Update 5/22/12: Photo slideshow of Free Manning contingent in Chicago, war vets for Bradley, and a TYT panel

Slideshow of Free Bradley Manning contingent at Chicago NATO protests. The Support Network’s Michael Thurman photographed the scores of Free Bradley Manning signs, banners, stickers, and supporters at this weekend’s march and rallies against the NATO summit in Chicago.

Thurman and dozens more Iraq Veterans Against the War took to the stage this weekend to announce their reasons for opposing America’s foreign wars, throwing their medals toward NATO in a symbol of a rejection of their former militarism.

Thurman specifically announced he was returning his medals on behalf of PFC Bradley Manning. You can watch his remarks here, beginning around the 16-minute mark.

Chase Madar and writer Patrick Meighan call Bradley Manning a hero for allegedly countering massive, destructive U.S. military secrecy. In a segment for The Young Turks, author of “The Passion of Bradley Manning” Chase Madar and Family Guy writer Pat Meighan explain their support for the accused Army whistle-blower:

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