Minneapolis Free Bradley Manning #Feb23 Outreach Event

As Bradley Manning reaches the 1,000 day mark of being imprisoned without a trial, many people in the general public continue to be unaware of his case. There is always the need for more outreach. As the weather is cold and people are generally indoors, we will stay indoors too. In fact, we will go to the busy Minneapolis/St. Paul airport where many travelers from all over the world could use some information on Bradley Manning.

We reserved the “freedom of expression” booth at the Minneapolis airport during the morning hours of February 23rd. If you know the layout of the airport, our booth will be Booth 5 near the baggage claim area in the lindbergh aka Terminal 1. This booth is inside and will be decorated with Free Bradley signs. We will provide literature and stickers to hand out to travelers from 10am-12pm. Yes, that is 10am so wake up early and make sure to bring your coffee!

If the airport confuses you, please meet us at the lightrail train stop at the Lindbergh terminal at 9:30am. We will gather there for a few minutes and then head towards the booth. We strongly, strongly recommend that you use the lightrail to attend this event. Parking is expensive and crazy at the airport.

Date: Sat. Feb. 23rd
Time: 9:30am (for those who want to meet at lightrail stop)
10am-12pm (at Booth 5 near baggage claim level – Lindbergh) What to bring: nothing but yourself. We will provide all materials for this one.

When: 02/23/2013, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

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MSP Airport – Booth 5 Baggage Claim Area
Terminal 1 - Lindbergh - Booth 5 "freedom of expression" on baggage claim level

United States


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