1,000 days of illegal incarceration.

To commemorate 1,000 days of Bradley’s illegal incarceration we will be having a practice run of our MardiGras float entrance in the following week’s parade with the mask shown.

We will start in Hyde Park before walking to a surprise location in the Central Business District.

For more information please contact us at [email protected]

When: 02/23/2013, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Archibald Fountain
Hyde Park North



4 thoughts on “1,000 days of illegal incarceration.

  1. The pin in the map is incorrect. The Archibald fountain is in the north of Hyde Park, just below the train symbol at the top of the park picture.
    We look forward to seeing you there for our Mardi Gras rehearsal before going off to perform at an undisclosed city location.
    Whether you’re joining us for Mardi Gras or not, this is a must attend rally.
    This will be a fun way to create awareness of Bradley’s plight.
    Bradley is a brave young man with the highest integrity but he needs & deserves all our support.

  2. Bradley Manning,

    through his good concience and exceptional courage,
    has exposed the U.S. government for the murders of hundreds, if not thousands of innocent human beings.

    Bradley needs to be released NOW….!!!!!

  3. I will see you there. I am pleased that there is an event for Bradley on this day. (It is my husband’s birthday, but I am sure he won’t mind me attending this worthwhile gathering).

  4. The fact that Bradley Manning risked his freedom for his conscience by leaking the secret horrors of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to Wikileaks, is not only testament to his bravery but also to his profound sensitivity. The U.S. government has to be held to account for their cruel and unfair treatment of this young man. Having said this, no-one, particularly a sensitive person like Bradley, is invulnerable to psychological torture. And being “buried alive” in solitary confinement is nothing short of this. I am sure that the support he receives from his excellent defense team and supporters around the world helps to empower him psychologically to face the cruelty of the justice system. However I still feel that he needs professional and sensitive psychological support, both in prison and when he is released, to enable him to find strategies to cope with the profound trauma he has experienced while incarcerated. Not only does he need this, he also deserves it.

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