pardon private manning stand-out

Pardon Private Bradley Manning Stand-Out-Ashmont Redine MBTA Station-Dorchester –Tuesday February 5, 2013

Let’s Redouble Our Efforts To Free Private Bradley Manning-President Obama Pardon Bradley Manning -Make Every Town Square In America (And The World) A Bradley Manning Square From Boston To Berkeley to Berlin-Join Us At Ashmont Redine MBTA Station-Dorchester –Tuesday February 5, 2013-4:00-5:00 PM 

Support And Build The Bradley Manning International Day Of Solidarity February 23, 2013 –The 1000th Day Of Pre-Trial Confinement-Park Street Station- Boston Common- Downtown-1:00 PM

When: 02/05/2013, 8:00 am - 9:00 am

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pardon bradley manning
Ashmont Redline MBTA Station Dorchester Ave.

United States


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