Vote for Bradley Manning to win Global Exchange’s Human Rights Award!

Vote for accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower PFC Manning to win this year’s People’s Choice award!

Global Exchange is an advocacy non-governmental organization based in San Francisco. The group’s mission is to promote human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice around the world. One of the group’s founders, Medea Benjamin, sits on the Bradley Manning Support Network’s Advisory Board, and this year Bradley Manning has been nominated for their annual Human Rights Award.

From Global Exchange’s website:

The Global Exchange Human Rights Awards strives to recognize the individuals and groups making a lasting difference, including those heroes whose efforts may have previously gone unrecognized. Spanning the globe, these honorees represent a multiplicity of professions, tactics, and aspirations. Though diverse, they are unified by a common drive to preserve and protect human rights.

The Human Rights Award winner will receive $1000 as well as international recognition as a hero for human rights. The number of votes each candidate receives is a crucial consideration in determining their 2012 People’s Choice winner. Go here to vote for PFC Bradley Manning now. While Global Exchange promotes Facebook, you can vote without it. Look for the “Not a Facebook user? Register a contest account” option.

Other considerations which the Global Exchange selection committee takes into account:

  • Evidence of contribution to human rights struggles
  • Demonstration that the People’s Choice Award honor will strengthen and advance the candidate’s efforts and work
  • Would publicity and public recognition help make the person or group more effective?
  • Would the award provide the person or group with needed protection?
  • Is the U.S. government in any way responsible for the repression being denounced by the person or group?
  • Is this a political cause or issue that is important to spotlight for public education purposes and government watchdog efforts?

Based on the above criteria, we believe PFC Manning is an excellent choice. Now go vote! You can also leave comments on his nomination page explaining why you think PFC Manning is the best candidate for the award.


Thank you for supporting Pfc. Bradley Manning

37 thoughts on “Vote for Bradley Manning to win Global Exchange’s Human Rights Award!

    • While they promote Facebook, you can vote without it. Look for the “Not a Facebook user? Register a contest account” option.

  1. I hope people around the world start raising their kids like Bradley.He shouldn’t be in prison,he should be in the White House as President.

  2. Bradley Manning is a worthy winner of the Human rights price without doubt, he has done the act of the last year. He spread truth to the world in a way and volume that hasent been done before.
    Give Bradley Manning the price.

  3. Back in 2008, President Obama, got his Nobel Peace Prize, and he turned out to be the Biggest Two Face on this planet. The fact that in 2012, it’s Pfc Manning, who is up for serious consideration is a slap in the Two Faces of President Obama, and the U.S. acting like they are the Second Coming of the New Roman or Nazi Empire. Pfc Manning, exposed the Dirty Underwear, and War Crimes of America, while still in uniform. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, 100 Times over Barack Obama, ever did in 2008.

    • While they promote Facebook, you can vote without it. Look for the “Not a Facebook user? Register a contest account” option.

  4. free Bradley Manning!!!, if he goes to Jail so should all the military people concealing this information. Fuck Obama, Bradley Manning reveald the truth and shouldn’t be punish for that

  5. Honest and Courageous Military Personnel should be Praised as Heros and not Held as Prisoners. Let Bradley Manning out now!

  6. Free Bradley Manning and award him the highest possible honor for being a brave WHISTLE BLOWER! We need more folks who can speak TRUTH to power and raise everyone’s awareness of what is going on in the world. I don’t think that President Obama has been able to do anything about this, because the power is in the hands of the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. They are the ones running things, and they are to blame for the shameful detention of this Global Peace Hero, Bradley Manning.

  7. A medal, a nobel peace prize and his dignity restored by setting him free is what he deserves. He is admired by many. His curageous, selfless act has been inspiring; and for exposing war crimes he should be heralded as the perpetrators of war crimes should face charges. If there is any justice in the world he will be released soon and awarded accordingly and deservedly so.

  8. “Instead of punishing and silencing alleged whistle-blowers like Manning for revealing uncomfortable truths, we should honor their courage to stand up for what’s right”- Ann Wright, Retired Army Colonel & Former U.S. diplomat .

    In Solidarity with Bradley Manning
    Thursday, March 15, 6pm
    Ocean Ave. & Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica
    (southeast & southwest corners)

    Bring signs supporting Bradley!
    (Signs will also be provided)

    Sponsored by: Palisadians for Peace

  9. La prison.l’incarcération est faite pour les criminels, dont les faiseurs de guerre perpétuelle de la Finance “Trésor” du Complexe militaro-industriel = l’inhumanité/la MAFIA reptilienne interNationale “…1789…” jamais inquiétée, pourquoi s’arrêter. Le jeune Bradley Manning, lui, n’est pas nuisible au Monde, il doit vite retrouver la Liberté, ce sera juste.

  10. He is a Real Hero and what Humanity is supposed to Stand for!! Give him the Peace Prize I cant think of anyone else who deserves this more then Him!!

  11. Is the vote still open till 5P.M. there doesn’t seem to a vote button now and the page is’nt showing how many votes a person has now.

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      You may want to try using an alternate Internet Browser. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer both play better with the website than Firefox. Or you could try refreshing the page.

  12. Bradley is a hero for justice and common sense. He has stood out against the biggest establishment in modern day. He is suffering for telling us the truth. We need to support him and nominate him for the Nobel prize for advancing peace.

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