Images and Paintings

Here is some Bradley Manning art from around the web.  Click on the Image to view the original location, or see more about the artist.

interpretation of collateral murder by CT Brown

An interpretation of the Collateral Murder video by C.T.Brown, Delhi, NY

bradley manning stencil

Stencil Art by C.T. Brown. This would be easy to make your own and use.

bradley manning art by Rosa Agosto-Sprayberry

By Rosa Agosto-Sprayberry

Bradley Manning poster by D1G1TAL


bradley manning poster

A poster


A Poem for Bradley, anonymous

bradley manning art by DEVOLVE



An owellian world, by Deanne Reed Hollinger. "George Orwell’s classic 1984 vision is our reality. The US major media is fluent in Newspeak: War is Peace; Slavery is Freedom; Ignorance is Strength. Twenty-three year old Bradley Manning is our Winston who saw through the deception and wrestled with his quest to tell the truth, and his apprehension of the risk to his own life in doing so." Read more from the artist at

bradley-manning-alleged transparency

Alleged Transparency (Bradley Manning & “Collateral Murder”) by Nora See (


A crossword puzzle from the Week. Someone found this and submitted it. See 37 across.

PFC Bradley Manning, suspected in the Wikileaks case, in forced to stand nude at attention as Marines videotape him.

Bradley Manning Drawing

Bradley manning art by Daniel Morgenstern

By Daniel Morgenstern,