Rally: Action for Accused Wikileaker Bradley Manning!

When & Where
Oscar Grant Plaza
406 14th Street btw Broadway & Franklin
Oakland, CA
August 16, 2012 – 5:00pm
Michael Thurman
[email protected]
(916) 202-6060

Stand with the most influential whistle blower of our generation! Join us in taking action against the unjust court proceedings! Put governments & corporations on trial!
Bradley Manning, a 24-year-old, openly gay, US Army intelligence analyst is facing life in prison. He is accused of sharing the following with Wikileaks: a video of the killing of civilians by a US helicopter in Iraq, the Guantanamo Files, the Afghan War Diary, the Iraq War Logs, and revealing US diplomatic cables. In short, he’s been charged with telling us the truth about controversial wars, foreign policies and corporate and government corruption and tyranny.

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Endorsed By: Courage to Resist, SF Bradley Manning Support Network, Iraq Veterans Against the War, World Can’t Wait, Global Exchange.


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