Saluting Bradley Manning

This public event with Daniel Ellsberg and Kevin Gosztola (co-author of “Truth & Consequences: The U.S. vs Bradley Manning) and others will be a benefit for Courage to Resist’s Bradley Manning Defense Fund and KPFA Radio. It is also an opportunity for every individual who feels the inner tug of connection with Bradley Manning to let him know he’s not alone.  There’ll be a scroll for folks to sign, and we’ll do our best to get it to him by Valentine’s Day.  Admission $15 advance:  and independent bookstores. Full information:

When: 01/31/2013, 7:30 pm

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First Congregational Church of Berkeley
2345 Channing Way

United States


5 thoughts on “Saluting Bradley Manning

  1. Did you really mean to write a.m. As in midnight for saluting Bradley Manning on Jan 23. I’ll plan to be there regardless.

    Thank you, and thanks that there are brave persons who say and do what really counts. You know who you are!

    Happy New Year!

  2. This event was just announced on KPFA as being January 31. It is on the KPFA website, click on ‘events’, click on calendar date of January 31, and you will find this event listed. The time is like 6:30pm, but better check on that closer to date.

  3. Thank you for the date correction! updated! This event was submitted by a supporter. We do our best to keep it all up to date! Apologies for any confusion.

  4. America don’t treat enemies of war like this but yet our President Obama and the united States government will treat our own solders with this kind of misconduct because he’s trying to tell the people the Truth. Shame on our President and Government for the mishandling of this case. Release him now.

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