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  1. I just registered this domain names (I pad every bit of $24 to do so) with the idea of pressuring Obama to pardon Bradley. If he does the math, and finds it will get him more votes than otherwise, he will do it. At the very least, such a pressure campaign might act to lessen any sentence. The sites may used to pressure candidates for congress as well.
    I am in Long Beach, California, and I can do this here, or maybe if you like the idea, you’d rather do it. I am open to that. Main idea is that I got a short, sweet, to the point set of domain names.

    • While technically someone doesn’t need to be convicted prior to requesting a federal pardon (which is a significant legal undertaking), the fact is that such pre-conviction pardons are very, very rare. I believe President Ford’s pardon of Nixon for possible Watergate crimes is the only such pardon in recent history. The Support Network intends to focus attention on the Article 39 hearings now unfolding at Fort Meade, and of course the court martial expected later this year. Even if Bradley is convicted at court martial, a pardon effort would not necessarily be the logical next step for the campaign. Having said all that, of course President Obama “should” pardon Bradley now, and letting him know that can’t hurt.

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