courtroom spectators–as well as maintain aggressive public education and outreach campaigns around the United States and the world, raising awareness and deepening discussions about Bradley’s case and the shocking revelations contained in the leaked documents.

The Bradley Manning Support Network and Courage to Resist extends its deepest thanks to all who were able to donate last month and to all whose ongoing support continues to demand justice for this courageous young man.

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