1000 Days too many Free Bradley Manning Rally

1000 days too many! Free Bradley Manning Protest Rally on Feb 23rd this day marks 1000 days of Bradley Mannings wrongful imprisonment! Come together with us in downtown Denver to show that “We the people” will not stand for this extreme injustice. This will be a fun informative family friendly event. All inclusive, open to everyone who believes in peace and truth.

When: 02/23/2013, 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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Capitol sidewalk
east sde of lincoln st

United States


5 thoughts on “1000 Days too many Free Bradley Manning Rally

  1. Bradley, I’m sorry you are paying a terrible price for informing us of the US war crimes and the disgusting role our so-called “ambassadors” have been playing in global affairs.
    I will be demonstrating for your freedom in Denver on the 23rd.
    Keep the Faith and Thank You for standing strong.
    Mary Wynne

  2. I’m sorry this US government has become so abusive and you have paid a terrible price to begin to let the public know just how much of our government is not full of d of freedom and justice.

    A population of people must be fully informed to work toward liberty and justice and unfortunately the people of the U.S. have not been informed of the many crimes it’s government has authorized.

  3. We love Bradley Manning and have spent over a year with his message on the side of our “V”. Wish we could be there with you. We’re working on an activist house here in Pueblo and hope to work to many good things here including getting your message out and educating the masses. Some still do not know who you are or what price you’re paying to provide pertinent information about a very corrupt and senseless war! Stay strong and we will continue to spread the message in Southern Colorado. We salute you Bradley!!!! Love from all of us @ OTR

  4. Stay strong brad. You have people backin you. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. I wish you the best. To all the people on his side, see you on the streets on Saturday. I’ll be at Capitol hill in Denver.

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