Vigil for Bradley Manning at Ft. Meade this Thursday. Solidarity actions taking place worldwide.

By Emma Cape, Campaign Organizer. March 12, 2012.

Thursday, March 15th is the date of PFC Bradley Manning’s next appearance at Ft. Meade, MD. During this motion hearing, the dates of Bradley’s future hearings and court martial will be determined. The defense has requested that the court martial begin in May, while the prosecution is requesting an August start date. Considering that Bradley has already been forced to endure over 650 days of pretrial imprisonment, including eight months of solitary isolation, we see this effort to push back the date of the trial even further as yet another violation of his rights and another example of the military’s “kangaroo court” justice. While Bradley stands in court, we will show our support by standing at the front gate of Ft. Meade. Our vigil will take place from 7-9am, when reporters are most likely to be taking photos. (You can find directions to Ft. Meade here.)

Supporters not located near Ft. Meade can participate in a simple act of solidarity:

Organize friends and colleagues to gather on March 15th by a busy road, holding signs of support for Bradley Manning. Suggested messages include “Free Bradley Manning,” “Blowing the whistle on war crimes is not a crime,” and “No show trial, no life in prison for accused whistle-blower.” Please include our URL ( on the bottom of your posters, to ensure that people driving by know where to learn more if they are interested.

Take “I am Bradley Manning” photos with your friends, and submit them to

We call for these actions in solidarity with Sunshine Week, a national initiative to promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information. We believe Bradley Manning is Sunshine Week’s ultimate icon, as the actions attributed to him have shined more light on the inner workings of the U.S. military and state department than anything else in the “War on Terror” era.

Thank you for supporting Bradley Manning!

7 thoughts on “Vigil for Bradley Manning at Ft. Meade this Thursday. Solidarity actions taking place worldwide.

  1. will have sign and flag outside my home in pa with candle, candles inside lit, wear BM tshirt, leave handouts everywheres

  2. All Out On March 18th-A Friendly Reminder From Al Johnson-VFP

    Bradley Manning’s cause will be well publicized at this event. We have two larger banners that will go on a duck boat (nice, right) and have buttons, info cards and other materials to distribute-Free Bradley Manning Now!

    Saint Patrick’s Peace Parade In South Boston

    For Peace. Equality, Jobs, Social & Economic Justice
    March 18, 2012

    Assemble Time: 1:00 pm, Parade Start Time: 2:00 pm
    Start Location: D Street and West Broadway
    Just three blocks east of the MBTA Redline Station
    (Corner of Dorchester Ave. and West Broadway)
    Look for Veterans For Peace Flags
    End Location: Andrew MBTA Station
    (Corner of Dorchester Ave. and Dorchester Street)

    The St. Patrick’s Peace Day Parade STARTS on D Street and will enter West Broadway (easterly), left onto East Broadway, Right onto “P” Street, Right onto “East 4th” Street,
Left onto “K” Street, Right onto “East 5th” Street, Left onto “G” Street, Right onto the ‘Southerly Arm of Thomas Park’, Left onto “Telegraph” Street,
Left onto “Dorchester Street” and ENDING at “Dorchester Avenue”.

    Driving: Directions and parking.
    We have a lot on D Street, across from Louis Street.

    FROM points North via I-93:

    Take I-93 South to Exit 20A “South Station.” At the end of the ramp, take a left at signal, onto Summer Street at South Station. Follow Summer St. for approximately 1 mile, the Boston Convention Center will be on your right, D Street is just past the Convention Center. Make a right and go up to Louis Street. The parking lot will be on your left, dirt lot with parked truck trailers.

    FROM points South via I-93:

    Take I-93 North to Exit 20 “South Boston”. Follow the signs to “I-90 East”. Take the first tunnel exit to “South Boston”. At the first set of lights, take a right onto Congress Street. Take the second right onto D Street. Continue on D Street, past the Convention on your right. Drive up D Street to Louis Street. The parking lot will be on your left, dirt lot with parked truck trailers.
    Coming by the T.

    Take the Red Line to the Broadway T Station (South Boston) on the Red Line. Upon exiting the T Station walk four blocks east on West Broadway to D Street and make a left. The parade staging area is two short blocks from West Broadway. Look for VFP flags upon exiting the T station and along the way. People will be there to direct you.

  3. We should all take our I am Bradley Manning photo’s and those of us who have facebook accounts can change our profile pictures for tomorrow to that picture. I know I am.
    I am on study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and I got one of the packages and have been sharing information about him here!
    It’s great you get buttons, stickers, fliers, petition and it’s all not very expensive….okay now I sound like I’m promoting a product…..
    Bradley you are my HERO!
    thank you for your bravery!!!!!!

  4. Manning is indeed a major hero at a time when our so-called leaders are sorely lacking. Today PM Cameron claimed Obama in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq “pressed the reset button on the moral authority of the entire free world.”

    But there is no reset on moral authority.

    Manning is triumphant on that score.

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