Demonstration at Dutch Ministry of Defense

As the main task of the Ministry of Defense is protecting our Freedom and as the most important tool to protect Freedom is integrity and a working conscience – we want to ask them an explanation.

Why are we allies with a country where the adminstration is such a mess that it allows people to get away with war crimes or pracising torture?? Why do we not object to the treatment of whistleblowers (Bradley Manning and John Kiriakou) by such an adminstration??

As we will be close to the entrance of the Ministry only 8 people are allowed to participate in the demonstration (=hand out flyers to government employees/ the public while wearing a sandwich-board). All other atendees will have to be there as onlookers.

Participants can contact the organiser by twitter @emirjame

When: 02/25/2013, 7:30 am - 9:15 am

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Ministerie van Defensie
The Hague



3 thoughts on “Demonstration at Dutch Ministry of Defense

  1. I left the United States of America (U.S.A.) because of its government’s intimidation and bullying used to further its economic, foreign, and domestic policies. I came to The Netherlands and became a citizen because, in the main, here humanity is respected. I feel that the Government of The Netherlands can do more to demonstrate its citizens’ displeasure when they see a person (Bradley Manning) persecuted for exposing the U.S.A’s criminal disregard of human rights.
    –R.T. Thomes

  2. Good initiative..
    It is amazing how the American army can look into the mirror and not be ashamed of itself. But non ashamed people seem to be the trend all over the world. We only can do our uttermost best to inspire others that are sensible to come into active protest.

  3. Why are you protesting at the Ministry of Defense? Why not the US Embassy? The US Embassy provides a much more fitting backdrop with it’s unfriendly concrete façade and ugly steel bar fence. The Ministry of Defense building is just a generic 18th century building like you find all over the Hague. There is a small square across the street from the US Embassy, in front of the Ministry of Finance building, that could easily hold a couple dozen folks instead of just eight. Seems like a missed opportunity.

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