Houston Honors One of Our Heroes, Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning is a hero to so many of us in the Houston area and we would like to gather on the 1,000th day since Bradley’s arrest to show him support. We all have many unique ways of showing our support, such as spreading information about Bradley’s situation through fliers and DVD’s, dancing in his honor, holding signs, handing out petitions, through art and song, and many others outlets and we would like to invite everyone to express these messages of support together at Elanor Tinsley Park this Saturday. Feel free to come out at any time, but just to give a time we can all try and meet at once to show our support, we have put down a Noon to 3 time slot. This is an open event, so please give any and all feedback! So again please come on out this Saturday, Feb. 23rd and help us show Bradley we have not forgotten about him or his bravery!

When: 02/23/2013, All Day

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