Update 12/4/12: Report on first presentation by Bradley’s attorney David Coombs, more support for whistleblowers

Bradley Manning’s attorney David Coombs making his first public presentation.

“‘Brad’s treatment at Quantico will forever be etched in our nation’s history as a disgraceful moment in time,’ David Coombs told about 100 Manning supporters at a Washington, D.C., church Monday night” writes Josh Gerstein of Politico.com. The military is being put on trial as more and more facts come out about Bradley’s brutal pretrial incarceration: nine months in solitary confinement where he spent 21-23 hours a day in his cell, and where those responsible have been shown to have held Bradley in contempt given that they justified their “counterproductive and stupid” treatment of Bradley by saying he was at risk of harming himself, even though every single mental health professional who assessed Bradley argued that the solitary confinement could cause significant harm. (Read more…)

“As far as his mental state, or how he is – being, I guess, of a mind today, I can tell you that he is very excited about having his case go forward and it’s in the process now. It’s been a long time.” stated Bradley Manning’s lawyer David Coombs during his first public presentation last night. It has been over 920 days since Bradley Manning was arrested, and it will be almost three years once Bradley’s court martial begins. A brief transcript of some of the presentation is provided by ABC news Australia. (Read more…)

“Whistle blowers expose crimes, even if they break a law in the process, and like a jaywalker who crosses the street to stop a murder — they should be given a medal for their heroism and pardoned the jaywalking ticket” writes Dennis Trainor. Watch his arguments to free Bradley Manning, and to support whistle-blowers, below.


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