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org pack
Free Bradley Organizer kit $40
T-shirt, whistle, 20 buttons, 100 stickers, 300 info cards, and 30 petition copies to get you started. We’ll contact you for your shirt size.
manning men t
Basic and women’s black shirts

Select for larger image. Heavy weight, pre-shrunk 100% cotton basic men’s T-shirt. Size chart
“Classic Girl” women’s shirts by American Apparel run small, but are stretchy. Size chart.
manning cards
Info cards
30 for $5 / 150 for $20 / 500 for $40

4″ x 6″ glossy. Select for larger view.
manning stickers
Vinyl, 2-color, 3″x4″. Paper, 3″ round.
25 mix for $5 / 500 roll (paper) for $60
manning bumper stickers
Bumper Stickers
Vinyl, full color, 11″x3.25″.
Set of 3 for $5 / 12 for $10

manning whistles
Metal with Manning image on one side. Orange lanyards included. 2 for $10
Set of 4 for $5 / 12 for $10 / 40 for $25
2.25″. Select for larger view. Orders include all four designs. For orders larger than the four set, the “blue graphic” version will comprise 50% of total buttons sent.
Set of 4 for $10 / 16 for $20 / 80 for $50
18″ x 24″. Select for larger view. Orders include an equal quantity of all three designs.
10 feet long, 2 feet high, vinyl w/ grommets.
Select for larger view.

16 thoughts on “Store

  1. I am trying to buy your “kit” but can’t get it to go through. Is something wrong with your site or is it my computer?

  2. There are a number of things that can cause the order process to fail, including: Disabled JavaScript will not allow the form to process, maximum security settings may cause a “mismatched security certificate” warning, and disabled cookies will keep your computer from keeping track of your order. If you we’re having a problem, you can send us a check, or call us M-F, 9am to 5pm, at 510-488-3559. -Courage to Resist

  3. Got our kit – it’s a GREAT value and it helped get us to work right away on Brad’s behalf. It’s easy to put a BrAD button on my jacket every day to help get the 411 out~ Ask me about BRAD! I’ve got an info card and a petition for u to sign~! The BRAD Stickers are a great on-the-go visibility tool yo! THANks to COURAGE TO RESIST!

  4. After 911, there was the invasion of Iraq, which caused more than one American to question our foreign policy. Since then, the government has reclassified many documents, and still holds far too many secrets. So now we are at war in several areas of the world, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya etc. But we are also fighting a war here at home for truth and information. I am a member of the 99% who see the battle not against someone living in a cave in Afghanistan, but instead against the corporate conglomerates, Wall Street, and banks who control the government. I consider Bradley Manning an American Patriot in the truest sense of the word. He, and others like him, who release the truth that the government would rather hide, are fighting for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and for every citizen of this country.

  5. Thanks for the support Ron! Raphael, I hope all is working now, but please if anyone is having trouble with this form email us. Hopefully everything is fixed.

  6. I would like to display a bumper sticker and wear a name tag that simply says MANNING and looks just like his military name tag sewn onto his uniform. Simple and effective.
    Please consider.

  7. Hi-Can someone from the Support Network (or anywhere) help us to get Bradley Manning masks, stickers and information sheets for the Veterans For Peace-initated Saint Patrick’s Day Peace Parade on Sunday March 18th in Boston. We want everybody in the parade to be wearing BM materials. We have a duck boat that will feature BM signs. Contact me at [email protected] as soon as possible (ASAP for any veterans out there). We will pay costs, no problem. Free Bradley Manning Now!

  8. Hi-Can someone from the Support Network (or anywhere) help us to get Bradley Manning masks. We are in London, England and have a picket outside the US Embassy today 16 March at 17.00 hours local time. We would dearly love to have Bradley Manning full face masks

    • Organizers (and would-be organizers) should send requests for Bradley Manning info cards, stickers, buttons, and posters to emma(at) We ship out stuff almost daily to supporters around the world. Regarding the masks, what we have done is cut out Bradley’s photo from the 18″x24″ posters we have, had our local copy shop laminate that cut out, and then trimmed the edges. We could send you a few posters to get you started. We could probably spare 2 or 3 masks, but shipping expenses will not be insignificant due to the odd size.

  9. Can U guys make post cards. If everyone mailed a “Manning” post card to someone… another route of exposure. Than You for what You do. Just think if You weren’t their !@#$%^& Yikes it’s scary

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