Update 5/21/12: Free Bradley contingent at NATO protests, CCR lawsuit against US military

NATO protests rife with support for PFC Bradley Manning. Thousands poured into Chicago to protest NATO’s summit to demonstrate against war and occupation this weekend, and it was quickly clear that many protesters saw PFC Bradley Manning as an icon of the antiwar movement. Bradley is said to have released thousands of secret documents shedding new light on U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and cables attributed to him are credited with helping bring an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

On Saturday, the Support Network’s Michael Thurman reported on the status of the Bradley Manning contingent:

Amazing momentum here in Chicago. Yesterday we stickered and flyered a huge crowd at Daley Plaza during the nurses union rally. Iraq Veterans Against the War were present and they were happy to sport the Free Bradley Manning stickers in solidarity with the imprisoned army whistle blower. That night we tabled and spoke at St. Luke’s church where Outernational and David Rovics performed. Today we tabled and attended the counter summit where various individuals and groups fighting for peace and justice converged. Tomorrow is the big day. Everything is ready to make our Free Bradley Manning contingent a success. Excited and anxious to see how powerful our message and the entire march will be. Say no to NATO! Free Bradley Manning! See you there!


Then, yesterday, many reported and tweeted of the hundreds of Bradley Manning signs and stickers pervading the marches and rallies against NATO. Laurie Penny, Marcus Leshock, Occupy Chicago, and Allison Kilkenny were among several to tweet photos of the many giant Free Bradley signs.

Later, dozens of war veterans took the stage to symbolically throw their medals at police, rejecting their former militarism and calling for and end to NATO and America’s wars. Many of them specifically called for Bradley Manning’s freedom.

WikiLeaks and the Center for Constitutional Rights to file suit over Manning case. According to a tweet from WikiLeaks’ account, WikiLeaks and the CCR are planning a lawsuit regarding PFC Bradley Manning’s court martial case:

WikiLeaks + Center for Constitutional Rights is about to file suit against the US military over Manning case

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) May 21, 2012

At last month’s motion hearing, military judge Denise Lind rejected the CCR’s renewed calls for transparency and for basic court records to be made public, saying the hearings were already open enough. We’ll report further on the lawsuit as it unfolds.

Judith Ehrlich at the Global Exchange gala presenting Bradley Manning's human rights award.

I am Bradley Manning!

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